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  1. Hector Lombard vs Matt Weidman?
    Im one of the few who thought even as bad as he looked against Boetch, I still thought he got shafted by the judges though he wasnt his usual self with the injury and jitters I believe. I think He'd...
  2. (Muhammad) ALI vs INOKI in JAPAN 1976 MMA FIGHT
    I never knew this happened, Thought I would share. Muhammad Ali MMA fight
  3. Best part of Bellator tonight
  4. If It were up to you, what would the next TUF season be?
    I was thinking about the release of fitch, which still upsets me, but that is neither here nor there. I can't imagine fitch signing anywhere for a particularly long term contract because I imagine...
    It has been one of the most controversial weeks in MMA in recent memory. The 2 hottest topics have been Jon Fitch's release and WMMA headlining a UFC PPV. Choose your side.
  6. Old mma pics.
    Was looking through some old pics and figured I would share. Some you've probably forgotten. Others you may have never seen. If anyone else has some oldies,post em!
  7. Booked another big interview
    Im in the process of booking an interview with Bellator President Bjorn Rebney. If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask him then please post them here.
  8. Greg Jackson on Ari Shaffir's podcast (The Skeptic Tank)
    Good podcast. Greg Jackson comes in around the 12:30 mark. Ari gets into the mind of Greg Jackson. LINK
  9. Should MMA promotions/commissions allow fighters to smoke Marijuana?
    They allow them to use TRT which is in my opinion is a PED. Also what advantages do you get from smoking Marijuana before your fight?
  10. L2-BFC91/LFC/CCCW/CFA Combo Card-What fights are you looking most forward to?
    BFC 91 LHW 5X5- Christian "Tonton" M'Pumbu vs Attila Vegh 155lbs Semi Finalist- David "The Caveman" Rickels vs Jason "The Finisher"Fischer II 155lbs Semi Finalist- Will "Ill Will" Brooks vs Saad Awad...
  11. You can help better ammy mma in PA
    Link We have some really crap rules for amature mma in Pa. It looks like things are changing. This is a quick cut and paste email blast to the powers that be. Your help will be appreciated.
  12. Legacy 18 Live at 10PM eastern
    If anyone needs a link PM me
  13. Yayy for the Blackzillians
    1 Win and 8 losses this year!!!............ (Belfort, Rashad, Santiago, Siyar, Jimmo, Overeem, Villefort, Staring) Anyone starting to lose faith just because the guys are fighting in that camp? I...
  14. Like Water is now on Netfix!!!!
    If you haven't seen it. Watch it. It's the lead up to Silva's FIRST victory over Cheal Sonnen. Best MMA doc IMO
  15. Press Pass for Bamma 12
    I managed to get my 2nd big press pass. I have been granted a pass for this weekends Bamma 12. Unfortunately I cant go so my good friend jjeans will be Cageside. Hope you enjoy the event mate.
  16. Your opinion needed - Top 5 GOAT
    Please reply with in your opinion, the top 5 MMA fighters of all time with 1 fighter you just couldn't ignore in a GOAT debate. Mines: 1. Fedor 2. Anderson Silva 3. GSP 4. BJ Penn 5. Matt Hughes If I...
  17. Will Weidman be the man to end the king's reign ???
    this has been discussed before, but i would just like to hear everyone's opinions and discussion seeing as it is now a reality. There is nothing else i can say really. Anderson has proved time and...
  18. Please add this fighter...
    Magomedrasul Khasbulaev Thank you
  19. Watch Cage Warriors 52 - Live @ 2:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm UK (Free)
    STREAMS Prelims (2:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm UK) Main Card (4 pm ET / 9 pm UK) **US and Canada Main Card **Ireland Main Card **Italy Main Card **Rest of World MAIN CARD (4 pm ET - mmajunkie) -Champ Gael...
  20. Jay is tweeting live from BAMMA 12
  21. So, a Double KO happened this weekend
    ...and in just 14 seconds Aaron Britt vs Brandon Alexander (Galaxy Fight Night IV)
  22. The Legend Bas Rutten is on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Right Now
    Sit back and enjoy two of the best mma personalities out there. LINK
  23. K1 WGP stream
    Fighters have just been announced as of this post. Watch here
    Pages: 2
  24. defended my title last night
    so i defended my 170lb title last night at a local casino. everything went well. i won by TKO in the 4th. my opponent was 6'4" (i'm 5'11") so i was giving up some height and reach. it was tough...
  25. BAMMA Bad Beat 8
    Happened over the weekend, full replay is here: I recommend it, like all the BAMMA USA events, good production and good fights.
  26. I would like to bet real money on WSOF 2
    But Vegas doesn't do those ones do they? Can I do it online anywhere?
  27. More Double KO goodness...sort of.
    This shit must be contagious or something: video
  28. Where would you rate Ben Askren?
    I'd like to start out by saying I think he's a good prospect. Possibly some of the best wresting in mma and a steadily developing striking and sub game. But what the hell is the guy doing in the top...
  29. Owner of Super Fight League, Sanjay Dutt gets 5 years in jail in 1993 Mumbai blasts case
    NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of actor Sanjay Dutt and has sentenced him to five years imprisonment. The actor has four weeks to surrender. The court said that the...
  30. Michael Page
    Wow! I dont really know what else to say.
  31. Karate KOTY?
    Watch here
  32. WSOF 2 Prelims are about to start
    Me and pmoney are in the surprise van if anyone would like to join us, should be a great card.
  33. MMA Legends vs Current Fighters: What fights would you make?
    I was thinking about this today and I was wondering what fights you guys would make. I figure maybe with this we can get some discussion going a get some more activity going in the forums. I've been...
  34. Video: Gustavo Franca breaks his leg against Magno Alexandre in Brazilian MMA bout
    Brazilian MMA fighter Gustavo Franca suffered a gruesome broken leg against Magno Alexandre at WCOS 24 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Link
  35. Check Out This 30 Minute’s of Bad Stoppages and Referee Mistakes
    A compilation of the biggest mistakes made by MMA referees, Including Late Stoppages, Early Stoppages, Bad Stand ups and much more. link
  36. Rumble at HW.
    Maybe I'm alone with this thought, but I would love to see Rumble stay at HW. He's athletic and packs enough punch to break AA's jaw(kind of setting you up for a glass jaw joke here). I would like to...
  37. Please add this fighter...
    Marlon Moraes Thank you
  38. Tyrone Spong vs. Remy Bonjasky - Glory 5 Full fight Video
    Full Fight I tried to add it to the Videos section, but I screwed it up. Tyrone looked really good.
  39. My anus is relaxed (RFA 7)
    This gave me a little chuckle. Link
  40. King Mo talks Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen and Ronda Rousey
    King Mo giving his thoughts on Chael P. vs JJ, Miss Ronda headlining and all things MMA.... L I N K
  41. The "In their prime" grand prix
    Alright think of these guys at the best points in their careers that you can remember and lets see who wins Remember its not your most recent memory of these guys its your best memory Mark Coleman vs...
  42. JZ Cavalcante’s Gruesome Fight Ending Cut
  43. Remember the ridiculously photogenic guy?
    Remember this guy? Well, looks like he's now faced with some competition. Meet ridiculously photogenic jiu-jitsu guy.
  44. Piggy backin off Boo'
    All time Grand Prix! Georges St Pierre v. Rumble Johnson Evan Tanner v. Chris Leben Kimbo Slice v. Nick Diaz Mayhem v. Lindland Thiago Alves v. Buttenbean Sakuraba v. Matt Hughes Misaki v. Fitch...
  45. Heads up to New England MMA fans
    There's an event in Derry, NH this Saturday. Coliseum To The Cage productions is putting on a fight card with 5 professional and 10 amateur fights at The SportsZone. It's very rare that MMA comes to...
  46. Bellator just kicked off! Hop in the van!
  47. Fun week for combat sports fans
    Some notable fights: THURSDAY: Bellator - Pat Curran vs. Shamhalaev, middleweight and featherweight tourney finals, Hawn vs. Parisyan and Lyman Good FRIDAY: One FC - Aoki vs. Boku, Manhoef vs. Brock...
  48. With Gustafsson out who do you think will/should step up?
    Who do you think? It's tough decision and I could get no one stepping up especially when the UFC are cutting top 10 guys and guys who won their last fight but who do you think should step up? My...
  49. anyone have a ONEFC stream?
    last day of class and I don't wanna pay attention to the profs ramble on
  50. Rose Namajunas' flying armbar at Invicta 5
    That shit was slick. I didn't catch all of the fights but Penne/Waterson was pretty good as well.
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