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  1. Answer the question above thread: If all the MMA Fighters got together who do you think would come 1st 2nd 3rd at....
    Originally I was gonna make it sport related but I'm gonna leave it open Ill kick things off, who would place in the top 3 at a 100m sprint
  2. Fighters you would like to have dropped or gone up a weight clas Retired or Active.
    I've allways thought about this who would of done better if they would of dropped or gone up in a weight class to possible title or HOF stattus in ufc OR any other promotions. im pretty sure this was...
  3. MMA fighter best of attributes
    What I mean is we can pick a guy like Hendo and I would label him MMA's most fearless fighter, then I cite why. I wanted to see if anyone could pull ones out I hadnt heard of. For instance here are...
  4. Jason "Mayhem" Miller is back from the woods
    1 Hour Interveiw with Helwani
  5. Bas Rutten support!
    Since he's coming back to the announce table, I thought a support thread should be made! I mean the man got to booty slap Felice Herring..... God's Speed...
  6. World Series of Fighting 1
    Who's looking forward to WSOF on November 2nd? They have a pretty good card for the first show. Sorry if someone already made a topic about this Im new to the site. MAIN CARD (NBC Sports Network)...
  7. Bellator 78 (Tonight 8 p.m. ET)
    Location: Fairborn, Ohio Venue: Nutter Center Broadcast: MTV2 and MAIN CARD (MTV2, 8 p.m. ET) •Lyman Good vs. Michail Tsarev - Welterweight-Tourney Semifinals •Andrey Koreshkov vs. Marius...
  8. Bellator Welterweight Finalist. Who do you think wins?
    After BFC 78 we are down to 2 great fighters in this Welterweight Tournament Finals. Its going to be Lyman Good vs Andrey Korsekov. Tonight we got to see Koreskov finish Marius Zaromskis in the very...
  9. Andrei Arlovski Says Blood Feud With Tim Sylvia Is Finally Over
    As Andrei Arlovski prepared to fight Tim Sylvia for in August, he was blunt in his feelings for his longtime enemy, which had only intensified with the passing of time. "He is a dick," he told MMA...
  10. Who's the best commentator in MMA?
    There have been threads made for this before but I'd like to open the topic up again. So who is the best commentator in MMA right now?
  11. Taunter gets ko'd
    Trying to be like the Diaz bros...FAIL see the tough guy
  12. "MVP", "The British Anderson Silva", Michael "Venom" Page - In his 4th Pro fight at SFL
    LINK His opponent is 2-0 walking into this fight with both wins coming inside a minute. I trained with this kid once or twice haha he went to the same kickboxing group as me, not my club but I know...
  13. Something I learned watching MMA
    Theres a lot of talent out there. We had 3 major WW champs in GSP Diaz and Condit and if you asked me before the UFC absorbed both promotions if either would have success I would have laughed, but...
  14. World Series of Fighting
    Has anyone seen this guy Spong fight....I heard Pat Miletich say he has the best standup in MMA hands down....but anyway....he fights at 205..maybe he meant at 205... Anthony Johnson Fights at 205...
  15. Rumble on the Ridge 26
    Hey guys, I'll be ringside covering this event tonight and I believe it'll also be streaming live on . Should be an action-packed 12+ fight card as ROTR always puts on and...
  16. WSOF After-thoughts
    what are yall after-thoughts? I for one am pleasantly impressed. not a bad card in my book. I do think though that the audience was horrendous. my grade is a very strong B++ nice finishes.
  17. A fighter talking smack on youtube seriously!
    . He's almost as bad as the SFL's commentary.
  18. Jack's Rants-11/4/12
    Alright I'm back, let's rant In spite of Anderson Silva's excellence, I believe as much as he pursues the 'money' superfight, in GSP, for his legacy, for mma, for fighting period, Jon Jones is the...
  19. iJudgeFights
    Been waiting on this for a while now! It's an app that allows you to judge each fight as it happens and let the rest of the MMA community know your opinion. LINK I just downloaded it so I haven't had...
  20. Three of my 5 favourite fighters fighting in 2 weeks... Pressure!
    Any American know of a good MMA betting site that can make a 5 man parlay Thiago Silva fighting Saturday Nick Ring & Steven Siler fighting next Saturday James Head 15th December Andrew Craig 19th...
  21. Alexander Emelianenko vs. Jeff Monson Nov. 15th?
    Just saw this on facebook, I looked around and found a few sites talking about it, but I couldnt see it on the M-1 site. Has anyone else heard about this?
  22. 10 Second Knockout!!
    I knocked my opponent out in 10 seconds of round 1!! check it out here. i dont know how to post the embed video here so if someone could that would be...
  23. VADA (voluntary anti-doping administration)
    Is VADA positive for the non dopers to expose their oponents ala Nelson vs Carwin or not so voluntary blood testing? What you guys think? I admittedly do not have very much knowledge of this avenue...
  24. Bellator: Vote for the fight
    Just wanted to remind you guys to head over to Spike TV and vote for the two welterweights you want to see face off on Bellator's first card on Spike. LINK
  25. Silva and Jones Kidnapped and Forced to Fight
    Pretty good.... LINK
  26. UFC Fight Stats
    Is there another site like FightMetrics? Im trying to find a in-depth stat report of UFC Macau, but FightMetrics only does in-depth reports for PPV cards I think. Anyone know of another site?
  27. How cool is this?
    Im going to be doing a audio diary on fight week with Rich Hale before his fight for the HW final
  28. ESPN's MW rankings
    link if youre interested Let's cut to the chase: 1 Anderson Silva 33-4-0 2 Chris Weidman 9-0-0 2 Chael Sonnen 27-12-1 1 4 Michael Bisping 23-4-0 5 Vitor Belfort 21-10-0 6 Luke Rockhold 10-1-0 7 Alan...
  29. Anyone recognise this man?
    So I posted this on MMA Meme's on facebook and it took a while but someone got it. I'll ask the true hardcores and see how many of them know! Come on guys Who is this man.
  30. Jack's Rants 11/18/12
    Hey all, let's rant Ufc 154 in the books, lots to rave about, always stuff to rant about... GSP made his return. I agree he prolly did feel rust, Condit is indeed one of the most talented strikers...
  31. How does Benson beat Nate?
    I've been thinking about this fight, and I just don't see Benson winning. Everytime it plays in my head Diaz win's.Diaz. The think that scares me the most is I don't really see growth in Benson's...
  32. The always entertaining Tom Lawlor w/ Ariel Helwani before UFC 154
    MONTREAL -- Watch above as "Filthy" Tom Lawlor introduces his new faction "Sumo Suave," talks about his costume plans for UFC 154, his fight against Francis Carmont, and his hope to see another...
  33. what super fight will happen first?
    With all the talk around superfights over the last few years and nothing happening yet, which do you think will happen first?
  34. Super Fight League 10 live video stream
    SFL has decided to start running weekly cards, which will air on Friday mornings in North America. They are using the theme of "Friday Night Fights", and the events kick off at 10:30 a.m. ET/7:30...
  35. Amateur fighter worth checking out
    Jack Ho Highlight i went to one of his fights in Michigan. this kid has a bright future and you can see it in this highlight of his
  36. GFL MMA on Comcast Sportsnet
    Flipping channels and caught this on. Pretty decent fights going on right now. Not sure about everyone else's listings but thought I'd give everyone a heads up all the same
  37. ufc on fox 6 card ?
    is that true that there are 17 fights on this card ???
  38. Donation Information to Help Dennis Hallman and Family After Tragic House Fire
    Dennis Hallman and his family are going through the roughest of times lately, but the MMA community always seems to step up to support their own. Link
  39. Who would win these fights?
    Serious questions, and serious answers please. In an MMA fight Q: Frankie Edgar Vs James Tony... Would Edgar Beat tony by taking him down regardless of the weight advantage? In a strictly BOXING...
  40. Hypothetical: Frankie Edgar vs Gilbert Melendez at Featherweight [POLL]
    Edgar is dropping to 145. Melendez is considering it. Who do you think would win and how? They're both so similar to me that I don't know who I would pick.
  41. Womens MMA
    With the topic of the Rousey fight I see a lot of people are excited about womens MMA... I just cant join in personally on this bandwagon and honestly I think we wouldnt even be discussing this if...
  42. Sonnen's Mum Nearly Shoots Yushin Okami
    Chael Sonnen is friendly with Yushin Okami to the extent that the Japanese middleweight frequently visits West Lynn, Oregon to train with Sonnen and his team. When he’s in town he stays at Sonnen’s...
  43. Rousey Carmouche Odds
    Rousey opens up at a huge -1500.... Thats what I been saying....Who wants to see any fight where we automatically know the outcome.... Watching men fight we always have at least a punchers chance......
  44. 'One-armed fighter' Nick Newell wins title at Friday's XFC 21
    Nick Newell's latest victory is going to be hard to ignore. The fighter, who's still proving he's far more than MMA's "one-armed fighter," posted his most impressive win to date at Friday's XFC 21...
  45. MacDonald vs Hendricks
    Who do you think would win? Personally I think MacDonald would wreck Hendricks and at this moment is GSP's biggest challenge in the devision. If they weren't friends or training partners I think...
  46. MMA might be a lie and a waste of time... Dirty Blues undercover interview
    I recently started following a man named "Dot" on twitter who believes he could take any mma fighter in the world in a street fight, intrigued I tweeted him back and found a shocking discovery...
  47. Super Fight League: Night of Champions
    See it here Five titles on the line, and it all starts right now. Should be their best show yet.
  48. Lombards walk out t
    Check it out! My buddy owns the line! First ufc sponsership for him!
  49. K-1 MAX live stream
    Tune in to Bloody Elbow for all the details on the K-1 MAX live stream plus results from the 2012 K-1 MAX Grand Prix. Link
  50. Fight Night Battle of Moscow 9 is live right now.
    PM me if you want a link
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