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  1. For MMA fighters, caring about public opinion is part of the job
    LINK Nearly 2,000 years ago, back when the Romans were still walking around in bathrobes and sandals, conquering and plundering and doing their best to spread the gospel of bathrobes and sandals to...
  2. World Series of Fighting boss clarifies terms of NBC Sports Network deal
    LINK After some initial confusion regarding the terms of the upstart World Series of Fighting's broadcast arrangement with NBC Sports Network, Ray Sefo stands firmly behind his fight promotion's...
  3. Bellator fighters seeing perks even ahead of promotion's switch from MTV2 to Spike
    LINK Bellator Fighting Championships' move from one Viacom-owned cable platform to a more high-profile network brings with it perks for the promotion when it comes to visibility. But as Bellator's...
  4. For WSOF 1's Gregor Gracie, there was never another option besides fighting
    LINK Gregor Gracie hasn't had much time to enjoy his recent win at ONE FC. Pretty much as soon as he got out of the cage, he had another fight. "I think [my manager] knew before," Gracie recently...
  5. Art Arciniega hopes Tachi Palace Fights 14 win leads to shot at the next level
    LINK Art Arciniega is in the same position as a thousand other fighters. He knows he's good. And he knows he's good enough to have his name known beyond his regional MMA circuit. He just wants a...
  6. Wheelchair MMA ???
    LINK Although I can’t pinpoint the exact date, at some point last week I found myself in a position that a blogger/writer for any niche site oft finds themselves in: tapping their fingers and...
  7. Heart-Ripping MMA Fighter Jarrod Wyatt Sentenced to 50 Years to Life in Prison
    LINK In March 2010, a Northern California-based mixed martial artist named Jarrod Wyatt was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after drilling a hole into the chest of his friend and...
  8. Kyra Gracie On Transitioning Into MMA
    Five time jiu-jitsu world champion Kyra Gracie has seen the interest level among athletes rise in MMA, triggering her to prepare for the next step in her career. LINK
  9. Sure things don't exist in the fight game
    LINK Kevin Randleman's first UFC heavyweight title defense was set to take place a month before I wrote the story that scored my first paycheck as a mixed martial arts reporter. Passionate as I was,...
  10. Roy Nelson and the Worst Hair in MMA History
  11. 10 Rematches to Hope for
    link I agree with every single one except for Cruz vs Faber. I have no interest in that fight. Their last one wasn't very exciting and it left no doubt in my mind that Cruz is the better fighter.
  12. Screwed over
    As most of you know I run an MMA website and also do a weekly podcast where I interview fighters. I had spoken with James Thompson on a few occasions and we got on pretty well, I had his phone number...
  13. look whos taking MMA
    WHOOP WHOOP the MMA talk starts right below the picture of them behind the fence
  14. Botnia Punishment XII - FREE in a few hours
    Starts at Noon EST. Streams free from their Facebook page at . There should be quite a few good fights on the card: Timo Suihkonen vs. Tuomas Gronvall...
  15. Legacy FC 14 Tonight (and TUF Friday & Road FC 9 free live stream)
    2 hour TUF season premiere at 6 PST. Legacy FC 14 at 7 PST tonight on AXSTV (formerly HDNet): Lucas Pimenta Borges vs. Jeff Rexroad (for the Legacy FC Welterweight Title) Matt Schnell vs. Ryan Hollis...
  16. Battlefield Fight League 18 - Free Live Stream Tonight
    They got enough likes on Facebook and decided to show their entire 20+ fight amateur MMA card free. For those interested it starts at 8pm EST and I'll edit in the link as soon as it's available....
  17. The Most Dangerous Strikers In MMA: A Statistical Approach
    Interesting read for those that like statistics. Link
  18. ~Sonnen's War~ Comic featuring Nick Diaz and Randy Couture
    I saw this and thought you guys would like it. It's quite well done, lots of stuff to look at and 'in' jokes. Here's the ~LINK~
  19. Marloes Coenen Uses Rousey’s Weight Loss As Reason To Call Her Out As Having No Balls
    Marloesssssssssssssss She is a great grappler. The way she took out Sarah Kaufman was amazing and so unexpected to me. But she does lack balls, she judoed at 154lbs, entered Strikeforce at 145lbs...
  20. Which fighters are the most disliked? (Poll + discussion)
    Likeable fighting style and likeable personality don't always go hand in hand, many of my favorite fighters have opened their mouths or acted in some way that makes them drop right down my list of...
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  21. Ive been given a unique opportunity
    I made contact with Andrei Arlovski about interviewing him on my show, he referred me to his agent. After speaking with his agent he asked me if I would like to come onto his Live video chat on...
  22. QUICK TWITT | Jason “Mayhem” Miller And Ronda Rousey Engage In Bizarre Twitter Exhange
    This is just weird link
  23. Ben Fowlkes
    Does anyone else hate this guy's pieces as much as me?? I hate the fact he landed with junkie, I never enjoyed his work at mmafighting and now at Junkie. The guy just tries to hard in his pieces IMO....
  24. The UFC Middleweight top 10 ...
    Hey guys, Like Dana White i am not really bothered in fighter rankings especially when you got weight divisions that run as deep as they do in the UFC. Even now, nearly 20 years on since the very...
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  25. Rabi live with Andrei Arlovski
    Going live in 5 minutes with former UFC HW Champion Andrei Arlovski Video interview
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  26. Introducing the first One FC championship belt
  27. MMA Fact GSP v Hamill
    Matt Hamills retirement was shorter than GSP's recovery
  28. Bellator 74 - Stream starts at 6:30 EST
    Should be in about 5 minutes if the website is correct.
  29. My Rankings
    Check out my latest rankings. A big thankyou to those that help me put them together. If anyone else would like to join in the process then please PM me. Rankings
  30. NFL Players who would be good in MMA
    I was thinking about "current " NFL players that would be good in MMA.. I know Jared Allen of Minnesota trains and of Course Arthur Jones Bones' brother.. Marcades Lewis the TE of the Jaguars...
  31. Which L2 Fight or Fights or you looking forward to the most.
    This will more than likely apply to the folks that play the Secondary League events but anyone here on the PG can join in. We've done this for the UFC events and I figured I'd change it up a little...
  32. Russian Delivers Rolling Kick KO
    link Somewhere in Russia this dude lands this kick
  33. Invicta FC 3 & Championship Fighting Alliance full card free streams NOW
    14 fights on Invicta FC 3: about the same for CFA: CES is "findable" but not...
  34. Love Hate relationships
    The boards have been pretty repetitive these days so here's a new one Name 3 fighters for each: You love to love: your favourite fighters You hate to love: someone you don't want to like but...
  35. Best Referee in MMA?
    I hope this hasn't been done to death, but what do you guys think? I like Big John, as he advocated stoppages when a fighter cannot intelligently defend himself, which the UFC brass did not want,...
  36. Worst Referee in MMA?
    Along the same vein as the other thread... please keep it civil Kim Winslow takes the cake for me, she shouldn't be in there - she can't call a fight to save her life, and what would happen in she...
  37. Fighters You've met and Found to be; An irritating or contemptible person
    So in researching the Jeremy Stephens debacle, I came across an article that described him as an A-hole. As a matter of fact it was part of the name of the article, but anyway, I digress. It made me...
  38. Brass- Body Batista! NSFW
    His striking defense needs a lot of work...LOL
  39. Mayhem Miller walks off the MMA Hour
    Just wondering if you guys have seen this video. Miller really needs to seek professional help, he is mentally unstable. Video
  40. BJJ not in Olympics
    - Obviously it's the wrong sort of people deciding what sports are to participate in the Olympics
  41. 62 Year-Old Man KO’s Younger Opponent Via Spinning Backfist
    link Blah Blah backstory Blah old dude shows young guy what's up.
  42. Paul Buentello fighting in Russia - Card is Live Now
    Stream is live now if anyone's interested. link The Super Fight League card looks weak, plus Oleg Taktarov is sporting a very smart scarf, so I'm going with this one instead of the Indian card.
  43. WAR Tibau!!!
    One of the most underrated guy's in LW, how he makes weight is beyond me as-well, but I love to see him fight!
  44. what is the worst beating any one ufc fighter has received in a single round and survived ??
    after seeing maldonado vs texeira tonight and the ssavage beating fabio took in the first round I would have to rate this as the worst single round bbrutal beating I have ever seen !! A close second...
  45. Injuries
    So in the last few months there has been quite a few injuries in my gym. We all know that MMA is a dangerous sport. When fighters come in on a daily basis and punch, kick, choke and joint lock each...
  46. K-1 Rising 2012 World GP Final 16 - No Spoilers - Watch!
    This was live from Japan less than 24 hours ago, it's on USTREAM and they're not geo-filtering me like they did last event so that should mean good to go on posting the link. It's 3 hours long. Here...
  47. 12 Amateur Fight Video's
    I got to cover my first MMA event this Saturday as press. It was an Amatuer event in Manchester. It was a great experiece. We had VIP passes, we sat cage side and got to see 12 great fights. For...
  48. Funny Eddie Alvarez pic
    Haha I saw this on facebook and thoughts you guys would enjoy... ...BTW, post number 1000!
  49. Rewatching old fights
    So I rewatched Anderson Marquardt, Hendo Rampage, and Hendo vs Anderson and I forgot how different these guys used to fight. I have forgotten how technical these fights were and especially in the...
  50. Bellator 77 TODAY 6pm ET live stream 2 minutes from when I make this post, get on it!
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