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  1. MMA Mental Podcast W/Special Guests Rosi Sexton and Nick 'The Ninja of Love' Denis
    MMA Mental Podcast W/Special Guests Rosi Sexton and Nick 'The Ninja of Love' Denis
  2. Nick Diaz & Cesar Gracie Need To Grow Up
    May 16, 2012 - I normally am not in the business of calling fighters out, but this issue hits on some personal levels and I feel that I am in a uniquely qualified position to comment on them without...
  3. MMA Mental Podcast: The James Thompson 1 hour special
    This week we have a special show planned. James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson back after his impressive win in India over Bobby Lashley will be our special guest. He has agreed to do a full hour on the...
  4. Gilbert Melendez
    Are there people out there who seriously believe he's the best lightweight in the world? I know Strikeforce has to raise the stock of their fighters but going on and on about Melendez being the...
  5. Richs Roundup by Rich B
    May 20th 2012 Hey fellow MMA mental people (hhmmm, that didn’t sound as good as I originally planned...) Let me start again. Hi everybody! (Wait, now I sound like Dr Nick from the Simpsons....)...
  6. So who is the GOAT?
    In MMA there is no doubt that Fedor is the greatest of his generation and Anderson may very well be the greatest of the current generation before Jones can take that honor. Who to you is the greatest...
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  7. Strikeforce Aftermath + Damnit Vlog dudu! links above. .
  8. MMA Mental Podcast: Special Guest James 'Colossus' Thompson
    Podcast: James Thompson Special
  9. The official Cormier War Wagon has been assembled.
    I was hesitant to jump on the Band Wagon but after the conclusion of the Strike Force HW tournament, I will not only hop on - I will design and construct this wagon myself with the finest metals. I...
  10. I miss Pride: The Glory of JMMA
    I was watching UFC 92, and I got real nostalgic while watching the Rampage-Wanderlei III fight. I started thinking about what the UFC was like back then. Then I started thinking of what their first...
  11. When a Fighter gives up – Profile on Bob Sapp by James Thompson
    This is a blog that has been sitting idle in the dark recesses of my mind. It has been pushed forward and inspired to see the cold light of day by a few events that have happened recently. Mainly a...
  12. A.J. Matthews vs. Charlie Rader
    Did anyone else see Matthews knockout Rader on the Bellator prelims? Damn was that brutal!
  13. Junior Dos Santos Fulfills Dreams Of Brazilian Family
    Junior dos Santos started out in humble background growing up in Brazil. He has turned his life around with Martial Arts and has made a nice life for his family as his UFC career blossomed. The...
  14. Mayhem vs. Dollaway
    Does anyone know what the deal is between Mayhem and Dollaway? Mayhem seems like he hates the guy. Did something happen or is it just Mayhem trying to hype up the fight?
  15. Ultimate Warrior Fighting 5/26/2012
    Chris Quitiquit's minor scrape from Ultimate Warrior Fighting 5/26/2012
  16. EFC Africa 14 tomorrow night
    Africa's premier MMA production EFC Africa will be hosting EFC 14 tomorrow night in Johannesburg, South Africa. The stacked fight card will host 2 title fights and feature 5 champions (Current and...
  17. Mma fighter Jarrod Wyatt kills training partner by ripping.heart out of chest while friend was.still alive!
    Goes to show you,there are some crazy people out there. Make sure you know.the person your doing shrooms with next time. Scary and disturbing stuff!...
  18. ShoFight 20...fighter fighting twice in a night?
    unless sherdog hasnt updated the fight card, Gunderson is fighting mid card vs some guy and main event vs Karo.
  19. Pressing Issues: MMA Fights Speaks To Ray Thompson From MMA Mental
    Interview with me
  20. Pick L2 THIS WEEKEND
    Daisuke Nakamura vs. Yasuaki Kishimoto Satoru Kitaoka vs. Katsunori Kikuno Jay Silva vs. Jorge Santiago Kendall Grove vs. Terry Martin Drew Fickett vs. Jonataes Novaes Aaron Rosa vs. Mike Wessel Roli...
  21. Rowdy Cornerman gets the Ref!!
    Enjoy! linkage
  22. MMA Mental Podcast with Rob 'C4' Sinclair', Vinc 'From Hell' Pichel and Chris 'The Crippler' Leben
    MMA Mental Podcast with Rob Sinclair, Vinc Pichel & Chris Leben
  23. Titan FC 23 on HDNet Friday Night at 10ET/7PT
    Televised portion of the card: MW: Jorge Santiago (24-10) vs. Justin Guthrie (9-4) FW: Joe "The Nose" Wilk (16-6) vs. Josh Huber (9-3) MW: Brandon Bear (3-0) vs. Nick Budig (4-2) FW: Tom "Stoneface"...
  24. Battle XC 1 - Saturday Evening 7ET(4PT) FREE Sherdog Stream
    Rafael Dias (15-9) vs. Ran Weathers (16-11) Sara McMann (5-0) vs. Anita Rodriguez (5-3) Drew McFedries (10-6) vs. Brad Johnson (9-4) Rory Markham (16-6) vs. Jon Kirk (16-9) Ramico Blackmon (7-1) vs....
  25. Legend FC Streaming Live & Free in 30 Minutes Undercard will be free everywhere but the main card will be blacked out in North America since it is a tape delayed PPV. Should be about 5 free fights.
  26. Shofight 20
    I know this is only airing in Canada but I can't seem to find a stream anywhere, could someone pm me a link?
  27. MMA and Wrestling Should Work Together More
    I thought this was an interesting piece by Luke Thomas at MMA There's a short write-up and then a video of his chat with famed coach and former wrestler Dan Gable: If there were ever an...
  28. Bob Sapp and Tim Sylvia Fought Yesterday
    Sadly, it was not against each other. The day it happens is near, I am sure, and it will be a great day. First, Tim Sylvia knocked out some chump in twelve seconds, proving... well, not proving...
  29. When Fighters Post Twitter Pictures Gone Wrong
    Cris Cyborg posted this photo on Twitter of her kids swimming in a pool. It seems innocent enough....until you notice the rule right above her kids. I have no idea why this was my take-away from this...
  30. Amateur Debut
    Hey guys, on June 30 I'm finally making my amateur debut at the Odeum in Villa Park. I'll post a video of my fight after it's over. Also, if any PG members happen to live in the area, you should...
  31. MMA Mental Podcast: Guests Che Mills, Joe Proctor and Bart Paleszewski
    MMA Mental Podcast: Guests Che Mills, Joe Proctor and Bart Paleszewski
  32. M-1: Fedor vs. Rizzo (Right Now)
    hop in chat and/or PM me, fights are already going.
  33. Bellator 71 / XFC on HDNet / UFC on FX
    Don't forget, prelims start on at 7ET tonight and continue on the stream or MTV2/EPIX. XFC is on HDNet at 7ET. And of course UFC is on FX tonight. Surprise van will be going from the...
  34. Fight Camp Insider with Matt Serra - Chael Sonnen Episode
    In the first episode of this mini-series, Matt Serra travels to Oregon to visit Chael Sonnen at his Team Quest training camp. Serra gets an inside look at the daily training and life of the #1...
  35. It's my fight week!
    If you're a fan of Roger Huerta or Mike Swick, you know all about the "It's my ******** fight week" drama between the former friends leading up to Huerta's One FC bout this morning. Well, sorry to...
  36. OneFC GIF, Euro 2012 KO (Spoiler) Gross.
  37. ONE FC 4: Destiny of Warriors (Videos)
    the soccer kick LOL
  38. Rich Franklin Teaches Tantric at UFC 147.
    It deserves its own thread.
  39. Fedor’s legacy more than wins and losses
    Fedor Emelianenko didn’t lament his losses like his fans did, and he didn’t smite his chest as the world’s greatest fighter back when people argued he was just that. He never talked smack to his...
  40. PG's Top 10 Fan Favorite Fighters
    I just was browsing through the site's rankings and noticed a new #1. It's always been GSP or Anderson or JDS or Bones lately so it was surprising. Of course this changes daily, but these are the...
  41. Has anyone here been to a Bellator event?
    I just saw that Bellator 73, Curran vs Freire is in Tunica, MS which is just 2 hours away from me & was considering ordering my tickets tonight. Has anyone here ever been to a Bellator event? I was...
  42. Here Comes the Boom Trailer
    Former collegiate wrestler Scott Voss (Kevin James) is a 42-year-old bored biology teacher in a failing high school. When budget cutbacks look like they might force the cancellation of the music...
  43. MMA Mental Podcast - Special Guests Josh Webb, John Alessio, Vaughan Lee and Pat Curran
    This week Ray and Jay are joined by 4 special guests. Are first guest is UFC 148 fighter John Alessio. We then speak to a friend of the show Sports At Works Josh Webb. UFC UK BW Vaughan Lee is our...
  44. GSP The Current World Number 1.... Really?
    I fancy an argument Does anyone actually still rank GSP the world number 1? His last 3 wins have been Dan Hardy, Josh Koscheck and Jake Shields His last fight was over 15 months ago when he lost 2...
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  45. If this doesn't get you pumped then you're probably dead or Chael_Sonnen
    Here it is
  46. RFA Streaming Live Saturday Night
    Streaming live Saturday night on Sherdog. Surprise van will be hoppin! Joe Stevenson (31-14) vs. Dakota Cochrane (11-3) Maurice Smith (13-13) vs. Ryan Lopez (13-12) Chidi Njokuani (7-3) vs. Bobby...
  47. The 10 greatest rematches in MMA history
    One of the wonderful things about sports, whether it’s a stick and ball sport or a battle waged inside an eight-sided cage is the ability to create and recreate magic – Rematches are the most natural...
  48. Fighters that make you sad.
    Two fighters that make/made me sad because they had so much talent, but not enough drive or heart to do anything with it. 1. Paulo Philo 2. rameau sokoudjou My face making this thread, and when ever...
  49. When Silva beats Sonnen AGAIN will he finally shut up?
    Hopefully He more than likely won't get another title shot till Silva retires if he is finished quik.
  50. In case you haven't see it
    Believe You Eyes
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