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  1. Your Favorite Fight
    For me its Wand vs Page 2 The biggest rematch and the greatest ko (imo) make it my favorite fight. What's yours?
  2. The Reason Frank Trigg Was Released By HDNet
    TheDirty.Com MMA fighter Frank Trigg choked out his wife in front of his children on October 17th, 2011. They are now going through a VERY messy divorce and the children who saw the carnage are right...
  3. MMAMental Podcast W/Special Guest Avi Jack
    Join Ray and Jay as they discuss there up and coming trip to Sweden and the UFC on Fuel card. They are also joined by up and coming fighter Avi Jack who is 4 and 1 with all wins coming by stoppages....
  4. XFC's Nick Newell (one armed fighter)
    I saw this on junkie, though I had seen him a few year back, and thought he wouldn't last long, a gimmick maybe. But he has persevered and he is still here. Raises some interesting points. This guy...
  5. Darwin's Theory of MMA Evolution
    Courtesy of: Middleeasy
  6. firefighter arrested for fighting (but not fires)
    Los Angeles firefighter Raphael Davis was arrested for suspicion of insurance fraud after investigators noticed he competed in seven MMA bouts while out on workman's compensation. L.A. Weekly...
  7. Part 2.. CFS (Cage Fighter Syndrome) by James Thompson
    I spoke about WFS (Wannabe Fighter Syndrome) on my last blog and now to the more intricate of the Syndromes… Cage Fighter Syndrome (CFS) I split these two subject up as although there’s a lot of...
  8. Cro Cop vs Ak47
    I can't tell how much of this is a joke or if it is all legit. I suppose my question then would be this: WTF is happening!? ummmmmmmm
  9. Guess who?
  10. How powerful is a muay thai kick?
    Is a muay thai kick that lethal as a swing of a baseball bat or could it break a baseball bat? Find out here how science solves this mystery visit this site...
  11. Free Samurai MMA Pro 2 live stream
    For those of you who are bored on a Sunday night like I am here you go. No one worth noting is on the card but every mma superstar starts somewhere. LINK
  12. How to Finish a Double Easy (Avellan Video)
    This is a great way of finishing the double leg after getting stuck on your knees after the initial shot. It is my go-to finish against guys who have strong hips......
  13. MMAMental Podcast W/Special Guest Oli Thompson
    Come and listen to this weeks show, MMAMental has an excellent guest in @OliThompsonMMA u cant afford 2 miss this show MMAMental Podcast W/Special Guest Oli Thompson
  14. Cris Cyborg MMA Seminar May 12th!
    Hey folks! Just want to spread the word that Women's Strikeforce Champion Cris Cyborg Santos will be having a Chute Box & MMA SEMINAR on May 12th, 2012 at Fairtex Muaythai Gym in Newark, CA! please...
  15. Bellator 66 Preview by Matt Budgell
    Bellator returns Friday night with one of the biggest fights in the promotion’s short history. The former Lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez meets Japanese MMA stand out Shinya Aoki in a rematch...
  16. Eddie Alvarez vs. Shinya Aoki (Poll)
    Who takes tonight's Bellator main event?
  17. Would anyone be able to PM me a link to Bellator 66 tonight?
    Would anyone be able to help me out here? I'm kind of excited for Aoki vs Alvarez and haven't been able to find anyone good links.
  18. Traditional Martial Arts.. Do they have a place in MMA? By James Thompson
    If you take a look back to the old UFC and how things were in the dark ages of MMA, one of the major things that stands out was that it wasn’t really MMA back then. Apart from a few guys along the...
  19. UFC 145 chat?
    Can't find a chat feature on here. Am I blind, dumb or observant? Hook a brotha up ya'all.
  20. Bunch of dudes getting brutal KOs
    All disciplines, one result: Sleepy time! The look on the face of the very second ko is priceless. Somehow an Razak Al Hassan snuck into this video, but overall it is fantastic.
  21. Bellator 66 Post Fight Recap by Matt Budgell
    Eddie Alvarez rebounded in a big way following a 4th round submission loss to the current Lightweight champion, Michael Chandler. Bellator 66
  22. ATTN MMA & BJJ School Owners...(Avellan Webinar)
    Some of you may have heard about my first live webinar that I did a few weeks back on the Guillotine Choke. It was a great success that has gotten a tons of views and has added a lot of value to my...
  23. The Only Half Guard Pass You Need...(Avellan VId)
    If you are a competitor, this is a must know pass! I teach all my students this pass as there first half guard pass - that is how important I deem it. The Squeeze Pass is a powerful pass against the...
  24. MMA Mental Podcast W/ Special Guest Chris Zorba
    On this weeks show we are joined by Chris Zorba, UK MMA Promoter of OMMAC, Managing Director of the prestigious Liverpool Olympia - Home of Boxing and MMA in the North West of England. He talks about...
  25. MMAxposed Podcast Episode 4 with Ryan "The Real Deal" Ford.
    MMAxposed podcast Episode 4 with Ryan ‘The Real Deal’ Ford. We also reflect on Hector Lombard signing with UFC, Allistair Overeem being suspended for testosterone and recap of UFC 145....
  26. Hypothetical: Ellenberger vs Fitch [Poll]
    This matchup was brought up in Trevail's WW Tournament Sidegame. I was curious how the rest of the site saw this fight playing out.
  27. Down, but far from out: Fred Ettish By James Thompson
    Having had some extra time to ponder what topic I’d like to tackle next, I settled not so much on a topic, but rather an MMA Fighter. “Of whom” I hear you ask “Silva, Wand, Fedor???” Well none of the...
  28. Anderson is a mad man
    I keep finding links about fighters and guns somehow... shot gun >> arm bar
  29. Vinny Magalhaes tweets Picture of Feces **Warning Graphic**
    @VinnyMMA it wouldn't fit in my toilet! that's a huge piece of. shit!
  30. Video - Brit UFC new comer Maguire submits BJJ Black Belt Andy Roberts. Maguire has some promising skills ...
  31. Joey Beltran Wins His 205 lb Debut
    Former UFC heavyweight Joey “The Mexicutioner” Beltran defeated Anton Talamantes in his light heavyweight debut under the C3 fight promotion in Oklahoma. After a dominant three-round performance that...
  32. MMA Mental Rankings for May
    8 of our MMA Mentalists, Ray Thompson, Jay Jeans, Matt Budgell, Josh Luke, Shaun Atkinson, Rob Sieradzki, Ben Cooper and Jeremy Anger have all posted there Top 10 rankings. And for the first time we...
  33. Super Fast Guillotine Setup (Avellan Video)
    Guillotines are a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. A proficient guillotine choker can strike fear into his opponents and make them tentative to shoot for take downs. Guillotines are also...
  34. 53 Year Old (takes fight on hour notice) vs 21 Year Old
    Some guys never quit This fight is beyond ugly, but some old guy steps up to challenge a young guy who is clearly in much better shape.
  35. MMA Mental Podcast W/Special Guests Spencer Hewitt and Neil Grove
    MMA Mental Podcast w/special guests Neil Grove and Spencer Hewitt
  36. ‘Fixes’ in MMA by James Thompson
    I’ve been involved, in and around Mma for a good ten years. One of the things I’ve noticed that has never really changed about it is people shouting “fix” at any available opportunity. ‘Fixes’ in MMA...
  37. Bellator 67 Preview by Matt Budgell
    Bellator Fighting Championships returns from a two week hiatus this Friday night with a superfight featuring the return of the Lightweight champion, Michael Chandler and the debut of Japanese...
  38. MMA Mental UK Rankings - May
    The MMA Mental UK Rankings were compilied by Ray Thompson, Jay Jeans and Sean Atkinson. MMA Mental UK Rankings - May
  39. Damn Guys!!!!
    After the first event of the season, all our records look like booty. I've really never seen this across the board
  40. Super Fight League ***ON RIGHT NOW***
    In case I haven't posted it here, the SFL in India has a 2 year agreement with YouTube to broadcast all their events on their channel. YouTube - SFL It starts THIS morning in under an hour at 8am ET...
  41. Marcus Davis gets knocked out in his return to Ireland
    ISKA Worlds Collide - Marcus Davis ko'd by Mark Casserly Marcus came to Ireland lookin for a fight........well he got one. Roughly 2:25 in is the knockout. It's worth watching. LINK
  42. There aren't many mma shirts I'd wear...
    But I'd wear this. Hilarious.
  43. Me Vs Luke Stewart (Video Review)
    Rather than show another technique, I figured I would do something different :) I dug up some old videos I had in my PC and did a voice-over analysis of the action along with some instant replays for...
  44. MMA Mental Podcast W/Special Guests Ian Butlin and Jimi Manawa
    MMA Mental Podcast W/Special Guests Ian Butlin and Jimi Manawa
  45. Bellator 67 Post Fight Recap by Matt Budgell
    Look out Bellator Lightweights, Michael Chandler has added knockout power to his already stellar list of abilities. Bellator 67 Post Fight Recap by Matt Budgell
  46. Tachi Palace Free Stream going NOW****
  47. Bellator 68 Preview by Matt Budgell
    A shot at the Featherweight title is on the line when Brazilian powerhouse, Marlon Sandro meets the well-rounded American, Daniel Straus in the main event of Bellator 68 tonight. Bellator 68 Preview...
  48. Matt Mitrione and Mark Munoz reactions to Mir vs. Big Nog at UFC 140
    Enjoy. LINK
  49. Barnett vs. Cormier
    Barnett by Kimura.
  50. Well Excited
    I have decided to venture futher a field and approach international fighters to be on the MMA Mental Podcast rather then just UK fighters. I am please to announce we will have our first Canadian...
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