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  1. Pulver vs. Mayweather???
    Due to Mayweathers resent shit talkin Sherk said he would literally fight him tomarrow when he was interviewed. i know sherk would dominate him and he would take him down but i think Pulver would be...
  2. Bas Rutten, Renzo Gracie rapping (FUNNY!)
    hilarious the IFL fight song. Matt Lindland is terrible.... well actually they all are
  3. IFL Rap Video "Fight League"
    The IFL has released a rap video with world famous producer Jazze Pha. They have some of the fighters as well as the managers rapping in this video. It's Great! Let me know what you think....
  4. Evan Shoman
    Evan Shoman does some sweet drawings of MMA fighters, actors, body builders...anyway he's great, some of these have to be photoshop picture copies or something. Check out his MMA gallery sorry if...
  5. IFL Battleground
    I found this video promoting IFL Battleground this saturday. Ken Shamrocks Nevada Lions are fighting Pat Miletich’s Quad Cities Silverbacks. Should be a good match up, let me know what you guys...
  6. what's a calf slicer
    I was rummaging through the fight finder and saw that one of Joe Lauzon's three loses was to Menjivar because of a calf slicer... Anyone care to explain? what other wild submissions have yunz guys...
  7. Kazuhiro Nakamura
    I personally think he should be around the bottom of the top ten lists for 205lbers... I like his fighting style and he always seems to bring it... I know his record isn't the best, but take a look...
  8. leben vs lawler
    it sounds like leben will probably jump ship to icon after his ufc contract who takes this fight?
  9. Team Penn.... Impressive
    I liked 2nights fights becuz, well the total domination. First fight lasted 3 minutes, cuz of Herb Dean not stopping it early(i hate him, its either 2 early or 2 late) 2nd fight was about 1-2...
  10. TUF 5 Streetfight
    After watchin tonights episode, it showed a bit of whats gonna happen next episode, as usual. 2 elimated guys fight. Who do u hope it is?
  11. Andy Wang... Get off my team!
    I found this to be so funny on my part. Then when pulver and Andy were talkin' andy was like i made a commitment, and blah blah blah, and Dana said that he wanted to rip off his head! HAHA it was a...
  12. The worst Referee Stoppage of Pride/UFC
    What fight do u think was the worst stoppage?
  13. Emelianenko vs Emelianenko
    These 2 brothers would have a great fight. Who would win? How? What round?
  14. Joe Stevenson in World series of poker on ESPN
    I was thinking about sponsoring him for this to get a patch on his shirt or have him wear a hat. I dont play poker or watch it does anyone watch it?
  15. Team Hughes or Team Serra (TUF 6)
    I was just wondering what team u would rather be on. I no it aint happening for a while, just wanna know.
  16. Travis Fulton. No Fat is not Iron
    IFL weighin pic Fulton is on the left. I have never seen him this big. It is clear that he wasnt lying when he said he didnt train at all. I think he is pushing 250 now. Edit: Ben Rothwell (264) vs....
  17. Bad way to loose a fight....
    Loss - TKO (Wouldn't Stand Up From Butt Scoot) Fighter Link I can think of at least 20 other ways I would rather loose than this way......
  18. IFL Chicago Results
    Preliminary Bouts Danny Suarez (Condors) Def. Clint Coronel (Razorclaws) - Split Decision LC Davis (Silverbacks) Def. Jay Estrada (Red Bears) - 2nd round submission Condors Defeat Razorclaws: 3-2...
  19. The Best Fighter
    Who is the best fighter in IFL, Bodog, K-1, KOTC, Shooto, ROTR, or Cage Rage? Not by Status, but by skill, most distructable!
  20. Who's Matt Hamill's next opponent
    Who should Matt Hamill's next opponent be? Who do u think would have a great 3 round war with him?
  21. Rashad Evans vs. Michael Bisping
    Who would win? How would they win?(tko, sub, dec) What time would they win?(1st rd, 2nd rd, 3rd rd) Do u think one of these fighters deserve a title shot yet, or how many fights do u think they will...
  22. Happy B-day GSP!
    Happy Birthday Georges st.Pierre
  23. Rampage vs Lightheavy Boxer?
    I kept thinkin to myself. If boxing is dissin' MMA so much why don't UFC put a monster in with a boxer and whip their ass?!? Rampage with his incrediable takedowns and slams! I think he could break...
  24. Eddie bravo question !!!
    UFC commentator Mike goldberg once said that eddie bravo is the only american to ever submit a gracie. Is this true ?? Cheers
  25. Ufc 75 London(UK)
    Ive read a post stating that ufc 75 will be held at the O2 Arena in london on the 8th September! Ture or false? gml (Bravo Fight Camp Member)
  26. Bryan Vetell
    The IFL issued a press release about Bryan. He won the US Wrestling Grappling qualifier. All you New york Pitbulls fans gotta be excited about this one. He gets to compete for a spot on the first...
  27. Cage Warriors bosses arrested
    Sounds bad as well. Link
  28. Liddel vs. Couture Heavyweight Title ???
    I've been pondering this thought ever since Randy beat Silvia. I can't help but think it has to be going thru chuck's mind. He knows he can beat Randy and he could hold both the LH and HW titles @...
  29. Matt Serra vs Diego Sanchez
    Im not sure if this is gonna happen ever but i was wonderin'... who would win?
  30. an all purpose guide to educating MMA newcomers
    This is courtesy inink86 at sherdog one of the best post I have I ever read An all purpose guide to educating MMA noobs...
  31. the UFC All Access curse
    has been put on Rampage and remember that Liddell has also been on all access so maybe the curse is going to be on him on fight night
  32. Shogun @ UFC 72? (rumor)
    So i was looking through Chutebox USA's website, and stumbled upon this little tidbit... if you scroll halfway down the page and look at the news reports for May 22nd, they talk about: - Thiago...
  33. Boxing vs. MMA
    If the take the best boxers vs. the best MMA fighters. Who would win. My vote is for boxing. If a guy like Mayweather can learn to sprawl and mount, its over. If Mayweather mounts you he is likely to...
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  34. Petition: Ban the "Pitbull" from MMA
    Please sign this. This is a petition to have the nickname "the pit bull" "pit bull" "bulldog" or "bull" banned from mma, anyone who has fought under the name could maybe be grandfathered into the...
  35. Michael Bisping vs Stephan Bonnar
    Who would like to see these 2 square off? I think it would be an exciting fight... Thats if Bonnar can win his next fight, prob will, and if bisping wins his upcoming fight, i think UFC 75,, so what...
  36. Nate Mohr is back... who else is excited?
    Nate more is back and will compete at the next UFN (which I have no idea why it isn't up here yet). Even though he lost his last fight against Kurt Pellegrino I was still impressed by his hand speed...
  37. Best MMA tv show ?
    WHat's the best MMA show on FREE TV ?
  38. Wanderlei free agent???
    I was watching this interview with Wandy after pride33 and the guy asking the questions asked about his contract and he said he had no contract with pride so he wants to talk to other org's... says...
  39. Wandy vs. Shogun...(fantasy match)
    If they were to ever fight who do u guys think would win??? Im not sure but ithnk rua has smarter strikes but anyways.... how about everyone else??? Thoughts???
  40. Anyone have a link to the Tyson vs. Edgar fight?
    I've been looking all over the place for this fight and I can't find it, also if you can also give me a link to the Huerta vs. Garcia fight it would be greatly appreciated
  41. Barnett vs. Sylvia...(fantasy match)
    Who would win??? i say Barnett, i think he's a smarter striker but pretty sure it would be a war till the knock... thoughts???
  42. Team liddell blown away !!!!!
    Chuck Liddell, the Ultimate Fighting Championship's light heavyweight king, is all too familiar with the training camp injury bug, having pulled this, torqued that or sprained whatever many times in...
  43. Henderson vs Franklin (Fantasy match)
    Dan Henderson vs. Rich Franklin / Who would win ?
  44. Picture of emilianenko brothers in their youth.
    Hi guys, recieved this email from a guy who posts on sherdog, thought you might want to take a look !! Cheers
  45. what fight camp would you fight with??
    personally, i would fight with chute boxe. Or else i would choose team punishment. what about you?
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  46. Gabe Ruediger"s UFC contract terminated
    FightMobile on my cell says Dana was so pissed @ gabe he terminated his contract . I totally agree , he was a complete joke on Tuf. He said himself he wanted airtime to get noticed (with all the...
  47. Dos Caras Jr. fight
    Don't know if anyone has seen this, but if you re a bit sqeamish, I wouldn't watch. This is one of the worst injuries I have seen in MMA. And no, this isn't his fight with Mirko....
  48. salaverry vs. martin
    i know its mma and anything can happen, and in no way am i direspecting terry martin, but i just dont see him beating salaverry. any other thoughts?
  49. UFC on Sportcenter
    Did anyone see Sportcenter ? Joe Rogan telling that boxing jackass off ! That was great !
  50. One of the best knockouts i've ever seen
    i just saw the spencer fisher vs matt wiman fight at ufc 60 and that flying knee knockout is just awesome
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