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  1. DREAM 14 Poster/News
    The poster: Some news/notes from a recent interview with DREAM President Sasahara regarding DREAM 14 (from MMAfighting via Nightmare Of Battle): LHWGP has been POSTPONED, not cancelled. It MIGHT be...
  2. Help please. Monson vs Chuck
    Does anyone know where I can find some old Monson stuff? I'm looking specifically for Monson vs Chuck I've never seen it.
  3. Mariusz Pudzianowski KSW 13 Fight
    According to Mania & Sherdog, he beat DEEP Megaton Champion (Heavyweight/Super Heavyweight) Yusuke Kawaguchi by majority decision. The fight was last night. Sherdog's brief report on the fight: The...
  4. The Greatest 205'er in MMA history
    The reason I chose 205 is because every other division it is pretty clear who has been the greatest champion. Here are the suspects... Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua Notable wins Lyoto Machida Kevin Randleman...
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  5. Bellator 18 Weigh-Ins: Superfight In Jeopardy Again?
    Possibly. Although it's a catch weight fight at 190, Jay Silva was one of the obligatory cases of missing weight. As of about 5:15 PM ET he had 90 minutes to lose just under 1 pound in order to face...
  6. Can Strikeforce survive without CBS?
    I just read that CBS haven't contacted Strikeforce about renewing their TV deal. This got me wondering, with guys like Fedor, Arlovski, Overeem, Shields (if he returns) and Diaz all pulling in large...
  7. An Interview with Bjorn Rebney(CEO of Bellator Fighting Championships)
    Found an interesting interview with the guy, its pretty interesting what he has to say about Bellator :
  8. More Than Just Lesnar vs. Carwin: The Top 10 MMA Fights This Summer
  9. Pudzianowski calls Tim Slyvia "Blubberry","Past his prime",and a "Redneck"
    Well at least the guy knows how to hype a fight.
  10. Who is More Likely to Pull Out of Impact FC in July?
    Just had to ask.
  11. Could Ricardo Mayorga vs. Din Thomas "Spar"
    With Don King putting a stop to this fight, cold shine now change the status from a pro fight to an exhibition bout or a "sparring session" to get around this ruling? i am just curious. i was...
  12. Strike Force Heavy Artillery : Afterthoughts and opinions
    Here's a few of my own thoughts about last nights event and hopefully everyone will put their own two cents in. 1.Rafael Cavalcante vs Antwain Britt Normaly I think the annouce team of Renallo and...
  13. picks
    does anyone know what happened to our fantacy picks for strikeforce on sat. night ? it doesn't show up on my game history
  14. Following win, Strikeforce champ Alistair Overeem hopes to put steroid talk behind
    Sounds confident "I know there are some individuals who are responsible for these allegations, and all these individuals are in some way associated with an opponent I beat or personally dislike me...
  15. War Machine and Petruzelli pick up wins in the UK
    Just results, no interviews here. Aside from Strikeforce, and the canceled Shine Fights card, BAMMA 3 was also held today. UFC vets, War Machine (11-3), and Seth Petruzelli (12-4) picked up 1st...
  16. Andrei Arlovski.
    After another defeat is AA finished a hope not because he is one of my favorite fighters.But he has lost his last 3 fights and is 5-5 in his last 10 and thats not to good a record for the one time...
  17. Share Post-Hangover Thoughts - Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery Shows Lack of Growth in Production Values
    I thought this article was pretty interesting and it made me wonder...because I didn't feel Arlovski had won any round and I wonder if the announcing team did have anything to do with that? Link
  18. Anyone else mad about The Ultimate Fighter...
    Ok I know that TUF produces some great talent, and I enjoy watching it, however over the last couple seasons it has gone down hill abit, I personally think that they should do more filming of them in...
  19. Coming Soon: Quinton Jackson A-Team Figures
    Including a talking one: Others: I wonder what the talking one will say...I might get it if it says something like "I'ma gonna whoop someone's @$$, fool!"
  20. Somebody's Joe Had Got To Go-WEC Cuts Martinez
    Well this bums me out-WEC Cage Announcer Joe Martinez has left the promotion effective immediately. Word came from Mania via Popular cage announcer Joe Martinez and World Extreme...
  21. SF Heavy Artillery: Beerbohm-Ribeiro To Be Streamed Online
    SF announced last night the prelim will be streamed for FREE on their website starting today...not yet though. It's expected to not be up until at least 6 PM ET tonight. Don't wait too long, it's...
  22. Ben Rothwell's record
    looking a Rothwell's record I noticed he has a TKO loss due to retirement. I find this random and was hoping someone could shine some light on how someone can lose like this.
    Do you agree with any of the new rankings. I know i don't
  24. Now You Can Let Your Little Fighters Sleep In The Cage
    The newest bedroom fad: word yet on how much.
  25. Sherdogs P4P TOP 10
    I don't understand how Sherdogs P4P rankings have Fitch at number 5. Lyoto is at ten and Shogun was at like 8. Why is Jon Fitch ranked so high? Fitch is a great fighter don't get me wrong but to be...
  26. Moosin MMA Weigh-Ins Results
    Main card: Tim Sylvia (305) vs. Marius Pudzianowski (273) Travis Wiuff (253) vs. Josh Barnes (262) Travis Lutter (185) vs. Rafael Natal (185) Yves Edwards (157) vs. Mike Campbell (156) Tara LaRosa...
  27. Strikeforce Challengers 5/21/2010
    was anyone else highly impressed with how great the fights were? every single fight fight very exciting and it was seriously one of the best cards ive ever watched. there were some bumps like the...
  28. GSP v Georges Laraque
    last night on canadian television GSP and 6'3" 260 pound NHL enforcer Georges Laraque fought a grappling match for fun the fight starts at around the 4 minute mark after some hype work/interviews etc...
  29. Cheick Kongo
    okay this might be a dumb question, and im aware that the ufc often counts and discounts come wins and losses on there fighters records. but my question is, everywhere you look, Cheick Kongos record...
  30. Impact FC
    Anyone else looking forward to Impact FC? 3 events from july 3rd-18th. And they look like some pretty good fights! I wanna see Barnet vs. Geronimo dos Santos badly cause im a big fan of geronimo....
  31. 'Babalu' Sobral Frustrated With Lack of Fights in Strikeforce
    link The 34-year-old talked about replacing Jason "Mayhem" Miller against Lawler and working on improving his game after his loss to Gegard Mousasi last August. "Babalu" also expressed frustration...
  32. Previously unreleased footage of Fedor pre fight career
    Fedor's Pre MMA career Here is a video that was unearther recently of Fedor before he took up MMA
  33. Rampage Rashad primetime
    I need to know the name of the song at the end of the last primetime I've heard it several times over the past couple of years and wondered the name?
  34. Wanderlei Silva Tribute
    let me know what you think
  35. Oh Sh*t! 39 Second Super-Heavyweight Flying Triangle
  36. Jered Hess' Knee at Bellator 20
    Don't know how many watch Bellator, but there was a nasty injury tonight. Jared Hess was winning the fight and kept going after the injury occurred.
  37. Aoki Vacates Shooto Title
    According to reports out of Japan, the Shooto Middleweight Title is now VACANT . Previous champion Shinya Aoki vacated the title last Friday according to a report from BoutReview (in Japanese) and...
  38. DREAM 14 Weigh-Ins
    Results: Everyone apparently made weight. Junkie says Federico Lopez missed weight, Mania says he made weight. Nick Diaz 76.0kg (167.5) vs. Hayato Sakurai 76.5kg (168.6) Kazushi Sakuraba 87.4kg...
  39. Did anyone watch Sakuraba vs Gracie?
    I'm curious what others thought about the ref stopping the fight temporarily near the end. Not only was it in the middle of a sub attempt, it was at the most crucial point of a kimura. I thought it...
  40. Great FEDOR Article!!!!!!
    Awesome Fedor article, it makes u think, for real
  41. LOL Celebs in MMA
    Great article especially if u seen Ariel Helwani's Overeem, casey interview LMFAO Spencer pratt hahahahahhaaha
  42. Former Shooto Champion Signs With UFC
    It was reported that former Shooto Welterweight Champion Willamy Friere (Chequerim) vacated his title Sunday after defending it due to signing an exclusive contract with another promotion that would...
  43. Another Interesting Interview w/ Chael Sonnen
    Interview with Fight Magazine @ the UFC Expo: Linkage
  44. Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin
    This will be a dream fight in the heavyweight division !!!! SHANE CARWIN ALL THE WAY!!!! Shane Carwin KO/TKO 1st Round within the first minute of the fight
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  45. what do a korean zombie and badboy do after they fight?
    they go to dennys of course. link theres nothing i dont like or find a little funny about this, i just wish there was a pic.
  46. Fantasy UFC ( New season starting at UFC 115)
    Before each UFC event everyone pick a team of 5 fighters who are fighting on that card. 1 from each weight class. the fighters will qualify for the weight class that they are fighting at that event....
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  47. Rumor: Fedor Emelianenko Will Run for Senate and May Retire at the End of his Strikeforce Contract
    Huge news. Massive. Just received an email from a very reliable source from Russia that Fedor will be running for a congress seat in Russia for the pro-Kremlin party 'United Russia'. The party is...
  48. The Top 25 Summer Questions That Will Be Answered In MMA
    Neat slideshow worth checking out. Link
  49. Jon Jones' elbow in rap music
    link - about 1:00 into song "Try to take my thrown and break bones Elbow to the face, Jon Jones..." ha
  50. Uchiyama Loses Ear In Pancrase Bout
    This is some crazy stuff. Do anyone have the video to this.
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