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  1. Check Out This Pic: Napao v. Cro Cop
    Pretty classic pic right before the kick landed and shocked the world.
  2. has anyone else been KO'd before the fight starts
    i have just watched this and wondered has anyone else been KO'd before a fight has started?????? if you know or have any links to the fight then please post them here quick KO
  3. IFL Battleground tonight 4/23 - reminder
    tonight at 8pm on will spotlight the Condors and Tigersharks trying to build hype for the Marco Ruas v. Maurice Smith superfight on 5/19 at IFL Chicago
  4. SERRA >>>>>>check this out !!!
    link: He's a stud !!!!
  5. posters etc.
    Im looking for a good site that sells fighting posters (not the posters for each event etc) but regular posters of fighters, in fight or not doesnt matter.. in general im looking for Ortiz, Mir or...
  6. UFC has been accepted as a sport in the uk
    No one has any idea how long us brits have waited for the return of the ufc, not just the fighters competing on our soil again, but for the media in this country to give the ufc the recognition and...
  7. Elvis sinosic interview wanted !!
    Can someone try and find me a video interview of elvis after his fight with bisping?? Thanks
  8. Iceman vs. Rampage
    whos gonna win?
  9. can you develop/improve your chin?
    title says it all, I curious as to any of your theories on improving your chin or if its just genetics/bone structure that decides a fighter's ability to resist getting knocked out. my only...
  10. jo silva comments on fighting in ufc ??
    According to the ufc comentators at ufc 70, Jo silva stated that he would rather a fighter goes out to loose than to go out and win by not fighting !! That says to me that from a fans perspective it...
  11. MMA as an Olympic sport?
    Just wanted to try this out. How many people feel that, if properly regulated, MMA should be an olympic sport? Pankration was an Olympic event in 648BC. As part of the hisory of the Olympics, I feel...
  12. Ken Shamrock asks "Dear Don" a Question, Hilarious!
    i'm in shock/dying of laughter, this guy is too much....
  13. MMA Weekly HW Rankings Update....
    link HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION (over 205 pounds) #1 Heavyweight Fighter in the World: Fedor Emelianenko 2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 3. Mirko Cro Cop 4. Josh Barnett 5. Randy Couture 6. Gabriel Gonzaga 7....
    Anybody know who he's fighting in July? I was hoping they are not putting him against former NFL wideout Johnnie Morton, but it's beginning to look like that may be the case. I'm going to see him. I...
  15. How is MMA reported in the USA?
    I only ask as since UFC 70, the majority of British newspapers that have reported on it have came out with some absolute garbage. Mainly referring to it as no holds barred cage fighting etc. and I'd...
  16. Anybody else excited for Dynamite!! USA 2007???
    rumored fight card! Hong Man Choi vs. Brock Lesnar Royce Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba Joey Villesenor vs Maurillo "Ninja" Rua (MW CHAMPIONSHIP) David "Tank" Abbott vs. Eric "Butterbean" Esch Jake...
  17. More ufc slagging from boxings Barry mcguigan
    "Dana White has created an event, a sense of drama around UFC. That much I'll grant him. But don't tell me these finely-honed musclemen are human fighting machines. Take away the kick and they would...
  18. Show Promotion:
    I'm looking for a bit of help, any advice putting on a show. anything you wouldn't do again.
  19. Cage Rage 22 Fight Card
    source: Cage Rage 22 "Hard As Hell" July 14 Wembley Arena London, England Eric “Butterbean” Esch (10-3-1) vs. Tengiz Tedoradze (21-7-1) Mario Sperry (12-4) vs. Lee Hasdell...
  20. Cage Rage 21 rebroadcast on "free" television (no spoilers)
    Last weekend's Cage Rage 21 will be rebroadcast on ION (formerly PAX), Saturday at 9:00pm. -Tank Abbott vs. Gary Turner -Vitor Belfort vs. Ivan Serati -Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos vs. James Zikic...
  21. Sherks response to Mayweather
    I think this is pretty accurate , although May7waether might survive the till the later in the first. It might take Sherk that long to catch him. Sean Sherk Candidly Responds To Floyd Mayweather...
  22. ADCC's live on
    Just to let everyone know, is going to provide a live stream of the 2007 Abu Dhabi Combat Championships. The ADCC's are on the 5th and 6th of May. For more information, click here
  23. Kind of Odd?
    Does anyone else think is odd that there isn't one Gracie fighting at the Gracie Fighting Championships on May 19th? Jacare is fighting, so that makes it worth seeing, but why doesn't Roger or...
  24. Kiai Master get's his ass kicked bv MMA guy!
    link Everyone has a plan till they get hit I guess, I kinda feel sorry for the ki guy though, but I feel even more sorry for the people who actually trusted this guy and thought he was the real deal
  25. IFL Las Vegas Pre-Sale Today
    got this in the newsletter Call the Las Vegas Hilton at 1-800-222-5361 and ask for "TKO"
  26. Time for some trivia
    Ok i havent found any trivia threads on here so here it goes Quick rules first one to answer the question gets to ask the next. We will start off easy !!!!! 1) Who and how did Fedor recieve this cut,...
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  27. all time favorite ufc
    my favorite was 47 mostly all stand up crazy wars with some nice ko's
  28. Please... no more Silvas
    No wonder I get so damn confused. Too many Silvas out there fighting. I think I may change my name to Silva so I can join this fighting clan. Rodolfo Amaro da Silva 5'11 (180cm) 200lbs (91kg) Gracie...
  29. travis fulton the ironman of mma
    does anyone know why the hell hes not fighting in the ifl or similar org? hes 176-41-1 all time and 39-1 in his last 40 fights did he price himself out of the market?
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  30. Next Bodog fight card
    I heared a rumour that bodog is planning a fight card in Vancouver, sometime in june or july. Can anyone confirm this? Also, any rumours as to who will be on this card?
  31. Manfred's Quick MMA Trivia *ANSWERS*
    Short and sweet this time. Hopefully you like it and Madmarck can cut me some slack for awhile. Same rules as before, no fight finder, wikipedia or anything. On the Honor system. PM me the ANSWERS 1....
  32. Total Fighting Alliance - LIVE NOW!
    TFA Hardcore Cage Fighting Must watch TV, shit is so bootleg.
  33. Hawaii, 4th of July
    I'm gonna be in Hawaii from fri June 29th to July 7th sat. Does anyone know of any mma events in the islands that week? Appreciate any help guys, thanks.
  34. Liddell On Entourage
    Did any of you guys watch Liddell on TV lastnight? He got a way better part than Tito Ortiz on Numb3rs. Chuck was the main star of the show pretty much, i was quite happy. I love how UFC is doing...
  35. Shannon Ritch Calls Out Leland Chapman, Dog The Bounty Hunter's Son
    Underground Forum Thread Shannon Ritch calling out Leland Chapman on's The Undergound Forum. HIlarious.
  36. Jason Giambi says UFC KO's boxing and loves Tito Ortiz
    THE RUMBLE AN OFF-THE-BALL LOOK AT YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS CELEBRITIES April 29, 2007 -- Putting up a fight Giambi says UFC KO's boxing Ultimate Fighting Championship has surpassed boxing in popularity,...
  37. Fedor's only link
    I have never seen it before, i thought people on here might want a look too. Very similar to Couture V Belfort...... click on option 5.
  38. Interesting blog write up
    This is a write up by a life long martial artist who questions the validity of traditional martial arts. Its an interesting read:...
  39. old vid ufc 69
  40. Best Site to Get Submissions from?
    Does anyone have some great sites that show you how to do submissions picture by picture?
  41. What would your UFC nickname be??
    My ufc nickname would be "THE BULL" and i would have horn tattoed on my forearm. and every time i came out i would raise my arms above my head to make it look like i had horns on my head. What would...
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  42. Midwest AMA + Pro Fighters
    I'm with a group looking for fighters for a show in Wisconsin, Please include Name: Where your from: Stats: Pro, Ama,Record,Height,Wgt, Fight Camp: Fight Fees: To show up Contact # This show is being...
  43. Anybody got links to the K-1 Hawaii 07???
    Or even somewhere to purchase K-1 DVD's... I can't seem to find a damn thing on the internet, admittidly I'm not the most internet savvy guy out there... I heard the event was pretty good, or at...
  44. reasons vs. excuses
    i hate it when fighters or fans make up excuses for a fighters loss. a reason is different, an example would be : he didnt throw enough jabs or leg kicks and let the other guy control the fight. this...
  45. New MMA Blog
    Sprawl 'N Brawl Just put it together today, let me know what you guys think, and of course, all comments are welcome.
  46. iceman highlight
    i love this video......
  47. Anyone Experiencing MMA Withdrawals?
    I'm getting the shakes and sweating profusely when I think that the next big MMA event is not for another three weeks. Even MMA-TV on Winamp hasn't been working...I need methadone.
  48. tito gets nightmare over rashasd
    rashads comments on tito
  49. Shit like this only helps keep MMA down
    Damn local promoters... Apparently this is Ben Rothwell of IFL fame back during his first fight (someone on the youtube forum said that he...
  50. Fedor's DAD??
    I read in one the other threads that when fedor faught ZULU that he wanted to come out to hurt him because he (Zulu) had beat fedor's dad in a previous fight.. is this true does anyone know if...
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