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  1. Tanner Tribute
  2. The Strange Red Devil Training (new Vid)
  3. 2009 ADCC Great Lakes Qualifier
    Hey. This tournement will be a qualifing tournement for the national tournement. The winners of the advanced divisions in each weight will move on. This will be a no-gi tournement of course. I was...
  4. Fedor
    IMO, i think this guy doesnt want to come to ufc and lose. I think he knows that the UFC has the top guys in the world and saw what happened to the top pride guys. this is just IMO what do you guys...
  5. Strikeforce Light Heavyweight champ Gegard Mousasi Calls Paulo Filho a "Little Donkey on Steroids"
    What happened when [Filho] came to America, he wasn't...he got beat up really bad. Now he's back in Japan and he feels like a kid in a candy story, I think. He can use all kinds of steroids. And I...
  6. Why not to touch gloves
    Fail Hook em up!
  7. Cage Potato Tribute: The "Punch-Face"
    Classics. They never go out of style.
  8. Eight Reasons To Prefer Boxing Over MMA
    It's going to get pretty hard soon to avoid the dumb-as-rocks debate over boxing versus mixed martial arts, seeing as how on Sept. 19, the UFC and boxing each are putting on pay-per-view events....
  9. Inside MMA Poll, Which is the biggest upset so far in 2009?"Inside MMA" Poll
  10. Wanderlei Silva plays Yahtzee
    LOL... If I could pick one fighter to hang out with for a day it would be Wandi, just a gem........
  11. Prangley & Horn win tonight
    Trevor Prangley and Jeremy Horn both won there fights tonight at Spokane's Arena Rumble. Horn beat Jason Guida while Prangley K.O.'d a late replacement. Also on the card Lyle Beerbohm extended his...
    okay, i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that if anderson silva fought fedor, fedor would TKO him. i'm not saying he would knock him out on the feet, but once he got it to the ground, which he...
  13. FANTASTIC MMA Montage
    Almost brought tears to my eyes
  14. Indiana Age Requirements
    I'm 16 years old, and I live in northern Indiana. I wanna do MMA but idk if i have to waited til im 18. Is there any leagues or tournaments in northern indiana or southern michigan that allows 16...
  15. Who has the best nick names?
    I personally love "The dean of mean" Keith Jardine I also love Carlos "The natural born killer" Condit What are your favourites
  16. Your Top 10 Favorite Fights
    Here are my top ten favorite fights of all time: Liddell vs. Ortiz 2 Evans vs. Forrest Couture vs. Rizzo Wand vs. Rampage 2 Penn vs. Stevenson Fedor vs. Fujita Penn vs. Hughes 1 Machida vs. Ortiz...
  17. UFC Fight night 19 weigh ins
    i have been looking for a video for the weigh in's does anyone have a link to a video?? will prop
  18. Do MMA fighters really benefit from drinking their own urine?
    Every once a while, a topic rips through the MMA world, becomes popular message-board fodder, sparks debates, and – in a few cases – leaves most people feeling just a little bit queasy. Having...
  19. Silva staying at LHW maybe?
    This is a long shot but someone on Sherdog noticed on UFC's site that Silva is under LHW now and not MW. I'm guessing its because his last fight was there but what do you guys think?
  20. .What Your Favorite MMA Fighter Says About You
    pretty funny stuff
  21. where can i find TUF 10 episodes online?
    I work 3rd shift now and only got to see the 1st couple minutes of TUF, anyone know where i can watch the full episode online?
  22. Abe Wagner's cut!!!!?????
    When Abe was profusly bleeding on the mat in the first episode of TUF 10 should Mazzagatti have stopped it to let a doctor look at it? I think so. At the end of the first rnd it was sending a steady...
  23. Ben Henderson vs Donald Cerrone
    Donald Cerrone is one of my fav WEC fighters because imo he has a good work ethic, sort of like the Forrest of WEC. The guy has an amazing chin and always comes foward. His ferocity and...
  24. Ufc 103 online
    Where can I watch the ufc fights for free online? possibly with good quality.
  25. TKO while still standing!!??
    What do you guys think of it. Last night Martin Kampman was badly hurt but still standing as the ref called it a TKO, I think its BS. It has happened before I know but i dont like it. If its going to...
  26. the longshot by katie kitamura
    just finished reading it - has anyone here picked it up yet? finding a novel that does mma justice is fairly rare, and this was by far the best-written one i've read. a lot of the reviews so far have...
  27. 103 links
    Can someone please post a link to the Griffen/Franca Fight. Props if you do
  28. LB 4 LB
    Pound for Pound who would win if these guys were all in a brawl! lol
  29. Sengoku 10 Weigh-Ins Results
    The results from today: Everyone made weight. Hiroshi Izumi (93 kg/205 lb) vs. Antz Nansen (92.6 kg/204.1 lb) Antonio Silva (121.1 kg/270 lb) vs. Jim York (114.8 kg/253.1 lb) Jae Sun Lee (76 kg/167.6...
  30. ADCC Live Stream?
    ok, I know you can order it for 24.99 on BUT, no one wants to pay Was wondering if someone on playground that is buying it, make a stream for playground and playground users only. Its...
  31. Thiago Alves vs. Jon Fitch 2
    I was starting to think about the situation the WW division is in right now and thought the best way to solve it was Fitch and Thiago 2, assuming both win their upcoming fights (pretty safe bet) then...
  32. How do you respond to something like this?
    "MMA's numbers will drop off dramatically within 5 or so years as the audience changes. The fight fans, young white males, watch it because the sport used to be dominated by other whites, but as the...
  33. Hotrodttt's MMA Trivia Question of the day
    All of you who have been on the playground for 2+ years remember that I used to have a lot of trivia games like manfred did, well I'm gonna start it back up again but only doing one question per...
  34. Jeez Japanese mma is fun
    man ever since ive been laid off ive really enjoyed the live events of dream and sengoku. i stay up all night to watch them and its spectacular. mad enjoyment. takes my mind off the fact ill be out...
  35. Nakakura Vacates Shooto Crown
    Non-Sengoku news out of Japan: The Shooto Middleweight Championship is now VACANT . Takashi Nakakura gave it up as had been expected for a couple months, but not for the expected reason which was...
  36. TapouT Produces Signature Shirt To Launch Herschel Walker
    Man this guy hasn't even fought yet..and their giving him is own signature shirt..they didn't do that to any of the other sport-turned-mma fighters out there..maybe their just following in...
  37. Dan Hornbuckle= Prepared for UFC
    I'm really liking the way he fights, he's long, has good kicks and swarms when his opponents show that they are hurt. He could add a lot of variety in terms of potential match-ups in the ufc. It...
  38. UFC/Pride Caliber Organizations
    Other than the UFC and Pride what organizations would you consider as an organization that has or had top caliber fighters/cards on a regular basis? For example, if UFC/Pride is a 10, who would you...
  39. ADCC 2009
    Does anyone know where i can watch this?
  40. Top 10 Tough Guys from MMA in the past decade
    1-Clay Guida 2-Big Nog 3-Jon Fitch 4-Wandy 5-NIck Diaz 6-Fedor 7-Chris Leben 8-Chris Lytle 9-Forrest Griffin 10-Randy Anyone you wanna add?????
  41. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic: The PRIDE and Glory
    Check out this highlight, makes me nostalgic for the old CC! Cro Cop - The PRIDE and Glory highlight Thoughts?
  42. Tim Kennedy
    Watched the fights last night, Strikeforce/Shomma I've seen this guy fight a few times now and he really does get better with each fight, I think if he fights Mayhem again, Kennedy would win this...
  43. Is DREAM more competitive than PRIDE was?
    I say yes. DREAM appears to be trying to protect their profile stars much less than PRIDE did, and are more attentive to international fans than just the Japanese. Personally, I think DREAM, if it...
  44. Kimbo 'got arm-barred, came back with a gun'
    Many of us have come across training partners that like to crank submissions on. So has Kimbo Slice, but he dealt with the issue in rather extreme fashion. TUF 10 contestant Justin Wren was on TapouT...
  45. anyone able to help?
    Hello guy's ... i watched ufc102 live! i think the dragon on one of the fighters back was amazin ... but i cant find it anywhere ... can anyone post it, it would be much appreciated!
  46. Mayhem Miller gets upset with EA game developer.
    Mayhem goes off on EA game developer.
  47. Yves Lavigne
    hi been here since 07' What do you think?
  48. Genki is back doing what he loves !
    DANCING !!! Linkage
  49. Alistair Overeem post K-1 Evaluation
    He was so impressive over his win against Aerts, he showed composure and durability when he was getting hit with head kicks. But what really impressed me was with how big he was. He had to have been...
  50. Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers
    This is going to be a pretty good fight card. Strikeforce wants to most likely come up with all their top players i guess. This is what they offer so far for us fans :) Strikeforce : Fedor vs. Rogers...
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