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  1. Bully beatdown season 2!!!
    I don't know if you guys have seen this but the trailer shows some awesome fighters in there! The bullys had best know what they are up against because the majority of the guys in the trailer are top...
  2. BJ Penn Is Not As Amazing As Jake Rosholt
    So BJ can jump out of a 3 foot end of a pool facing forward and stick the landing. But Jake Rosholt can do it BACKWARDS! It's near the end of this short clip after he does the forwards:...
  3. 30 opponents for Gegard Mousasi
    With Mousasi stating that he will hold off on coming to the UFC until he has perfecte dhis craft outsid eof it, giving an aprox. time limit of 3 years, it mau be hard to finf him opponents. However,...
  4. Fantasy Fight Card Masters
    Inspired by the television competition show "Top Chef Masters", I've been thinking about a new Fantasy Fight Card game. This will be essentially the same as past FFC games, with two twists (see...
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  5. Sharing my MMA collection, one piece at a time ... NEW PIC DAILY!
    I joined this site nearly three years ago, but I haven't posted really at all. In fact, haven't revisited this site in awhile. Well, I stopped by today, and remembered why I enjoyed it so much here....
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  6. MMAs funniest footage
  7. DREAM 12 In A Cage?
    DREAM has put up a promo video of DREAM.12 on their YouTube channel and it contains the management discussing the “experiment” of DREAM.12 that was hinted at last week. It might be a change of the...
  8. Rampage's cage entrance
    What is the name of the music artist and song that the Spike Network used for Rampage's cage entrance at UFC 75? They dubbed the original song which was on PPV. Whoever the group/song Spike used, was...
  9. I thought this was pretty cool
    best of 08
  10. Showdown Joe?? What are your thoughts??
    On the television station "Sportsnet" in Canada there is a show called "MMA Connected". All in all the some is pretty good, its not as good as mmalive or inside mma or even the mma show but still its...
  11. Funniest BJ Penn video ever...
    I came upon this video while on mmalinker I almost died of laughter, even though I'm a Penn fan BJ Penn stars in RAW DEAL
  12. UFC Fantasy Matchups
    I had some time on my hands so I matched up the UFC's active 205lb division. I redid any fights that are already set to happen and tried to match up fighters based on their skill level and where they...
  13. BloodyElbow's MMA history
    I've started reading through this and learned a couple of things about the early days. Sorry if it's a repost. MMA History series
  14. Pictures of Chuck "training" for Dancing w/ The Stars
    The new "Twinkle Toes" Chuck
  15. M-1 Global Breakthrough Prelims LIVE Friday Night
    The event's still on despite everything that's happened and they've announced the prelims will air LIVE AND FREE on Friday night at 8:15 PM ET. These fights will be streamed: Rogent...
  16. Rampage to be pitying fools
    If you can believe the UK’s notoriously gossipy Sun newspaper, UFC light-heavyweight attraction Quinton Jackson has just been cast in the “A-Team” reboot from director Joe Carnahan (“Smokin’ Aces”)...
  17. Fedor vs Rogers
    Not really sure is this good source but:
  18. Strikeforce Targeting Robbie Lawler vs. Ronaldo Souza in Fall
    Strikeforce is looking to book a middleweight match-up between Robbie Lawler and Ronaldo Souza for the same card that will feature the Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers bout later this year on...
  19. King Of The Cage
    i will be fighting for king of the cage this saturday im just so pumped i had to share the news
  20. Must-See: DREAM Welterweight GP Highlight Reel
    Thought this was pretty cool Link
  21. Fedor vs. Mousasi exhibition
    Did anybody see this damn thing? Gegard had an omaplata from hell and just let it go....he also let off of an arm bar??? I mean Fedor is a savage I don't refute that, but that **** looked staged.
  22. Had it taken place...
    Im sure this question has been asked before and i know its a bit of old news, but who does everybody think would have won out of Barnett and Fedor?
  23. king mo vs. mousasi
    would be a interesting fight,....strikeforce should book this on the fedor - rogers card.
  24. Fantasy Card VOTE PLEASE - Nutthuggers suck -new rules
    We had our in camp fight card draft with our own specialized rules, and we need your help picking the winner. All cards are anonymous, and the guys who didn't do a write up are posted first . Instead...
  25. New WEC 43 date????
    Does anyone else besides me think that perhaps the 10/10 date change for the WEC event is coincidental to the projected date of Fedor's first fight on Showtime? I know Dana said he wasn't worried...
  26. Would you pursue a career in MMA?
    Here is a question that I haven't really seen tackled on the playground. If you had the opportunity to, would you pursue a career in MMA? Let's pretend that there is nothing physically holding you...
  27. martial arts flow chart
    link some good lulz as well some cool stuff to see
  28. Thiago Silva vs Luiz Cane
    I think this fight is interesting and makes total sense. Also, I think it would be very entertaining.
  29. Will Wand want to Avenge Maia? Duh!
    "UFC:108: NATE vs WAND" not actually of course... Perfect time for the fight IMO, Henderson is already next up for Andy. so we have plenty of time for Nate to fight again. plus you know Wand wants to...
  30. Thiagos next two opponents
    next for thiago should be forrest. A test for both... and after rampage beats rashad i think it would make since for Thiago and Rashad to fight. timing would be perfect as far as jardine goes. Luiz...
    If it was layed out like this who would win? Machida- Rampage Belfort-Wandy Rich-Rashad Tito-Jardine Henderson -Forrest Thiago- Jon Jones Mousassi- Luiz Cane Anderson-Shogun
  32. Anderson Out
    if Anderson was out and stuck to 205 or just retired Nate- Henderson would be obvious title fight and would be great But if Dan is next for Anderson i suggest Nate and Wandy would answer alot of...
  33. The prelim go the spoils
    I'm curious to know everyone's thoughts behind reading prelim play by play before the main card starts . I personally try to avoid the results in hopes they're aired on the broadcast. I don't like to...
  34. Jack's Rants-8/30/09
    Some quick thoughts... After watching Couture/Nog, I can't help but think and wish people who don't follow MMA, at least as religiously as I do, understand what they witnessed. Some could say Nog...
  35. WWE`s Victoris smack talks Kim Couture?
    She said she plans to represent herself in MMA and won't have a management team. * She said the following about Kim Couture being asked about her due to the article: "I have a tremendous amount of...
  36. 2009 ADCC Tournament Participants Released
    And I don't think HOLY S**T describes the impressive levels of talent that will be participating (this all comes froM Cage Potato via Fightlinker & Japan MMA): Female -60kg: Kyra Gracie, Brazil (2007...
  37. Toughest fighter in MMA?
    Who do you think is the outright toughest fighter in MMA today? I don't mean skill or strength wise just shear grit and determination to hang in there until they are either out cold or the fight is...
  38. Fedor Emelianenko pronounces his own name... (VID)
  39. Name that fighters by only seeing his eyes!
    rules are that you get two guess's and then its someone else's turn. if you get it right please post another set of eyes. this one is fairly easy.
    So everyone knows that kimbo is on the ultimate fighter 9. how do you guys think he will do? and do you think even if he does win dana will take that risk and put him in the UFC?
  41. Best and Worse TUF coaches
    i was just wondering who you guys think are the best and worst coaches on the ultimate fighter in terms of not just the record but how they treated the fighters etc Worst Ken Shamrock Best im not...
  42. This is painful, so painful, for MMA.
    I can't express my feelings toward this, it's just so, wrong!
  43. TapouT TOUGH
    after going to my first ufc event on saturday it hit me that there really are.......... people like this Tapout Tough
  44. Did Wanderlei get face surgery?
    Is this true? I have seen pictures and he doesnt look so great..Idk whether to believe it or not.
  45. Fastest KO in MMA history!
    Not sure if this has been posted yet couldn't find it anywhere. If it has I am sorry. 2 second KO
  46. Junie Browning VS Chris Leben
  47. Best Fights Nobody Has Seen
    Post The Bests Fights No one has seen. UFC, K-1, Boxing the Works. KOs, Tapouts, Wars, EVERYTHING I got one for u playgrounders. Daniel Ghita at the 2009 Tokyo K-1 GP Winner. He got the record for...
  48. if chuck knocked out anderson
    point blank
  49. Wanderlei Silva Video Blog - Face surgery , new tattoo , tryout for the Wand Fight Team - Interview
    The Wand Questions have been answered!
  50. What's a good nickname for Mousasi?
    Mousasi needs a nickname His buddy came up with 'Dreamcatcher' Seems kinda weak Here are a few What else can you think of Mousensei The Guardian Mousai Mousasi Warrior Gegard 'The Messiah' Mousasi...
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