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  1. GSP vs The Spider, uninteresting anymore......
    I was really interested in seeing GSP taking on Silva. I still thought Silva would win, but it would be competative. After seeing Silva dismantle Forrest like that, I'm like what's the point in...
  2. Miguel torres is unstoppable
    MIguel Torres is unstoppable. I don't know who's going to be able to stop this guy in his division
  3. Video of the UFC 101 Crowd Fight
    Video of the UFC 101 Crowd Fight Did you wonder why the crowd started going crazy during a lull in the action during the Riley vs. Nelson fight? Check out the video below to see the brawl in the...
  4. Does Anderson have any competition anymore?
    Anderson Silva went through the middleweight division like nothing and now is thinking about giving up his title belt and going up to lightheavy weight completley. He'll have competition up there...
  5. Wandy Silva vs Vitor Belfort
    Im sure W. Silva wants this fight to redeem his highlight knockout! And i think its worthy of a co-main event at middleweight!
  6. Urijah Faber Vs Miguel Torres at 145 who takes it?
  7. thales leites vs jacare?
    After Leites's loss to Sakara, I imagine he'll probably be cut from the UFC. The first thing that popped into my head is how awesome it would be to see him fight jacare. This is just wanna of those...
  8. Any news on Bowles' hand?
    Can anyone point me to an article on Brian Bowles and whether he actually broke his hand?
  9. Dear Miguel Torres...
    I still have a man crush on you, bro. You'll get 'em next time!
  10. L.C. Davis vs. Javier Vazquez
    can anyone give me a link to L.C. Davis vs. Javier Vazquez fight plz, i cant find it anywhere thanks guys
  11. Anderson Silva impersonates fighters (video)
    Saw this vid on FIGHTLINKER and thought it was pretty funny. This link goes to vid on YOUTUBE .
  12. Faber and Brown- The two Champs
    Through out Faber's reign i was never a fan of his. not because i didn't like the guy but because i don't like to see fighters viewed as untouchable. after his Brown loss i lifted my foot off of him...
  13. Nick Diaz out...
    Diaz Out, Jesse Taylor in to face Hieron at “Strikeforce WOW, this event just went from good to crap. I'm so pissed.. sounds like the Cali state athletics commission pulled a surprised drug test out...
  14. UFC 102 has some really hard to call matchups...
    there's a few fights where submission artists are matched up...those fights tend to end up with a lot of ground transitions where things could go either way....there's a few fights where the guy I...
  15. Womens MMA
    With all the news after the last UFC being mainly focused on the new women's title fight between Carano and Santos its got me thinking. MMA has done things different from almost every other sport...
  16. Jorge Santiago??
    Any word on where he might be headed. If anybody deserves a second chance in the ufc it's this guy. He has faced some tough competition outside of the ufc and he is a much improved fighter.
  17. this right here is revenge
  18. Tito ortiz music video funny
    it gets funnier
  19. WEC 43-9/2 in Texas on Versus (POSTPONED To 10/10)
    WEC 43: September 2, 2009 (POSTPONED To October 10) Venue: AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas (moved from Youngstown, Ohio) Main card airs live on Versus TV fights: vs. Donald Cerrone vs. Benson (Ben)...
  20. What happens if Gina gets KO'd?
    This is something that I've been thinking about and wanted to get other peoples' opinions. I'm not looking for fight predictions, but merely what the impact to woman's MMA would be. 1. Cyborg doesn't...
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  21. WTF does this mean?
    Just surfing through the fight finder and found this Anthony Mckee What do you suppose TKO (retirement) means?
  22. Rumor of the Day: Ricco Suave vs Fedor
    It's rumored that former UFC champion Ricco Rodriguez will be Fedor's first SF opponent. If this fights happens, I for one will choose Ricco, never pick against the Suave one. link This has also been...
  23. Where Can I Watch Strikeforce Tomorrow?
    Is it on PPV or am I only able to watch it on Showtime?
  24. Chael Sonnen Doesn't Know Cyborg From Cyborg
    Was just glancing through Sherdog's "Pros Pick: Carano vs. Cyborg" article and they asked several fighters and trainers who they thought would win last night. Most gave good replies, a couple said...
  25. Interview with Josh Thompson
    Josh Thomson will be an interested observer on Saturday night during the Gilbert Melendez vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida Strikeforce interim lightweight title fight. Of course, the current Strikeforce...
  26. Interview with Fabricio Werdum
    A year ago, Fabricio Werdum was on the verge of competing for the UFC heavyweight title. However, a shocking knockout loss to Junior dos Santos put a wrench in those plans and ultimately ended his...
  27. caption this
  28. GSP and his crew
    Saw this over on FIGHTLINKER and thought it was pretty funny. The guy on the right is just creepy.
  29. Holy begeezuz
    That's hot! This is sexy...
  30. Carano vs. Santos Brake it down people!
    We see so many members here give pre-fight annalists that Im surprised we have yet to see this fight dissected by our community so I guess Ill start. First of all I've noticed the Santos bandwagon...
  31. Ricco confims that he was approached with the Fedor offer
    "Yeah I’ve been approached about [fighting Fedor Emelianenko], nothing’s final yet but that’s a fight I would definitely want." Link -- Just scroll down a little.
  32. Can someone post theCarano Cyborg video? (please no spoilers here)
    ? It'd be cool. I'll prop whoever does if they decide to do so.
  33. SPOILER!!!! carano vs santos ...
    just wanted to know what your thoughts were on the outcome and what was cyborgs key to the victory over carano ?
  34. Who should be added to SF Womens Div
    I know there will be a lot of Tara Larosa fans if and when she moves to SF, but who else do you think SF should add to their roster to build the division?
  35. Gegard Mousasi
    Seriously, he was absolutely gold tonight against his toughest fight yet. He made a veteran and arguably one of the top 10 LHW's in the world look like a child. Discuss... (I'm just tired of all the...
  36. Minotoro vs Mousasi
    Toughest matchup outside the ufc for mousasi IMO. If you've got another suitable matchup in mind , lets hear it .
  37. Diaz vs Hieron Strikeforce Title Fight before the end of the year!
    Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker hasn’t let the drug testing fiasco deter him for moving forward with a championship bout between Nick Diaz and Jay Hieron, indicating during last night’s “Carano vs....
  38. Caption This: Gina Carano Edition
    Specifically the end, check out her face after Rosenthal stops it. Come up with your best, but please keep it clean.
  39. Can EA change the future of MMA?
    Just like any other fan,their are moments when I sit in contemplation on were the future path may lead the sport of MMA. As of lately,my focus has been on what part Electronic Arts may play (if...
  40. Wanderlei Face Surgery?
  41. VOTE FOR CHUCK!!!!
    hey guys...just think it would great if we can rally the troops and get out the vote...lets make Chuck the winner of Dancing with the Stars...or lets get him damn close...can you imagine how much a...
  42. pic request
    does anyone have the pic of brock lesnar laughing at heath herring i'm 2 lazy 2 look for it i happen to find it pretty funny idk why mutch appreciated
  43. Who should be added to SF LW, WW, LHW, and HW Divs?
    I have been noticing all the talent added to the Strikeforce MW div lately and also noticed the lack of talent they have elsewhere. I asked already in a previous thread about the womens divisions and...
  44. Wanderlei Silva VS Michael Bisping
    Hey guys, a buddy of mine and I were discussing some match ups for both Bisping and Silva following both of their losses. We both came to the decision that this would be an excellent match up for...
  45. Pride/Chuck Question
    probably a stupid question. But back in the day.when Pride was still around.did the UFC send Chuck over to Japan to compete in the grand prix.on the UFCs behalf??
  46. Does anybody else find it strange?
    That Mousasi only made 2 grand? Im kinda shocked by this because Mousasi has a pretty big name internationally and just came in and tko'd there champ really quick. I just find it weird that he tied...
  47. EA Sports MMA Vs THQ UFC Undisputed
    UFC Undisputed was released last May and turned out to be a pretty decent game and has sold well my question is- when EA sports MMA game comes out and assuming it is at least on par with THQs game...
  48. Question on Bonnar/Jones Theme Songs from UFC 94
    Anyone know the names of either of their theme songs that they came out to? Or the name of Akiyamas theme? Thanks in advance for any help.
  49. Gegard Mousasi pay at strikeforece
    I just read that Mousasi made $2,000 at strikeforce this past weekend. I think thats crap seeing as Babalu made $75,000. Is it because he is relatively unknown in the states? That shouldn't really...
  50. Can someone help me
    Does anyone know what song andre galvao came out to at dream 10 against jason high?
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