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  1. Strikeforce: Lawler vs. Shields Weigh-In Results
    The results: Everyone made weight. TV: Robbie Lawler (182.75) vs. Jake Shields (181.75)-Fight At 182 Andrei Arlovski (244) vs. Brett “The Grim” Rogers (262) Nick Diaz (179) vs. Scott “Hands of Steel”...
  2. Strikeforce Weigh-In Pictures
  3. Rules you hate in combat sports.
    There are certain pet peeve rules I have in certain sports. Boxing- in boxing it is illegal to hold your arm out. How lame is that? They say it's unfair. Trust me, and this is coming from a 155er...
  4. 8 Things You Never Thought You Would See In MMA
    1- Forest Griffin beating Shogun and Rampage 2- GSP getting KTFOed by Matt "hungry" Serra 3- Andrei Arlovski fighting in Elite XC 4- Cung Le moving to MMA and being dangerous 5- Fedor having a North...
  5. Sacramento or Roseville area Strikeforce NEEDED!
    I am visiting my parents in Roseville CA and I am hoping someone can help a fellow MMA fan out. I need to know where in the area the Strikeforce fights might be shown, I have called some bars and so...
  6. WEC 41 Weigh-In Results
    The results: Frank Gomez has missed weight. He came in at 137.5, 1.5 pounds over the limit. He has 2 hours to make the limit. Mike Brown (143.5) vs. Urijah Faber (143.5) Jose Aldo (144.5) vs. Cub...
  7. Super Heavy Weight
    Is it not time for the Heavy Weight division to be split up? After watching vastly overrated Brett Rogers beat the hell out of hall of famer Andrei Arlovski, it has become increasingly apparent that...
  8. Arlovski's chin is getting fragile.
    Arlovski has all the skills at his disposal for a top fighter. ...His chin is now seem to be his biggest weakness. Where does he go from here?
  9. Has anyone taken more shots than Scott Smith has in his last 4 fights?
    Smith has been in some wars. Diaz, Radach, Lawler, Sell. he should get a mandatory cat scan! But what a scrapper!
  10. Is it time for Diaz vs Lawler II?
    I would love to see this fight in the next year. I think Diaz wins again.
  11. What Happened to Kevin Randleman?
    Randleman looked tired after the first round. He is a much better wrestler than Mike Whitehead but yet he didn't stuff or stop any takedowns and got mounted twice. How much does he have left?
  12. Strikeforces vacant 170 lb. title. Who should fight for it?
    Riggs just won so he should be considered, but who else is there? Sheilds wants Cung Le at 185.
  13. Strikeforce: 8/15 in San Jose
    Strikeforce: August 15, 2009 Venue: HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA Main card airs live on Showtime TV fights: vs. Gina Carano vs. Cristiane Santos for the inaugural Strikeforce Women's Championship...
  14. Fedor vs Barnett
    Barnett will be provide the most competative fight against Fedor that we have seen in bad the outcome is Fedor wins.
  15. Brown or Faber tonight?
    Do you think these guys are right about Brown. or should I bet on Faber?
  16. anyone know where post fight press video can be found?
    I'm trying to find a video of the post fight press conference for last nights strikeforce. Anyone know where it can be found?
  17. Jens or Grispi?
    Im picking Jens to win, mostly because im a Jens fan and dont want to see him get destroyed again. This is similar to the liddell situation (the downfall of a legend). Jens has only 4 wins in his...
  18. the future of TUF
    What does the playground think of the future of TUF? Im looking forward to the next season, alot to to do with Kimbo and the fact it's about the HW's which I think is over do. But beyond that I think...
  19. Brown's entrance elbow *gif*
    Look like his cornerman didn't like what she yelled.
  20. Is Arlovski giving up?
    One can only imagine how hard it is to train your butt off hours a day and know in the back of your mind you probley are wasting your time. Arlovski can be the most skilled fighter on earth and he...
  21. I hope this isnt being overlooked re Fabers broken hand
    I hope he is still able to throw up the devil horns. Take that away from him, what else does he have? How else are people going to know how radical he is? I took my breath away the first time I saw...
  22. Faber's X-rays
    Check out these x-rays of Faber's hands. I have broke both hands like this and let me tell you your hands become worthless. Should be a while before we see Faber again.
  23. Raising the bar on professional mixed martial artists.
    After seeing Brett Rogers' demolition of Andrei Arlovski, I started to think that Arlovski may be an(other) example of a fighter who hasn't properly embraced the idea that this is mixed martial arts,...
  24. Kenny Kenflo Florian
    Last night at WEC, I think he did a pretty good job commentating the fights that were going on last night. What do you guys think of him, yay or nay.
  25. Andrei Arlovski
    A Bit of a rant but here ya go. I know I'm going to get hated for this but when was AA ever an ELITE fighter? He has been KO'd 5 times, and with 1 win of 3 vs Tim. He has had his share of luck...
  26. WEC 42-8/9 In Vegas On Versus
    WEC 42: August 9, 2009 (Moved Up From August 29) Venue: The Rogue Joint At Hard Rock in Las Vegas Main card airs live on Versus in North America, online PPV for $9.99 outside North America on
  27. Nick Diaz, whats next?
    So I felt Nick would win but never thought he would dominate like that props to Diaz he keeps looking better but now that shields beat Robbie it kind of puts a kink in the pipe as I dont think him...
  28. Nick Diaz
    They need to bring Nick back into the UFC... he's been a fav fighter of mine for awhile but recently his boxing / standup has been on another level. He's been fighting at 180 and doing real well now...
  29. Another WEC 41 Injury
    I don't have too many details yet beyond a snip from 411 about it, but Manny Gamburyan also broke a hand last night. No word on how long he's out.
  30. Santos vs Carano
    Have these two fighters changed MMA enough to pull main event on a card? If not why?
  31. Introducing Anderson, Bruce
    Another great Anderson Silva fighter impersonations clip, this time it's Bruce Lee. Enjoy. From 1:10-1:40 is HILARIOUS!
  32. Jorgensen vs Banuelos
    This was a fantastic fight, but I really can't understand how Banuelos took the fight. He won the first round, but I thought Jorgensen decisively won the second two.
  33. Great night for Cesar Gracie JJ
    Both Shields and Diaz looked great saturday night, securing expert subs over two tough opponents. Shields overcame an obvious disadvantage on the feet to secure a slow but sure submission, and Diaz...
  34. "Cut" Swanson: Cub After Taking The Aldo Flying Knee
    It almost left Cub with what could've been a 3rd eye socket:
  35. Question about Nick Diaz???
    I know a lot of you won't agree, but I think Diaz has done enough (for me at least) to be on some sort of top ten ranking... I'm not comfortable with ranking him in the #4#, but don't know where the...
  36. What would be the biggest match a matchmaker could make outside the UFC?
    At this point I would say Barnett vs Fedor...which Affliction has already made. However if we go by weightclass: Heavyweight: Barnett vs. Fedor LHW: Ortiz vs. Babalu MW: Belfort vs. Moussasi WW: Jake...
  37. Fedor leg kicks Jason Ellis (Prof. Skater) *VID*
    Pretty sure this is the same guy that Chuck punched in the shoulder a few years ago. LINK
  38. Urijah Faber Hangin' Loose...Too Loose?
    Typical Faber even in the hospital, it's kinda funny: But did he break that hand (left) too? The world waits to know.
  39. June 19th Shomma in the secondary league?
    On june 19th there is a solid card for shomma there are 11 fights on the card 8 of which hav notable fighters. heres what the confirmed card looks like. Joey Villasenor (26-6) vs. Evangelista...
  40. Randy Couture in "The Father Of Time" (genghis con)
  41. Kongo's unique training regimen (pics)
  42. Is anyone else gonna be pissed if Maia doesn't get the next shot at Silva?
    The way I see it is he's earned it. Bisping wouldn't have earned it short of spectacularly finishing Hendo. Hendo is thee most interesting rematch but he has to finish Bisping at least IMO. But who...
  43. Thoughts on Arlovski?
    After having some time to digest AA's last loss, it got me thinking is Arlovski overrated? I look back at his record and it really is not that impressive. He beat Sylvia once, only to lose back to...
  44. Joe Riggs Irritated with Ken Pavia
  45. Why is Roy Nelson on TUF 10?
    Roy Nelson has the most experience out of all the fighters on the show. Hes going to win the whole show. Why would they let someone like him on the show? The ultimate fighter is suppose to be for up...
  46. MMA Fantasy Draft: The Vote
    Please help nine of us playgrounders decide once and for all who is the best ever Take the time to look over the nine cards below and vote for the one you think is the best, aka, which one you would...
  47. Tim Sylvia above 300 pounds
    Link My goodness, if this was still a boxing match tim sylvia would be in big trouble.
  48. Rashad rips a fighter's arm off!
  49. UFC Fight Club Members
    I'm watching the UFC 99 fight club Q&A and most of the people's questions suck. I have a good question to ask Dana but I'm not a fight club member. So if there is a fight club member here, if you...
  50. New Tim Sylvia Interview: "UFC HW's Will Not Beat Fedor"
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