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    More than five weeks after knee surgery, UFC lightweight prospect Joe “J-Lau” Lauzon (18-4, 5 KOs, 13 submissions) is rehabilitating his leg, and recovery is ahead of schedule. Lauzon had ACL surgery...
    Who do you think will win this fight? JUNIOR DOS SANTOS is coming off some ko wins.
  3. Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller vs Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza fight possible for DREAM 9 on May 26
    What do you think will be the outcome of this crazy fight?
  4. Title Shot & Blood in the Cage
    Just finished reading the book Title Shot....sweet book which I recommend to anyone that enjoys reading...Just started Blood in the Cage... hopefully it will be just as good...I've heard good things
  5. Never saw that coming...
    -Rashad's KO over Chuck -Matt Serra's victory over GSP -Scott Smith's comeback over Pete Sell -Shogun's broken arm during Coleman vs Rua 1 What else?
  6. MMA...It is becoming a political world
    The world of MMA is turning into what seems like politics. At a NAGA tournament for instance. Questions just constantly float around, What is you belt? Who did you train under? Have you had any...
  7. A few fights I was wondering about
    I was just popping some fights in my head at work today and wanted to see what you guys thought. I just can't see who would win these two. Gabriel Gonzaga vs Tim Sylvia I would love to see this...
  8. Why BJ Penn is not the G.O.A.T of the LW division
    Pure ignorance on behalf of any one who does believe that he's actually a GOAT in any division- It's true that he's 9-1 in the LW division(Amazing record) but it's also true that he was given 3 title...
  9. Best Bars/Places for MMA
    Best MMA Bars in America Not a bad list, I have actually been to the ones in California. Not sure about any of the rest. What bars would you guys add? I don't just mean the places that have the...
  10. TUF ONline?
    My freaking Spike TV crashes all the time, and crashed today. Does anyone know where I can get the TUF shows free online. . . I have a mac. thanks. joey
  11. WEC Champ Varner Returning for More Hand Surgery
    WEC Lightweight Champion Jamie Varner will have a second surgery on his injured right hand. Varner said the metacarpal in his right index finger has healed at a 30 degree angle. “If I wasn’t a...
  12. Strength of Schedule: here are some interesting stats for you
    strength of schedule Fighters across all weight classes, with at least 10 fights, that have fought the highest average rated opponents 1 Mark Hunt 2 B.J. Penn 3 Georges St. Pierre 4 Chuck Liddell 5...
  13. 30 Ways You Know You Are A Die Hard MMA Fan
    1. You've stayed up all night to watch a Pride FC or DREAM event that started at 2 am. 2. You get pissed of when you can't hear the UFC event at the bar. 3. Your 5 favorite sports teams are Jackson...
  14. SF: Shamrock/Diaz VS UFC 97
    What do you think? Clearly UFC 97 is more relevant, but which would you say was more entertaining to watch..
  15. Jeff Sherwood Responds to Dana's Interview I can't find the link to the original interview with Dana.
  16. Who should Shogun fight next?
    War Shogun !!! Who should he fight next? Also where do you rank him?
  17. M-1 free stream on Sherdog
    If you need some more mma after last night... m-1 is streaming for free on sherdog right now. Watch "crazy russians" battle it out to make the russian team
  18. Bobby lashley done with mma?
    Im not sure if bobby lashley is going to continue fighting mma anymore. He just signed and debuted with TNA wrestling on tonights ppv. Not sure if anyone else has heard anything else. last i heard he...
  19. MMA in Australian Newspaper!!!
    Check out what I found in the Canberra Times today. In every issue they do a mini newspaper and today's features Elvis Sinosic on the front and a 2 page spread about MMA in the middle. Its pretty...
  20. Vitor Belfort
    Anyone have any info on Vitor? He looked outstanding in his last couple outings at middleweight...I wan't to see him fight again
  21. Strikeforce-Affliction
    Anyone else think that after After Afflictions next card they should just merge all their fighters into Strikeforce and make an organization that can truly compete with the UFC? This would obviously...
  22. Who does the WEC opening music?
    Does anyone know who does the opening music to WEC on Versus? I don't mean "Switchback by Celldweller. It is the one at the beginning before Todd Harris and Frank Mir give their intro's. Thanks
  23. LMAO BJ PENN!!!
    Being a BJ Penn fan, I cried from laughter BJ The Ninja
  24. Kyle Maynard (congetial amputee) fighting MMA
    If you are unfamiliar with this dude's story, go read about him and watch his youtube clips. He has no feet or hands and was a collegiate wrestler. Since then he has started doing BJJ and training...
  25. Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley
    is it just me, or does anybody else think this would definitely be the fight of the year? I think this fight needs to happen, it would be a pretty sick fight! Both like to stand and bang, but even...
  26. Fantasy Draft: THE VOTE
    We have 5 completed cards, each card has the same format of: Main Event Co Main Event Main card x 3 Prelims x 5 Voting will close next wednesday and then a winner will be announced. I will add a poll...
  27. HL video for GSP fans....
    in other words " a HL Video for everyone in mmaplayground" another great HL video by Machinemen GSP
  28. The Buff Still Has The Stuff
    It's safe to say the most exciting thing about Silva-Leites was before the fight. Bruce Buffer does his thing after the jump. First...
  29. Ken Shamrock To Fight Frankenstein At UFC 147!
    Or as Mel Brooks would say, "That's FRAHN-KEN-STEEN". Preview video after the jump. (One of those Friday nights. )
  30. "Inside MMA" poll results: Who is the greatest striker in MMA history?
    Below is a list of the top 7 strikers ever in MMA according to mmajunkie. I'm posting this in the lounge mainly because I want to rant a little but also because I want to discuss how people have came...
  31. Kyle Maynard
    I know this is kind of a feel good thing with him. He handicapped and still has won over 100 wrestling matches. He's handicapped and still competed in arena football. But him competing in MMA is...
  32. Josh Gross and Being in the Right Place at the Right Time.
    The rapid growth of MMA has also given rise to a new journalistic demand. Unfortunately, as major sports networks have attempted to rush to get on the MMA bus before it left them at the station, they...
  33. A day in the life of UFC's Brandon Vera (Video)
    just a little countdown i made on
  35. kyle maynard fight video
  36. Sengoku-Eighth Battle
    Haven't seen much discussion on this event, but I am personally excited to see the next round of the fw tournament, which is just as good if not better than Dream's (despite not having Kid Yamamoto)....
  37. Sick World Victory Road fight?
    This is pretty random, well not really since the lightweight tournys still going I think? But what was that sick ass fight in World Victory Road this year? I heard it was the fight of the year so...
  38. WEC 41-6/7 In California On Versus
    WEC 41: June 7, 2009 Venue: Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA Main card airs live on Versus TV fights: vs. The rematch: WEC Featherweight Champion Mike Thomas Brown (Mike Brown) vs. Urijah Faber for the...
  39. Never Surrender: The Eight Greatest Technical Submissions of All Time
    Cagepotatos top 8 subs! Link
    Who has the best theme song entrance in mma. A have a few ,anderson silva' penn,wanderlei silva,shogun rua and matt hughes.If a had to pick one it wud be wandy's it just gets you pumped go...
  41. Dan Henderson and motocross
    Dan does a few jumps. I was impressed.
  42. Satoko Shinashi- best female fighter who's not Carano or Cyborg
    If this chick was bigger she would probably whoop the holy jesus out of Carano. Satoko Shinashi- MMA Queen Judo never looked so good. Full fight and some of the most impressive transition work I've...
  43. Tito Ortiz rips Chuck Liddell's speech during 4/20 interview on WJFK
    Tito Talks about Chuck, Jenna Jameson and Anderson Silva. link
  44. Caption this pic
  45. UFC to announce MW signing that will "blow your mind"?
    Just saw this interview with Silvas manager and Dana White, and towards the end Dana mentions a new middleweight signing which he claims will blow our minds. Heres in the interview, its right towards...
  46. Fedors Credability
    Im sorry and i know that i will get bashed for this but really think about it people are calling fedor the best fighter ever and the king of mma and i am just sitting here wondering how? before you...
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  47. is it just me or is tyson griffin underrated
    i dont know if it is just me but i think that tyson griffin is very underrated as a fighter i believe that he has all the tools to be a champion one day and i think in a rematch with frank edgar id...
  48. Sengoku 8
    Anyone know where I can watch fights from Sengoku 8? They have not been posted on mma-core or mmashare and I'd like to watch them before I I find out who won the fights.
  49. If GSP wins
    if gsp wins against thiago which i think he will but again anything can happen who will be the next in line to challenge for the title.
  50. Imada's inverted triangle choke *VID*
    Sub of the Decade, IMO First link died, this one is good: LINK EDIT: Found the .gif:
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