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  1. Strikeforce and elbows
    I'm a firm believer that elbows are a part of MMA and have never been a fan of Orgs that dont allow them, its too easy to stall and elbows are a way to bring the domination down upon an opponent....
  2. The MMA Playground Tournament
    Tournament Bracket This was an idea brought up to me by Rabi, and I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Anyways here goes... It's going to work just like the playground grand prix but with a...
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  3. My UFC 95 Predictions **VIDEO**
    better editing this time around, but still very raw. i need to learn how to a thing or two about editing. well here it is! UFC 95 Predictions
  4. 25 Random MMA Facts
    Saw this on Sherdog and thought it was interesting... 1) Jason Reinhardt, who lost to Joe Lauzon at UFC 78 is 20-1 with 20 finishes, 19 in the first round. 2) Prior to BJ Penn VS Joe Stevenson, all...
  5. Chic? Freak? Or Just Chuck?
    You decide. From last night's Grammys: Representing UFC of course.
  6. THIS JUST IN........................................................................
  7. War Gods: Valentine's Eve Massacre To Stream LIVE On Sherdog
    Free MMA Friday night on Sherdog! This event is headlined by Ken Shamrock vs. Ross Clifton and also features Tank Abbott, Wesley "Cabbage" Correira, and Josh Haynes among others....
  8. nick diaz v frank shamrock in april
    really!?!??! and they dont say at what weight? i HOPE its at 170..... link
  9. UFC Title Holders at year's end
    Who do you think has each belt at the end of 2009?? HW- Brock Lesnar LHW- Rampage Jackson MW- Anderson Silva WW- Georges St. Pierre LW- BJ Penn Silva, GSP and BJ are too dominant in their divisions...
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  10. UFC Fight Night Live (2006)
    I don't know about anyone else here, and this isn't exactly mind blowing, but it really threw me off watching last weeks UFC Fight Night Live from back in 2006. It was a strange feeling watching the...
  11. Damn Kem Shamrock has really fell off the radar
    The dude is fighting a big fat guy who is 6-8 on valentines day. (I do not want to take it further for fear of fighter bashing) He used to be on top of the MMA world and now this. The guy should just...
  12. Riddum Revenge Episode 3
    I dont know if this has been posted yet, so I thought I'd throw it out there....pretty funny
  13. Lyoto Machida Karate Sparring
    Just a vid of Lyoto sparring, and pretty much owning another Karate BB. link
  14. Links to Ken/Tanks fights
    Can some one give me a link to ken vs the big dude and Tank vs Bourke. Props will be thrown all over the place
  15. Who would win? Potential UFC super fights. GSP - A.Silva - FEDOR
  16. DREAM 7 Poster Up (Japanese)
  17. UWC 5 - Marcus Foran vs. Ritchie Hightower Video Promo
  18. Don Frye: "These guys want to be movie stars"
    New Don Frye interview. On whether or not some of today's fighters could compete in the original tournaments... "There are a couple of fighters that can. Silva can for sure. Anderson Silva is a hell...
  19. why isnt mfc 20 in the secondary league?
    it has decent fights!
  20. Fighters that have Reinvented themselves
    It's been a while since I started a Thread and I don't start them unless a lightbulb hits me or I have a Great Idea, so give me your thoughts on who has been really appealing and a very different...
  21. What would MMA stars be doing now if there was no MMA?
    Do you think any of them would be competing in other sports, teaching martial arts classes, working as bouncers/bodyguards or just getting a regular job/education?
  22. Guy Mezger: "The Vaseline thing is BS"
    New Guy Mezger interview. His thoughts on Lesnar... "It surprised me how much Brock was able to counter punch really well. Most wrestlers flinch or cover at hits and he was very quick to counter and...
  23. UWC5 - Man 'O' War Saturday 21 February - Full Card (Streaming Live On Sherdog)
    I know it's on at the same time as UFC 95, but it's still worth having on your PC screen at the same time imo. Should be an entertaining night of fights. Washington D.C.-based mixed martial arts...
  24. DREAM announces FW GP match up!
    On a press conference today it was announced that the final entrants in the GP are Yoshiro Maeda and Abel Cullum. Also announced was that KID will be seeded directly to the second round of the GP....
  25. Anderson Silva's First Win (VIDEO)
    According to the profile on Anderson Silva in the current issue of Fight! magazine, the Spider actually started his MMA career 0-2; he lost his first match against Fabricio Marango before dropping a...
  26. Shinya Aoki - The Evolution of Tights
    Major props to Japan MMA for this piece... Shinya Aoki has become one of the biggest names in MMA over the last couple of years. Mainly because of his strong ground game, but people have noticed his...
  27. UFC 95 Broadcasting Question
    Yahoo is showing that UFC 95 airs at 9pm tomorrow and is only a 2 hour broadcast. That's not right, is it???
  28. Frank Shamrock wants boxing match with Antonio Tarver
    Frank Shamrock actually wants to box Tarver. LOL. Nice. recently recently caught up with MMA legend Frank Shamrock, who's set to face Nick Diaz in the main event of Strikeforce's first...
  29. Marcus Hicks vs. Razor Rob
    Who do you got? I think it's actually gonna be a pretty sick fight for as long as it last. I think it will look like Varner/Hicks like Hicks will land his bombs and Rob will expose Hicks wildness and...
  30. Fantasy Draft: Grand Prix The final
    Here are the five finalists. Everyone was given the opportunity to do a 16 man Grand Prix, 1 person wanted to stick with there 8 man and 1 has not replied, so I am gonna post the 5 Grand Prixs. 3 are...
  31. Antonio McKee and The Body Shop
    Just heard an interview with McKee and I thought he came across really real. Who has heard of the Body Shop and their fighters, by this I do mean before the interview on The Jordan Breen PodCast if...
  32. If you were to make a prediction...
    I know Wineland is fighting Yaha in April, but read this thread (its kind of long) and tell me, if this fight showed up on the predictions where you make your picks (Winner, Round, Method) what would...
  33. Sergei Kharitonov training pics(in thailand)
    My favorite fighter Sergei Kharitonov has been in thailand lately with Golden Glory where he trains Muay Thai for future k-1 fights. Sergei Kharitonov Training Pics in Thailand
  34. Fighters that should go up or down a weight class
    just as an example even if they are unrealistic karo parisyan 155 mirko cro cop 205
  35. UFC 2009 undisputed roster (so far)
    If anyone cares HEAVYWEIGHT Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Brock Lesnar Frank Mir Randy Couture LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT Forrest Griffin Chuck Liddell Wanderlei Silva Quinton Jackson Rich Franklin Rashad Evans...
  36. Highlight
    Sorry for posting this, its just that i made my first highlight tape and i want to know what everyone thinks... here's the link Rashad Evans Highlight comments and ratings will be much appreciated
  37. Should Dan Miller fight Tougher Oppenent?
  38. UFC 2009 Undisputed Sanchez vs. Stevenson
    Sanchez vs. Stevenson
  39. Where is Vitor Ribeiro?
    I thought he had recovered after his fight with JZ? That was over two years ago...where is this guy? He needs to resurface and shake up someone's lightweight division.
  40. Fantasy Draft: Grand Prix The final
    First of all I would like to apologise. I tried to change things for the final and with hindsite it was a bad idea. Returning to the original format here is the 5 finalists and there 8 man Grand...
  41. Picking Philosophies/ How is your season record?
    Just got done posting about season records. I wanted to focus on how people pick, why they pick, and the results. First, picking the UFC events is relatively easy, in terms of at least knowing or...
  42. magazines way behinh
    Hey guys I just picked up a fight magazine today. After watching ufc 95 I wanted to read about the sport. It talked about up coming ufc 93?!?!? Talk about way behind. It has fedor on the cover....
  43. Fantasy game on help
    Just wondering what constitutes a majority decision? I figured it just meant UD since its right below split decision. Pretty disappointing, missed out on two perfect picks becouse of this and still...
  44. Diego Sanchez: Staying Positive
    Funny 95 GIF I found on Cage Potato just now:
  45. What is the best mma website for news and rumors?
    What is the best mma website for news and rumors?
  46. MMA lesser known facts and trivia
    I scoured the boards for trivia and facts and scraped together one mega-tread, Enjoy: UFC 1: - Zane Frasier was invited because he beat up Frank Dux in the lobby at a Karate competition. -Gerarld...
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  47. Guillard vs Huerta
    Anyone else think that this fight would be good. It would be a good last fight for Huerta because he's not going anywhere up in the sport now that he is leaving. And it would be a damn exciting...
  48. Frank Shamrock: "I know I'm going to have to knock him out"
    New Frank Shamrock interview. On Nick Diaz... "As a fighter, he’s game. He’s game, he’s good, he’s aggressive, he’s not scared and he is definitely someone to be reckoned with. I definitely have to...
  49. Hasim Rahman makes move to MMA; Seeks fight with Kimbo Slice
    Sources close to the information have just informed us that former undisputed heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman has officially made the move to MMA. HASIM RAHMAN TO FIGHT IN MMA; SEEKS FIGHT WITH...
  50. Should I attend Strikeforce in Seattle?
    I'm almost certainly going to attend Strikeforces May show in Seattle/Tacoma but I'm uncertain who will be on the card. I've heard Phil Baroni is the only confirmed participant and I will probably...
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