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  1. WOW! FIGHT OF THE YEAR! (similar to saku-newton) !!!!
    i've never even heard about this fight, but i just watched it and was blown away! looks like im going to be watching m-1 challenge! view the first fight
  2. Introducing First...Weighing In At 7 11/16 Pounds...
    Karson Jens "Little Lil' Evil" Pulver! Yep, Jens Pulver is now one very happy daddy! Karson Jens Pulver was born Tuesday morning at 10:30 AM, 7 lbs. 11 oz. Big congrats and best wishes to Jens and...
  3. What Fight Would You Use to Introduce a Friend to MMA?
    Sup all? As the title states, I'm just curious as to what fight all of you like to show your buddies who have never really watched much or any MMA before. I know there's a ton of great fights and...
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  4. Arlovski 360: On the Road to Reckoning Episode 1
  5. Daisuke Nakamura defeats Carlos Valeri by flying armbar at M-1 Challenge 8
  6. IGN Goes Hands-On With UFC 2009: Undisputed
    IGN is the first company to my knowledge to do extensive hands-on testing of the early version of the upcoming UFC video game. Their first impressions are extremely positive, the whole article is...
  7. UFC 92 Question
    Hey I'm going to my first ever UFC event live.....just wondering if anybody knows some details about whats going on the day times for weigh-ins, press conferences...etc. Whatever...
  8. Does Hair on head/face help protect a fighter?
    i just heard i recent interview with Wandy and one of the questions that they asked him was if he was going to shave his head for the Jackson fight? he said he was not sure becuase in the UFC you can...
  9. Donald Cerrone vs Razor Rob McCullough
    Might be the only footage of the fight on the net. Taken by a camera in the audience and split into 5 parts but the quality isn't terrible. Haven't watched it all yet so I'm not sure if it's the...
  10. Which do you prefer, MMA Live or Inside MMA?
    I think I like MMA live better. How about you?
  11. Who is most likely to loose there belt next year?
  12. Change MMA History
    If you could change the outcome of one fight what would it be and why?
  13. How long before all UFC belts have a new owner?
    with the current high level of competition in the UFC the belts seem to change hands often, how long before all weight classes have a new champion?
  14. Is Arlovski considered one of the great heavyweights of all time?
    He's been a UFC Heavyweight champion, he's got a 14-5 record with 10 (t)ko's, he was once thought unbeatable, currently enjoying a 5 fight win streak, and next fighting a man many believe to the...
  15. The CSAC Strikes Again
    Although this time they busted a kickboxer, it's still notable because it happened in California: Danny Davis, who last competed for Espinoza Kickboxing on December 13, 2008 in South San Francisco,...
  16. One Fight....
    What's one fight that shows why you like a certain fighter? For me it would be Torres/Maeda, such an exciting fight and shows how he doesn't want to lose a fight.
  17. John Fitch vs Akihiro Gono should be on the televised card, NOT Stephan Bonnar vs Jon Jones has posted the main card for UFC 94 and Stephan Bonnar vs Jon Jones is on it and Akihiro Gono vs Jon Fitch is on the non televised card
  18. Funny old Joe Rogan Video
    My friend sent me this video of when Joe Rogan was on Fear Factor. I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to share if you guys havn't seen it before. War Rogan Link
  19. Name a Bantamweight that Can Beat Torres
    Can anybody do it?
  20. Replacing Kharitonov
    now that Kharitonov isn't fightin Overeem anymore..K-1 has said that it will be Overeem vs Hari under k-1 ..should be a good match..what's your take on...
  21. what if...Eddie Alvarez vs Thiago Alves
    Imagine this war... (yeah I know Alvarez fights at LW and Alves at WW, but this is a "what if" fight so just go with it) Eddie Alvarez (15-1-0) vs Thiago Alves (16-3-0) If you have any question about...
  22. what if...Bob Sapp vs Kimbo Slice
    Circus is in town... who'd take this freak show and how. And I know that most of you probably feel as though this match-up would be a disgrace to MMA, but deep down you have to admit seeing these two...
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  23. A Christmas Carol With Frank Shamrock
    Couldn't hear the audio on this stupid work PC, but this short clip looks hilarious. Link
  24. US vs Brazil
    Only using 5 UFC fighters from each country, who would win?
  25. Fighter IQ's
    I noticed in the advertisement part of the playground every once in awhile it says a fighters IQ, is this real? some of them make sense and none of these guys are on the cutting edge of intelligence...
  26. UFC Drinking Games?
    Anyone know any UFC drinking games? I wanna drink tomorrow night and was thinking that some of you gotta have some ideas? Shots when Joe says "World Class"? I remember hearing about Bas` just...
  27. The worst of 2008
    What do you guys think Worst Fight Worst Decision Worst display of sportsmanship Worst Overall Event Worst Ref Worst commentary Most overpaid fighter Worst case of missing weight Worst Rumour
  28. to prove your a champ
    do u need to defend your title i have heard this several times and what with forrest griffins title defense tomorow id like know if anyone feels this way keep in mind could this expresion be...
  29. Which of these LW prospects would do best in the UFC
    With some many events coming up, I thought I would be interesting to see what people thought. Heres the list Eddie Alverez (15-1) Shinya Aoki (18-3) Joachim Hansen (19-7-1) Dan Lauzon (11-2) Chris...
  30. ?????? vs Fedor (SPOILER ALERT)
    Now I must say that I was really impressed with Mir's performance against Nog. He came in with the perfect game plan. To tell you the truth, I was really heartbroken to see Nog get finished for the...
  31. i called it
    i think i was the only one that i personally new that rampage and evans would score ko's...who was with me????.....silva, who i love, his best days are waaayyyy behind him...and to tell ya the truth,...
  32. Fantasy UFC 2009
    I have been running this game in the MMA Forum. I am starting a new season so please join in. The season will run from Jan to Dec 2009. Slight change to last season: I am going back to my original...
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  33. Mir Vs Arlovski
    This match would have taken place late 2004 if Mir did not have that motorbike accident. Both fighter have been doing very well lately, who do you think would win if they fought now?
  34. What will people say for Rashad's next fight?
    So since the start of the Ultimate Fighter season 2 people (most of you) have found reason to doubt and pick against Rashad. Even though he's given you nothing to think that. Nothing but wins. And...
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  35. Can i say it....Frank Mir #2 HW in the World?
    i'm still in complete shock after watching Big Nog get finished by Mir. after the complete decimation of a legend, and with a win over the current UFC champion, is it safe to say that Frank Mir, a...
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  36. Okami vs. Maia
    who would take this, we have one of the best sub artists in mma vs. one of the best ground and pound guys, okami is known for holding guys down and i honestly think he could do it to maia, Thoughts?
  37. what was up with rashads newest taunt?
    u can't tell me u didn't see his pp kiss. idk what was up with that and i kinda don't want to know. if it's something out of gregs camp they got some problems. all i know is thats good for the sport.
  38. Turk: Broken eye socket, broken jaw and 2 broken cheekbones
    Apparently Al Turk suffered a Broken eye socket, broken jaw and 2 broken cheekbones after Kongo's brutal GnP. I cant find anything to backup these claims yet. There's a thread about it on sherdog but...
  39. Give Me Your LHW Rankings and Why
    It can be any organization. Most the top guys are in the UFC, but if anyone wants to put somebody in there from somewhere else, let us know why. 1.Rashad Evans-Obviously, the UFC's LHW division is...
  40. MMA FIX
    Theres a a website out here in vegas that does alot of interviews with fighters and behind the scenes footage at extreme couture and just thought i would share all there newest videos the mir video...
  41. Overrated and Underrated
    Overrated- Robbie Lawler Underrated- Vladimir Matyushenko Keep it going...
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  42. If you could change one rule for MMA
    If you could change one rule in unified MMA what would it be? Unified being North American rules. I like what they're doing in Dream with legstrikes to the head of an opponent if both are downed. So,...
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  43. Where to watch K-1/DREAM
    ok since the card is officially not going to be broadcast in the states, does someone here know where to see the fights on the net? props, dancing bananas, and fry guys hugging will be coming your...
  44. K1 Dynamite *****FIGHT SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!*****
    The fight order has been set, as follows: FIGHT # 1: Minowaman vs. Errol Zimmerman (DREAM Open Weight) FIGHT # 2: Ryuya Kusakaba vs. Koya Urabe (K-1 High School <62kg) FIGHT # 3: Hiroya vs. Shota...
  45. How Do I change my signature at the bottom of my posts?
    It has been so long since I did it I forgot how. Can someone help?
  46. best line from Rogan at 92
    "Minotauro beat Bob Sapp when he was 375 pounds of supplement..." Had me laughing out loud.
  47. Did Rashard tweak his nipples?
    I was waiting for it, but i never saw it. Did he do it or was that just a passing fad?
  48. JZ vs Hellboy fight cancelled
    nm already posted
  49. K-1 Dynamite Stream
    Here it is... link
  50. Badr Hari vs. Alistair Overeem K1 DYNAMITE DEC 31 2008 video
    might be still processing... Badr Hari vs. Alistair Overeem K1 DYNAMITE DEC 31 2008
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