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  1. What would be the best match to decide #1 contender?
    out of these matches which would be best to decide the challenger for silva?
  2. TUF 9 Cast(spoiler)
    go to page 5 to see name and reccord
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  3. Who do you think preformed the best axe kick
    im gonna go with andy hug or cheick kongo against cro cop its been done to me before when i was on the ground it was maybe oneof the worst pains ive ever felt when i see the kongo one it sends chills...
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  4. DQ or NC?
    What is the difference? Is it like when the blow is intentional or not?
  5. the irish hand grenade
    why is it that Marcus Davis' last 5 (and soon to be 6) fights have all been in the UK? i dont know, it just seems kind of strange to me
  6. Original UFC Fighter Application
    Rest HERE
  7. Favorite place to get mma info?
    everyone likes to be the first to know things. so what is your favorite site/the best site to get the newest mma information? mine would probably this one (mmaplayground) or i also think...
  8. Best record in MMA......?
    i am just wondering who everyone thinks has the best record in MMA, the catch is im not going by Wins and losses, im going by beating opponents, in other words who has beaten the most good fighters...
  9. GSP and superfights.
    I think in all this talk of the up coming BJ fight and the possibility of an Anderson fight we're forgetting that GSP has cleaned everyone at 170 out except one man. Alves. I would certainly be the...
  10. "______ of 2008" awards candidates
    With just about a month to go, I thought it was time to start talking about candidates for 2008 standouts. My Fighter of the Year Candidates: Eddie Alvarez 4-0 in 2008, with wins over Ross Ebanez,...
  11. More Bas Rutten Hijinx
    You can't really explain this but to say it is quintessential Bas Rutten video
  12. Jack's Rants-11/30/08
    What it is everybody...not much to rant but always got something to B%^&% about... 1. End of year topics- It was a year for redemption and evolution in the world of mma this year. Aside from the...
  13. Luke "Picasso" Stewart
    Check out this pic of Luke Stewart after his loss to Joe Riggs at Strikeforce. He might want to get that reset.
  14. Your 5 most memorable fights of the last 2 years.
    When I say memorable I mean for any reason being hype up performance or outcome. any of that. Mine are 1- Forrest Griffin vs Rampage- ton of hype- anticipation- action- great fight. 2- GSP vs Fitch-...
  15. shorts advantage
    Recently I was looking at mma shorts and noticed how sprawls new shorts had grips on the inside of the thigh. At first I thought it was a sweet idea but now I think its kinda cheap as it gives an...
  16. What weight is the Coleman / Shogun fight at?
    Catchweight or Light Heavy?
  17. Fun fact about Brock
    Brock Lesnar is the only fighter in UFC history to win a title after losing his UFC debut match.
  18. Dana White Press Conference on Gina Carano
    From Dana White's mouth, as reported from the Toronto Press tour, "Gina is a star. I think she's talented. I think she's got all the tools; so what I'm willing to do is bring Gina into the WEC. We...
  19. MFS for Sale??
    This was posted by the guy who runs I don't have a link so I didn't want to put it in the News Section yet: Although I think some of the MFS arrogance from a few years ago might...
  20. Tim Sylvia calls out...... Ken Shamrock
    link I found this hilarious. Atleast Sylvia still wants to face top competition . Thoughts?
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  21. The Top Ten WTF Moments in MMA
    In the world of MMA there have been quite a few moments where you just say to yourself, What. The. F**k. You know those moments, where you see something so bizarre or outrageous that your palm creeps...
  22. first highlight video
    i just finished making my first mma highlight video. most of it is serious with the exception of a couple of clips. you might recognize a lot of the clips if you've looked at the mma GIF thread let...
  23. Who Wins? Dustin Hazelett vs Shinya Aoki
    well, subject says it all. let's say they're fighting at a catch weight
  24. diego nunes vs cole province
    bodog has diego at -175 mmaplayground has him at -600 ive seen his highlight, and he looks good, and coming from blackhouse, you know he'll have top notch training and a good gameplan i saw 1 of...
  25. MMA Photography- SnapLocally style
  26. Adrenaline MMA Dec. 11 full fight card
    The second show was originally slated for Sept. 6 but was then rescheduled for October -- and then December -- due to a series of scheduling conflicts with other MMA organizations and major sporting...
  27. in the current
    UFC lineups What would be the best match up at the moment to be honest i have no idea really but i would liek to see a good hard match for lesnar
  28. Now accepting members to the Miguel Torres Bandwagon...
    Apply Here! Sorry, Mr. Tapia...your dreams of being champ will be put on hold tonight via the Power of the Mullet!!! TORRES FTW!!!!
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  29. lil nog vs vlady
    these two are scheduled to meet up on the next affliction card.....currently some polls have vlady in the top 10, which i personally dont agree with but i do think he is a top 15 fighter....lil nog...
  30. Competition for Brock Lesnar
    Ok, so I gave a look at the current UFC roster as it is on their website 12/3/08 and I have stumbled into a delima. We all know the Heavyweight division is probably the weakest link of the UFC. With...
  31. WEC vs. UFC
    After watching WEC 37 and past events other than WEC(UFC owned), who do you think is showing a better performance in fighters???
  32. No such thing as live MMA on TV or PPV in Arizona = Lame
    I just got home at 8:30 and the freakin WEC event is already over!!!! I was going to watch a live stream (assuming there was one) but since its not live I cant even watch the replay since I cant...
  33. torres
    his somersault axe kick move against tapia was awesomely weird haven't seen a move like that since mishima v. florian instant highlight reel if someone actually gets a knockout with a move like that
  34. WEC programming problems...
    The event last night started at 8:00pm EST. By 8:55pm EST, only ONE fight had taken place. Call me crazy, but maybe this is part of the reason the event wasn't over by 10:00pm. Had the Torres/Tapia...
  35. Brian Bowles- Wagnney Fabiano
    How bout this kid last night, what a competitor. I think he looks better with every fight. He was taking it to a former olympic boxer in the stand up and has one of the best guillotines ive ever...
  36. UFC Dream Card
    Here is my UFC Dream Card.... Give me yours and review mine. Main Event UFC Heavyweight Championship Brock Lesnar vs Tim Sylvia UFC Light-Heavyweight Match (Not for Title) Forest Griffen vs Anderson...
  37. Don't Forget about FuryFC for free tonight on sherdog
    Just reminding you all the that you can catch the next Palhares or Thaigo Alves fighting tonight on link
  38. *Spoiler* I am pissed
    Ok, I think Badr is a very good fighter, but what the hell. He ruined everyones night, which was an amazing one. Awsome fights, the final was going awsome with Remy dropping Badr and starting to...
  39. Kimbo vs Hari
  40. training
    what do you guys know about mma fighters training? I am mainly curious about what these guys can do for long distance running or if it even matters. also amature fight training compared to pro fight...
  41. MMA Growing or not?
    I was thinking, while the UFC is undergoing growth and success not many MMA promotions other then the UFC is growing, in fact quite a few are dying. We've seen WFA, Pride, IFL, Elite, Bodog, Spirit...
  42. UFC 91 CROWD girl and guy fight police suplexs inncocent guy discuss
  43. dragonball movie trailer
    new dragon ball movie trailer.. i think its going to suck.
  44. Tim Credeur Vs Nate Loughran
    from what i know loughran has a blue belt in JJ and credeur has a lot of titles in bjj, this info is on, both have the majority of wins by submission, who you got and why?
  45. Why does Brock get so much credit
    I've seen his MMA, some training in person, hell I''ve seen him in some of his wrestling matches from back when he was at the U of M... But people making the argument that he could take out Fedor is...
  46. Dana On TV: "Do You Want To Be A F****g Momma's Boy?"
    OK, that title made no sense, but he's gonna be like that on NBC soon: UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. - December 8, 2008 -- Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Tyler Florence,...
  47. Glover Texiera
    Were is he these days?....any news or updates?...guy is talented and fun to watch so i wanna see more!
  48. Kimbo Loves The City Of Japan Video
  49. Black Christmas In Store For Gono
    Christmas cheer will be in short supply for UFC welterweight Akihiro Gono (29-13-7) this year, according to his recent blog posts. Gono, whose last fight was a decision loss to Dan Hardy at UFC 89,...
  50. Rich Franklin's Hummer For Sale
    Again. I think...I'm pretty sure this is not the first time he's tried to sell it. From his site, "Hey guys, it's Rich. I'm putting my Hummer up for sale. I have had this thing...
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