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  1. Jack's Rants-10/8/08
    First, and foremost, it's been a little while, sorry for the delay, plenty to rant about, so let the ranting and hating begin... 1. Liddell's fall from grace- After UFC 88, it is quite obvious that...
  2. Thinking about going to a UFC event-92 or 94?
    I've never been to a UFC event before. I started considering making the trip when I first heard of the Randy/Brock UFC in Nov., especially when originally it was set with the Rampage/Silva fight as...
  3. Alcohol>Junie
    I am not a rocket scientiest, but I think Junie might have a problem with drinking. Wow, he goes full circle every time he is drunk
  4. HUGE featherweight fight added to WEC 37! (two great fighters signed)
    Hey all just found out a potentially great fight with some serious featherweight title implications was added to the December 3rd WEC37 card. Shooto badass Akitoshi Tamura and IFL standout Wagney...
  5. Petruzelli Received Death Threats PRO MMA: How did you celebrate your big win? Did you go out? Seth: Yeah I went out that night, I was a little scared to go out, but I reluctantly went out because everyone...
  6. lloyd irving black belt
    so with all the recent news of the foiled robbery i looked at irvins bio to see his background since he is so well known in grappling circles....judo sambo and bjj...but it says that he got his bjj...
  7. Favorite Fighter of all time?
    Chuck Liddell is mine. Who is yours?
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  8. what if fights, who takes these?
    Who do you think takes all these fights and how? Not that these are good or even realistic match-ups, but who cares And...pick one fight out of each weight class that you'd like to see more than the...
  9. ProElite faces allegations of fixing the Slice-Petruzelli fight....Dana Comments
    After what might have been its most successful night as a mixed martial arts promoter, ProElite finds itself on the defensive. For the past several days, the Los Angeles-based company has been...
  10. Funniest ending ever?
    Whats the funniest ending to a fight for you guys? Mine was when Nino Schmbri KO'd Saku and he did the weird monkey chop thing lol, hilarious.
  11. WTF?
    whats goin on with this? they don't ever have people's profiles on ufc webite unless they are currently fighting or if they are in the hall of fame. go look at royces page and you will see only hall...
  12. Joe Son Arrested on 1990 Gang Rape Charge
    Wow Just found this.... Joseph Hyungmin Son -- better known as UFC veteran Joe Son to diehard MMA fans -- was arrested Oct. 7 in Huntington Beach, Calif., on charges related to a 1990 Christmas Eve...
  13. J.R. talks Kimbo slice, says he will keep losing
    Jim Ross aka J.R. from wwe posted on his blog recently and Kimbo slices name was brought up. Kimbo Slice's Knockout: If Kimbo Slice can be "re-built" by CBS and EliteXC, it will be a miracle. In pro...
  14. TUF 9 Trials - dates & Application Form
    Just in case anybody finds this useful UK open trials for series nine of The Ultimate Fighter take place on Monday 20th October in Earl’s Court London. Registration begins at 09:00 and the testing...
  15. i need any Gracie family footage/ pics
    if anyone has a rare footage of gracie's fighting (early stuff etc) good pictures, or anything else i can put into a documentry, that would be greatly appreciated.......(and prop'd )
  16. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski Official
    Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski On January Affliction Show has learned that WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko will face Andrei Arlovski at the upcoming Affliction show...
  17. Fedor vs. Arlovski
    Who wins and how? I like fedor by sub, he will eventually get it to the ground where andre has no chance. EDIT: Sorry wrong forum, mods please move it to other orgs.
  18. what does TTT in a forum mean?
    please and thanks
  19. The Kimbo Slice Photoshop Thread
    none of these are my works but I found them to be hilarious.
  20. who represented each style in early mma
    if you had to place one person with each fighting style, who would be the representative for their who was the first to use it effectivly, or who was the early fac or representative...
  21. UFC 88 pics
    It was awesome, 1st live event and can't wait 'til next one. Here's some pics I took, it's a facebook album so if you can't see them but really want to just add me as a friend. They're not to many...
  22. Manhoef in the UFC
    This would be huge, if they were to get him into the octagon i think after his first two fights he would be widely noticed and a huge draw. At 185 he would kill most fighters in the UFC. Manhoef...
  23. since aa gets fedor, barnett vs. Sylvia?
    it makes the most sense. i would love to see these two go at it. hopefully affliction can sign this one up and make another super card.
  24. Where is Cung Le?
    I know theres a lot of controversy in Elite right now but wheres the Strikeforce MW champ been? Hes highly marketable (more marketable than Kimbo imho) why hasnt a fight been made since he beat Frank...
  25. "Night of Combat II" round-by-round updates and official results
    Jay Hieron, Hector Ramirez, Sean Salmon, john Halverson & others competed. Link goes to play by play. John Alessio & Gideon Ray fought. But it's what happened afterwards that was interesting....
  26. Any Ultimate Combat Experience fans here?
    just wondering. They have quite a few events a month and its kinda cool.
  27. Jason Guida pushes ref after stoppage
    [URL=] [/URL]
  28. Travels with The Pav: The Food
    We all have a vice. The Pav likes to eat. Whenever on the road I try to eat that which is indigenous to the region. Fighters often sacrifice and go without, so to a man they have a fondness for...
  29. Sanchez out, Koscheck in vs Thiago Alves @ UFC 90
  30. Rashad evans in new PC commercial
    Just thought it was pretty cool LINK
  31. The Iceman Feels Kimbo's Pain
    Chuck Liddell Video on Kimbo's KO
  32. SURVEY: Fighter that everyone BUT YOU seems to root for?
    Randy Couture What about you?
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  33. JZ Cavalcante: Rated Exclusive Interview
  34. Jorge Santiago: Rated Exclusive Interview
  35. Aleksander Emelianenko and Mike Whitehead to headline upcoming M-1 Challenge shows M-1 is scheduled to hold “M-1 Challenge 9” at the Ice Palace in St....
  36. Kimbo Slice Appearance's in Adult Films
    So I don't know if any of you knew this yet, but Kimbo is really involved with adult film franchise Reality Kings, and is good friends with the guys who do Money Talks for Reality Kings, Money Talks...
  37. Biggest "flukes" of all time?
    What is the biggest fluke in mma history in your opinion? Mine would be Bisping's infamous desision victory over matt hamill.
  38. M-1 Exclusive! Gegard Mousasi: "Fedor inspired me" We caught up with the DREAM middleweight Grand Prix winner & champion. In this exclusive interview Gerard tells about...
  39. Cyborg vs. Carano in works for February Cris Cyborg aggressive style was a great surprise for the American crowd, who loved to see the Brazilian fighter in action...
  40. - GOMI PART OF 3 BOUTS ANNOUNCED FOR SENGOKU 6 World Victory Road on Wednesday announced three more bouts for its upcoming Sengoku 6 event scheduled for Nov. 1...
  41. The unaired extended version of Junie's antics
    Punches Bader right in the face and some extended banter. Props to Bader for not killing him. LINK TO VID
  42. Penn best pound for pound fighter?
    If BJ Penn beats St. Pierre could you consider Penn the best pound for pound fighter?
  43. BJJ vs Japanese Jiu Jitsu?
    whats the difference between the two?
  44. Jardine or vera???
    IDK who to pick. I've had Jardine as the winner since they put it on there. but now i've got this weird feeling that I should pick vera. But I kinda think vera is overrated. on the other hand,...
  45. Rachelle Leah Playboy Shoot Video/Cover/Link to new Pics
    Leah Playboy Cover Vid Finally comes out tomorrow, who's buying it and scanning it for all of us? New Stuff/Cover
  46. What To Say To The Critic Of MMA?
    My boss hates MMA. He says it's the downfall of american society. While this is an obvious exaggeration, he also argues that it's part of a desensitization process. You know... Americans needing more...
  47. Tracking the progress of The Ultimate Fighter 4 contestants
    After the third season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ reality series showed a significant drop-off in talent level from the previous two seasons, UFC decided to switch things up for Season 4. Instead of...
  48. Gina On The FAN In NYC (Audio)
    Link A quite fun and entertaining interview from earlier today, but a lot of guys will be disappointed at just past the 9 minute mark. It's about a 16 1/2 minute clip, but Gina leaves just after the...
  49. Props: Krazy Horse Quotes
    My buddy just saw Krazy Horse Bennett fight for the 1st time & i wanted to tell him some funny quotes of his. Playin video game right now & too lazy to look so would apprecite any help. Thanks
  50. Xtreme Couture respond to Elite XC Heat (Video)
    A couple of fighters and coaches from extreme couture watch both the gina fight and kimbo fight and then talk about it afterwards... (couture, sam stout, jay hieron, are there) Gina's Fight Kimbo's...
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