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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. Join the smokin aces!
    hey im new to this site , if anyone wants to join my camp just ask! but i only want serious mma fans ! can anyone help my camp out?
  2. recruits
    derby city fight camp is looking for new members?
  3. New Camp Needs Members!!!
    Tell me if you wanna join the camp, just starting out.
  4. new camp members join
    Join camp Diaz =]. we need people =]
  5. Join Diaz fan club
    If any one is interested just say, we will be happy to have people that get on daily and are willing to stay.
  6. Join Team UFC
    We Are Almost At The Top. Need More To Join. TEAM UFC!
  7. Attention All Diaz Fanz
    If you arent in a camp join Diaz Fan Club
  8. Bay Area people REPRESENT!
    JOIN us or DIE
    Anyone in Indy join up with Indy Top team!!
  10. Join Ultimate Fighter Top Team
    Looking for new members to join new club . Just drop me a line
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  11. Any midwesteners
    Anybody in the midwest looking to join a great team will intelegent members feel free to join!
  12. naptown top team
    come see us and be with us
  13. Team Butterbean limited enrollment
    Team Butterbean is conducting limited enrollment to increase team size. We have weeded out some inactive members are are ready to take on some new ones for season 2. Team Butterbean is based out of...
  14. North Carolina Fight Club???
    I'm new to the site. Is there a North Carolina fight club? If not, would anybody be interested in starting one? Thanks.
  15. OHIO, TEXAS based camp.
    Hit us up to join. We are from Cincinnati, Austin, and Houston. Feel free to join. WAR GSP Franklin Cummo Vera!
  16. Looking for a camp
    Amateur fighter from Oklahoma here looking for a fight camp. I'm 16-5 overall so far on my picks.
  17. Legends
  18. Join The Pit Chuck fight camp..
    The Pit Chuck Join if your a Chuck Liddell fan.
  19. I'm new and trying to start a fight camp called The Pit Chuck
    The Pit Chuck Let me know if you want to join and I'll send you an invite.
  20. New Camp New members welcome
    Team Goon is looking for new members...New or Experienced no problem. No cuts just BSing about MMA.
  21. Join Him
    We are Team God, won't you join us? Together, we went 15-1 at the last that one was a hard card to predict...but that's besides the point. Won't you join us in our quest to accurately...
  22. Super Troopers
    I felt like being in a smaller camp so I decided to create my own, which most likely will only consist of myself I'm willing to bet. There was nothing wrong with my former camp just time for a change...
  23. Looking for a camp
    Looking to join a fight camp..... anyone need a true mma fan?
  24. new fight camp
    created a new fight camp, any interested look up Purebred Fight Team
  25. never say die
    i just stared team hate a new fight camp on here and i need some people to join
  26. Any Fight Camps from Oklahoma?
    I'm from Norman and just wanted to know if anyone here is from Oklahoma?
  27. ATTN: Anyone from WV or who works for Wal Mart, here's the camp for you!
    Join the F.W.O.! Currently we are all from WV, 3 of whom work @ Wal Mart in Logan, WV! If you meet the criteria, join up!
  30. New members
    All people are welcome in our fight camp. We are here yo just have fun and enjoy some MMA.. So what are you waiting for Sign Up!!!!!!
  31. There's a new camp on the prowl!
    Everybody better watch their backs...we're coming!!
  32. looking for new members
    My camp has a few people in it and we're looking for more people to join in and help us out...Purebred Fight Team to the top!!
  34. DIAZ FANS' ONLY!!!!
    CAMP DIAZ is up and running!!!
  35. looking for a team
    hey everyone i'm new here and was looking for a team to join so any takers? i've been watching ufc and pride from the beginning and i know a lot about them both as well as other organizations. so...
    Hey neone looking for a new member who actully knows something about MMA and isnt just a UFC fan or just a PRIDE fan im looking for a camp look over my picks and rankings to see if you...
  37. Need More for Team UFC.
    COME, JOIN, OUR CAMP, TEAM UFC... We are Hardcore UFC fans, and we are looking for more, so if ur a HARDCORE UFC FAN,... JOIN!
  38. anyone want to be on my fight club?
    anyone want to join my fight club i know i just started but i know alot about pride and even more about UFC.
  39. Looking to join a Fight Camp. (Skipping over this topic would be a crime.)
    Let me start off by saying, I am one of those people who joined only after seeing the topic on UFCMania.. Though i've been a fan of UFC since the TUF 1 season. I didn't start predicting until...
  40. Do you have Charisma?
    Well i certainly DO!!! and so does my camp. The Kings of Charisma are here, join up and get 3 extra charisma points!
  41. Lookin for a Camp...
    Yes thats right, I'm a free agent now. Send some invites if you want. I'll take best offer.
  42. what UFC fight club is #1?
    can anyone tell me what fight club is #1 in some divisions?
    I just started a fight camp. Im relatively new to this, as you can tell by my 7-4 record. Therefore, beginners are encouraged to be in my camp. If i cant get people, i will just disband it. If you...
  44. looking for members
    looking for members to join my camp!!!
  45. Team KY Jelly -- On the way to the TOP!
    Didn't want to toot our own horns, but TEAM KY JELLY had a great first event and is currently in 16th place in the lightweight division. I'm sure the it won't take us long to be in a dominant lead....
  46. Looking for seriuos members
    Here at Jaxsallout we are looking for serious members to our fight camp we have a combine win 68% and are off to a hot start tis season at 15-1 please dont PM if you are not going to be active, but...
  47. East Coast Top Team
    The newly formed East Coast Top Team is looking for new serious members who are die hard fans like myself. Serious members only.
  48. Looking for midwest camp
    any out there
  49. Diaz Fans Unite!
    If you want to join a real camp, then Diaz Fan Club is for you! Nate Diaz is coming of a huge win over Manny and this is the perfect time to join the bandwaggon. We obviouslly have great members, I...
  50. The Disciples 96% win rate, now holding try outs
    Were going to be the best fight camp on here so if you want to be part of the best try and join The Disciples fight camp
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