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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. Looking for a new camp
    Hey luchadors, Well, my old camp leader got himself banned and our camp was broken up. I was a little disappointed with the camp anyway, in that it did not add to the mmaplayground experience at all....
  2. wyoming ground and pound
    Join it, we're pretty knowledgable and have a good bankroll. are best member is 8th overall and 3rd in money. winning team right here.
  3. Punishment Athletics
    Were looking for new guys to join. So if you want to be part of the best camp here come join !!!
  4. In Northern California?
    Hey, send me a message if you are looking to join a camp based in northern CA... Even if you dont live there, feel free to message, we need members with winning records. Thanks
  5. New Guy
    Hey, I'm new here, and decided I'll want to get into a group. I'm very knowledgeable about MMA. My favorite fighters are Huerta, Arlovski, Faber, and Tanner. So any offers, just send them my way
  6. Wyoming Ground and Pound
    If we can't ground it....We pound it! Good group of guys the enjoy a little humor yet are serious about putting wyoming on the map! We are looking for knowledgeable recruits. Don't have to live in...
  7. I need a camp
    So, after going 18-9 in the first 3 events, then a ridiculous 10-5 in the last 3 (damn upsets), the Sherdog OT camp has decided to cut me. Bastards. I'm looking for a new camp. Show me what you got.
  8. Head to Head Matches with your friends
    Is there a way where I can create a league and compete with my friends Head to Head? Just like fantasy NBA where you can compete with your friends and the guy who has the highest points wins at the...
  9. NEED camp!
    send me some fricken invites
  10. The UnderGround members, join the fight camp!
    If you're a member of join up to our burgeoning group located here:
  11. Team Blood Money
    Just started a camp and looking for people to join.
  12. Derby City Fight Team
    The Derby City fight team is brand new and always looking for new members.
  13. team bisping
    recruiting now !!! >>>> keith "the giant killer" hackney's on a winning role lately, If you join my camp, i will teach you the 3 inch cock punch like i did in ufc 4 to joe son !!! Nobody...
  14. looking for a Camp
    Just signed up love the whole site looking for a Camp..
  15. Team Titans
    Join Team Titans.
  16. Join the Derby City Fight Team!
    We here at derby city fight team are goin to be the biggest fight camp on this website, join us if you want your fame along with us!
  17. Searching for a camp
    I am a huge MMA fan with immense knowledge for the sport. I am looking for a successful camp to share my knowledge with and win some fantasy bucks
  18. New Camp - Camp Blood!
    Come Join Camp Blood! Just started the other week. Not the greatest of records so far but we just started out. Click HERE
  19. New Military Fight Camp
    There is a new military camp going by the name of Veterans Combine. It is for any military, former military or supporters of the military. It is a new camp but you might as well come check us out....
  20. indiana camp lets show'em whats shakin
    representin nidwests best lets take indiana to the top send me a request and well beat some a$$ from there
    TAKE NOTE: all you people bashing on TEAM DIAZ will get jabbed out, and to everyone wishing to join team diaz hit us up.... we are a very versatile, educated group on mixed martial arts.... join the...
  22. Like UFC?
    If so then join Team UFC Click Here to request a invitation.
  23. Tha Pound will be on top soon!!!!
    By the end of the summer I'll be runnin shit around this site. Trust Me!!! And if no one wants to join my camp.....then f@ck em!! I'll do my biz all on my lonely!!!!
  24. camps
    I am trying to make my camp bigger and better. so if anyone needs a camp send me a camp request. i need the mebers. thanks for your time
  25. New Jersey mma residents
    Looking for people in and around New Jersey to join my fight camp. If interested just drop me a line. Let's Fight!!!!!!
  26. Ground & Pound Fight Camp
    The Ground & Pound Fight Camp is accepting new members. Everyone is welcome.
  27. New Guy Lookin 4 camp!
    Just got started, so i got some catchin up 2 do. Plan on joining a new camp. Not one with 50 dudes in it, but a small one with good people. Fight fans!
  28. New to the site, not the sport!
    Get at me!!
  29. How do I find my cousins fight camp!!??
    Its not in the fight camp directory, he says theres a few of them in the camp. So somebody tell me WHUTS UP!!??
  30. Lookin for a fight camp....
    I'm currently looking for a fight camp to join. Anyone interested please send an invitation.
  31. Portland Team quest couch div. needs new members
    If anyone wants to get in with the newest elite camp of couch potatoes, do it. DO IT NOW! Its time to rep the rose city. team quest (couch div.) needs fat asses and lazy bones who are in the mood to...
    This camp is designed specifically for those who are active members of Most camps contain predominantly people who haven't put up avatars in their profiles, let alone posted on the...
  33. Sho'nufs Black Belt Jones Academy
    Sho'nufs Black Belt Jones Academy is on its way!!! LETS GO GUYS!
  34. lookin for team members
    hey, just started a new fight camp and was wonderin if anyone was interested in joining. would really appreciate it. thanks
  35. Need some more memebers
    Just cotact me. Looking to make the #1 fight club on here. If interested let me know
  36. Welterweight Club taking new members
    Join us!
  37. Free Agent
    I'm officially an Fa looking for a good ACTIVE fight club. I also have 2 other members who must follow me. So drop me a message
  38. Join TL/FWI
    I have no idea why just join and if you want to post at a no rules mma forum then is the place for you
  39. Liddell's Pit will reign supreme
    I want to invite anyone that's a big Liddell fan or Matt Hughes fan to join my camp. If you think UFC is the best this is the place for you. Cage>ring this is your stop. I know I'm new , but this...
  40. Team Ramrod looking for new members!!!
    Just looking to add some new members to our fight camp. Let me know if you are interested.
  41. TEAM UFC!!
    If you like UFC Then join Team UFC! The greatest team on this site!
  42. HighKicksRUs needs some new members!!!!
    Looking for the serious mma fans ones who know the fighters and their styles
  43. Chute Boxe Academy
    The new Chute Boxe Academy Fight Camp is looking for knowledgeable and talented fans of mma to join our team and make a serious attempt at the top spot on the site. I am looking for members that make...
  44. Team Sinister Is Recruiting.
    Reply or send me a message if you want in, we need some members. PS, We have effin Cream Puffs!
  45. Join Team Twizted
    anyone is welcome please join my fight camp 3 members so far...
  46. Join my camp!
    Join Im looking for members!
  47. Attention Wal Mart employees who love MMA
    The Frozen Food section from store # 2610 has created a fight camp! We are the F.W.O. (Frozen World Order) If you work for Wal Mart then you're welcome to join are camp!
    lightweight team with heavyweight potential.If interested contact me!
  49. Looking for the best camp......
    Looking for the best camp to break bread with. I know everyone that has a camp or that's in a camp already will claim they are the best, but only records tell the story. I dont wanna waste nobody...
  50. Looking for a camp...
    Hey guys, I am new here and would like to be a part of any camp that will take me in.
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