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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. anyone?!
    doesnt anyone want to add me to a fight camp?! c'mon my record aint bad?!
  2. Execute
    Add Me To the OT team!!
  3. fight camp members
    if your looking to have fun on this site and talk mma then this camp is for you... anyone is welcome nobody will be refused... hope to hear from you soon
  4. New Camp Slaughter House Join If you dare.
    Looking for new members to join new fight camp Team Slaughter House is looking for you !!!!! Come join antbody is allowed. STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!!!!!
  5. wagers
    Looking for some big wagers for upcoming fights
  6. Quebec Top Team recruiting
    Anybody from Quebec is invited too join. GSP lover are invited too join too I hope we can found something great
  7. Team Drama
    Team Drama is recruiting.
  8. Look at this picture and more
    So send me a message if u want to join
  9. Join Croat Boxe Camp!
    Hey I'm a new member and I need some people to join my camp. Croat Boxe Camp. Please join...
  10. Anyone that wants to join Sudden Imapct
    So i am looking for people to get in my camp so if your looking to get in a camp post it .
  11. come join my camp
    come join my camp its called the canadian cripplers fight club
  12. lookin for a camp
    i have recently disbanded my camp and lookin to join one
  13. Team Sudden Impact needs memebers.
    While i said everything i need people and i want to have a big camp so if you are looking for a camp to join send me a post or something and once again L K
  14. Attention: We are now recruiting.
    The Grande Baja Gorditaz are looking for people who are not in a fight camp but want to be in one. Anyone is welcome to join.
  15. No Team Yet? Join Team Miyagi-San Dojo!
    Looking to add a few guys to the newest fight team around... If you havent found a team, and feel like getting in on a new one, let me know Ill send an invite. There are a couple coming, but we can...
  16. Team BUDO BOXE Recruiting
    What's up everybody? My buddy and I just joined this site a few weeks ago, but we've been watching MMA for years and are borderline fanatics. Chute Boxe, BTT, Team Quest and Red Devil are our...
  17. North End Submissions is now accepting applications
    Yup thats right folks. North end submissions has a solid crew of one.... we will be accepting applications there will be various tests and interviews good luck to all
  18. Official Team Pride Thread
    Team Pride has seen the top and are still one of the best camps on, we would like you to join the best overall team.
  19. Team Underground Forum Has Arrived and looking for members
    Hi All Just to let you all know you are all welcome to come and join Team Underground Forum Fight Camp now accepting new members!! Any of you intrested in joining post in this thread and ill send you...
  20. Oklahoma Top Team is Growing!!!
    We are growing. If you are from Oklahoma your invited. No matter what org is your favorite.
  21. Join Filipovic Today!!! accepting applications now
    join my camp..
    Our team Elite Free Agents is on top......there are three events within the next 9 days. If any teams want to knock us off the top spot.....BRING IT!!!!!
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  23. CHICAGO Everybody near downtown CHICAGO
    I just started a fight camp with my best buddy. We always watch every UFC payperview at the Player's Bar on Ogden near Grand St. It would be great to get some more locals together to join our fight...
  24. english mma fans join here.
    ENGLAND MMA team is here. JOIN up and be apart of the uk mma scene. The uk are up and coming. Get some wagers and rob these mma fans of their fantasy cash for Englands number one team.
  25. Danish Warriors camp
    Camp for all danes with MMA interest!! JOIN US NOW!!
  26. Newest Team is Triumph
    Just so all Canadian mma entusiasts are aware I have made the ultimate team for Canadian Warriors. Team Triumph will surely rise through the rankings like Rampages one figth then title shot venture...
  27. Brocked Up Academy
    if your from the UK you probably would of heard the term 'I'll brock you up blud' or something similar. I've put a spin on this and created the camp led by the mighty Karate Broccoli man himself. If...
  28. Join: Fear_Wanderlei group!
    I've created a group of my own as well. It, of course, is the Fear_Wanderlei group. Fear_Wanderlei Bringing all Axe Murderer's into 1 I'd like to welcome you all whom have/will joined the group. You...
  29. north end submissions
    north end submissions
  30. +team ufc is lookin for more members
    check out Team UFC in the Welterweight group.
  31. Wyoming Ground and Pound
    The Wyoming Ground and Pound Fight Camp is officially looking for new members. We are currently small, by mighty... One of our 2 members is ranked 11th overall and 6th in the money. Join now and...
  32. crimethinc is a free agent
    Well, after a dissappointing 4-5 record for UFN and watching Okami take a decision over Swick, I semi-seriously told some friends of mine that if Serra takes GSP I'm disbanding Team Horror because I...
  33. The Grappling Academy
    Hey there guys. I just created a new fight camp known as "the Grappling Academy" If your interested in joining, request an invite, or send me a private message. I'm lookin for almost anyone whos into...
  34. War Room Warriors are heavyweight champions
    but we are not taking in new members. Sorry n00bs
  35. AF Security Forces Camp..........seeking talent
    AF Security Forces Camp..........seeking talent.............. lets build a solid team.........
  36. new camp
    i have just started a new camp and are lookin for if u have a descent record and are lookin for a camp...then send a camp request and ill get back to you...thank you
  37. Colorado
    Short and sweet : From Co? Join our fight club . Thanks for your time.
  38. Only one OTT
    Im talking to u Oklahoma
  39. Fight club going welter-weight
    Need more members! anyone can join.
  40. Team GOD
    Don't you want to join us? I think He would like you to. Nah we're just two guys who love MMA that found this site recently. If you want to call us 'newbs' you can, although I still never quite...
  41. NEW CAMP! Diaz Fan Club
    This is a new camp I just started and it's open to anyone who likes the Diaz bros! Send me a PM if you wish to join the soon to be #1 team!
  42. Headbangers Boxing Club
    After disbanding Team Horror I've created The Headbangers Boxing Club. Looking for new members.
  43. I am looking for a camp to join
    I am looking for a camp to join so if want want me u know what to do
  44. I am looking for a camp to join
    I am looking for a camp to join so if u want me you know what to do
  45. Join Pitbull Camp!!!!
    Anyone interested in looking into a new fight camp take a look!
  46. What is trolling?
    I do not generally use boards like this, but have seen the word "trolling" around and even saw that some guy named SICK RICK got kicked off the site for "trolling" What exactly is "trolling"? Thanks...
  47. PA
    Check out Punishment Athletics
  48. inianapolis fight camp
    if your from nap and want to join , send me a request to join
  49. Team Wolfpack
    Come On Guys! Join Team Wolfpack! We're gunna be a force to reck'n with in the future WAR TEAM WOLFPACK!!!!!!!!
  50. -Virus- Needs a camp!
    Hi i am basically here to say i want a camp and am training mma and have been watching pride and ufc for a long time so i am very knowledable
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