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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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    Team POWERHOUSE looking for some fighters to kick ass and take names....reply if you think you got what it takes.
  2. any irish camps out there
    anyone willing to take me into their camp ?
  3. Sherdog's All-Stars
    Send me a pm if you'd like to join the elite!!!
  4. TL/FWI
    Therrre HEERRREEEE
  5. team valcom
    deadguy told me about joining valcom cause they have the best toys....?
  6. Paul Newmans Fight Club
    We are looking for new members who are into Paul Newman and salad dressing. Must have at least basic knowledge of MMA. Thanks, Paul Newmans Fight Club Message TonyDanza for questions and recipes
  7. Team BJJ looking for more members
    I'm looking for more people to join my camp.
  8. my camp
    the best of the best can join my camp
  9. Looking for Fight Camp Members
    Hey everyone. A friend from work and I have just started up a Fight Camp. We're looking for some members if anyone is interested in join...
  10. Team W looking for more dude or dudettes
    want to join my camp? maybe? just send me a message and I'll be happy to let you in :) later
  11. The Best Camp?
    who do you think is the best camp thusfar? personally, those 2...
  12. I need team mates
    Just drop me a line let me know if your interested.
  13. THE Heavy weight division push..... "THE SICK DEN"
    The den is looking for some more people, we want to push for that heavy weight division.. we just want fun people who like to talk smack only to have fun.. and who are serious about MMA.. its all...
  14. Team Horror looking for a few new guys
    Team Horror is currently going strong at 9 members with a collective record of 41-17 giving us a 71% winning percentage. I am currently looking to expand this team into the MW division and get away...
  15. Chicago MMA
    Looking for people to join the group...getting a few more knowledgable MMA friends in here pretty soon... Hopefully we can get some good discussions started and whatnot.
  16. Virginia MMA fans: Old Dominion Fight Club open to members!
    Any MMA fans in Virginia looking for a fight camp can end their search here! Members of any experience level welcomed, as we're all in it to learn and enjoy the sport. Hopefully we can get some good...
  17. Join serra jitsu
    Every new yorker should join serra jitsu. Matt serra is the best jiujitsu guy in our state. He would be pissed if u guys do not join.
  18. Who wants to be on the new kick ass team? TEAM UNLEASHED
    I am looking for members to join my team, TEAM UNLEASHED. Be Beat or get Unleashed! I am a new member looking to go to the top. I was just wonderin' who wants to come?
  19. Swedish Users for Camp "Swedish moose"
    Kära Svenskar, We are the kings of the forrest! Join the new camp Swedish Moose. Det finns många svenskar, joina gärna! scandinavians can apply too, everyone can apply,
  20. Alaskans Wanted
    Alaskan participants are wanted! We're creating a fight camp so we can compete against others. Itd be tight if everyone else did the same, have like a nationwide battle!
  21. wisconsin and midwesterners join SNBBFA
    Sho nuff Black Belt Jones Academy always looking for more people who love mma and like to have fun.
  22. Bienvenue dans la seigneurie
    J'invite tout le monde qui sont capable de lire ce message a joindre mon team,La Seigneurie!!! Avec un super logo montrant Peter Aerts avec sa ceinture K-1,vous comprendrez que La Seigneurie prone...
  23. Chicago Top Team
    Anybody in the Chicago area willing to put some decent effort into this site is welcome to join us, our only requirement is that your favorite fighter be Giant Silva, J/K but seriously i just ask...
  24. TWC Fight Camp
    Hey UK people, Im part of the TWC Fight camp. Run by Ghostface (One of the mods on TWC Fight) we are a growing team and Im sure Ghosty wouldn't say no to a few more mebers... TWC Fight for those who...
  25. Join Team Manos
    Why? No reason really. Why not. Don't be such a douchebag.
    I don't think this should be considered a double post, because the person who started the other thread is not even a member of our fight camp, and was not authorized to start a thread advertising our...
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  27. LF Camp
    Yo I'm looking to get recruited to a good camp. I have a pretty good record so far and have very good knowledge of MMA. I'm an avid listener of the beatdown and love teh subfighter and mmaweekly(like...
  28. The Hendo Hounds are recruiting
    New fight camp "The Hendo Hounds" are recruiting so message me for invite! motto - Making your after party the hospital!
  29. Who's #1?
    That's right Team Pride is still #1 in the heavyweight division baby! Can you guys agree that we are the best team on or what? No one can touch us, not even the bigger teams.
  30. Team Butterbean FTW!
    Yes, you heard correctly. Team Butterbean punishes all. If you like sloppy slugfests, BBQ porkchops, and super sweet USA trunks, then this camp is for you. Based out of central Illinois.
  31. F4W~! Empire
    I'm Chris from Buffalo. I would be honored to join the Empire...Holler at your boy.
  32. Team Satan - At least we're not in last place - Come join
    Anyone is welcome, camp david members are encouraged to join
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  33. looking for fight camp
    looking for a fight camp ant body interested give me invite thanks the frog
  34. Looking for a good home!
    I'm new here but already lovin it. I know no one and would be interested in a fight camp. Any1 out there lookin shoot Daddio here a holla. Thx, D.. I guess I should mention I live in NC and my main...
  35. Kentucky mma
    If your from kentucky and new look at kentucky mma and lets start standing our ground in this competion,Looking for kentucky ppl,or any body who would want to join. Thanks from punchfrog
  36. duXup saved a spot in our hearts
    Just for you. We are Caring, kind, considerate, moral, ethical and we love to fight. So before joining just any camp, take a look at the camp that has been here since day one. Thanks
    Anyone who wants to join is welcome.The name of the Camp is The Red Devil Fantasy Club.
  38. To The Ramblers
    Many miles from home and no where to rest my head a fight gym took me in and let me sleep on an old matress in the back. I cleaned, dried sweat and carried spit buckets...Fistica became a passion...
  39. New Middleweight #1 CAMP *****Elite Free Agents*****
    Judging by win % and general camp knowledge our camp is P4P the best on this forum. As the #1 Middleweights we don't accept just anyone, only people with PROVEN MMA smarts. We will be taking possibly...
  40. Join TEAM KO!
    you know you want to
    Just created, join to show your patriotic pride JOIN AMERICAN DREAM!!!
  42. Invite me to OT Whore Fightcamp, or JT warwagon!!
    like topic said i want a fight camp. either the OT postwhore one, or the JT warwagon, whichever sends me invite first can have me.
  43. FinFighters
    Fight Camp for members from Finland.
  44. My camp, GnP camp
    if u want to join my camp just pm me my camp is for Ground and pound lovers
  45. MMANEWS camp.
    Hey guys. you from mma news forum? please come join!
  46. Team kamikaze
    Join Team Kamikaze and discuss UFC, Pride and watch the fight of the day. TOP 5 Camp in MMA PLAYGROUND.
  47. the finishers
    Join this fight camp. I practice street fighting with a year of BJJ and 5 years of Tang Soo Do. I focus on strangles, chokes and knees and elbows. No time for playing only time for pain! a good...
  48. Vicious Circle
    Looking for warriors that want to join a new, and up and coming dominate team.
  49. how to view camp leader board?
    how do you view the camp leader board?
    Anyone who is looking to join The best team on here sign up.Anyone one is allowed just have a sense of humor. Name is WE'RE # 1 check us out Sprinz3k
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