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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. Season 32
    Congrats to all the season winner and thanks to DH for pushing us to another close finish. Impressive bankroll from them but the Bullies have still led every event for 3 seasons straight! Good luck...
  2. Merger anyone????/recruitment
    I'd like to get to HW division and recruiting is slow going .... If there are any camps that are Mw and down and want to merge with us to get into the HW division hit me up. Here's the basics of our...
  3. Season 33
    With this being an Olympic Season, I thought I'd hand out medals to the top 3. Great job everyone! #1 Dark Horse - Gold #2 Playground Bullies - Silver #3 Project Mayhem - Bronze
  4. Need a fight camp member asap!
    Hey there my fight camp needs a member. We had a guy bail on us and not make his picks... We are from a Facebook group and split into 4 teams with even members but now my fight camp is short a...
  5. Anyone looking for a new fight camp?
    We have an opening for a new member if anyone would like to join our fight camp. Let me know! Mike
  6. Looking for a new fight camp
    Preferably one of the heavyweight camps and that are reasonably active. Send me an invite. Cheers
  7. Need a fight camp member asap! LHW division
    My fight camp is in need of 1 more member. You would be required to join a couple different Facebook groups. One major group that is split into 4 teams. And then one subset group for the individual...
  8. Looking for 1 more member to complete a team!
    Looking for 1 more member to complete a team! We have a rather exclusive MMA Facebook group that has four teams that battle each other for ultimate bragging rights. All four teams are dedicated and...
  9. Looking for active heavyweight team
    Hey guys I’m looking for active team in the heavyweight division, I’m an active player so any heavyweight teams looking for a member please invite me
  10. Old veteran of the game looking for a team
    Way back in the day in the beginning season, I was the leader of World Top Team or WTT. Winning 4 championships in most divisions. Wasn't able to watch much MMA the last few years but now can, so I'm...
  11. Looking for a active team
    Hey I’m looking for a active team, please message me or invite me if you need an active member
  12. Season 35 Camp Winners
    Another season in the books and congratulations to all the winners! HW - Playground Bullies LHW - The Misfits MW - MMAJunkie All-Stars WW - MMAthmatica LW - BluntForce: Resurrected Individual...
  13. I'm looking for a team....
    I'm looking for an active team that talks fights, has fun, and doesn't take things super serious. Send me an invite or message
  14. Heavyweight division friendly banter
    Thought I’d start a thread for the heavyweight division. It’s good to see the misfits finally move up to HW and stop fooling around at LHW with no competition. Also have the Bullies too which should...
  15. Looking for a competitive camp
    Message me the details. I always make my picks. I have also won a Big Show Event.
  16. Mania Sux is now up and running.
    Anyone who gets kicked out from Mania1 is welcome here, also any public players who have PayPal are welcome...
  17. Season 40 HW division.
    So the Misfits are at 21 members and will be back at HW this season. I'd like to add a few more players incase I need to cut anyone for missed events or blunders with picks/wagers. We have some basic...
  18. Looking for an active team
    Hi I’m looking for an active team I always put my picks in and I enjoy talking MMA. Anyone that needs an active member just message me or send me an invite thanks.
  19. First Time Poster Here
    Hey guys, I am a first time poster here and was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me a chance at this fantasy picking game I love this place. MMA Playground for life.
  20. MMA Mania league sucks
    [L= I win again, after they kick me out<img src="[/IMG
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