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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. New camp looking for members
    Just started this camp it will be very active msg me if u want in
  2. need members
    me and my friend just started a camp need members it will be a super active camp I was on country ko before this
  3. New Camp Looking for Members!!
    It would be great if you could join our camp!!
  4. Camp Looking For Members!!!
    We are looking for new members to join the fight camp "Men of the Hour." Message joshmiller08 for more details!!
  5. CPT's 15th Championships !!
    Today's win give CPT his 15th championships in 17 seasons of existence. We got 1 real lost in season 8 winning the bankroll but we were unable to get some luck in pts and record. That season we lost...
  6. looking
    I'm looking to join me camp
  7. Big Bug in the HW Ranking
    Well, CPT is ranked last but we are above the team in third place in every categories !! I didn't make the full calculation but my guess is that we should be second or third. Can a mod look at it...
  8. Back on board, looking for a competitive camp
    As the title says! I do alrite and was part of a pretty successful camp back in the day so if anybodies looking for new memebers hit me up
  9. MMA Worldwide
    Ive set up a new fight camp. In my time on the PG i have run 2 of the most popular camps on the site - my camps have always been active/fun and competitive. If anyone would like to join this new camp...
  10. Looking For Active Camp
    Apparently my camp has de facto disbanded. Size doesn't matter as long as it's active. You can expect from me... -Good pick accuracy for major events (~80%) -Mediocre accuracy for small events (~65%)...
  11. Looking for a new camp!!!!
    My camp TKO has kicked me out for unspecified reasons and I am looking to join a new camp...I guarantee that my picks will be made 100% for every single event! Send me an invite if interested..
  12. Looking for a new camp.
    Last camp recently disbanded so I'm looking for a new camp. I'm an OG member, always make my picks, and just finished #5 on the last fight card.
  13. Active guy here looking for camp
    My last camp, the mod stopped everything about two-three months ago, and I was essentially running it without any mod privileges. I am very active here on the UG, I make 100% of my fight picks...
  14. New Season, looking for a new camp
    If anyone one would like me to join there camp then please let me know. Would like to join a new camp before the new season starts.
  15. Camp!
    Hey guys been off playground for a while but am back and looking to get into the mix again lol hit me up if you're interested cheers
  16. Looking for a camp to get back into the mix again!!
    Hey everyone! I was out of for awhile but am finally back on track and am crazy ready to be back in a camp! Let me know!
  17. Pride FC Forever looking for members
    If you make all of your picks, and have a good career win rate (preferably above 60%), ask me for an invite.
  18. Wager Warriors in need of contributing members
    Wager Warriors is no more.
  19. Want to join a Camp!
    Hi, i've been on here for a while now without a camp, would anyone like me?
  20. Fka needs a camp
    Im an mma addict im well informed for almost every event on the planet so i can help with some of the more obscure cards. I am dedicated and am in search of a well suited camp. Hopefully some people...
  21. Need a camp!
    Hey everyone, I am loioking for a camp that will take a chance with me. I am new here, and have no credentials other than I have been following MMA since TUF 1. Hit me up if you think I can fit into...
  22. im not great but still looking
    kinda tired of camps where half the people dont play. i dont have the best record, bets or chips but i do okay i think. i havent missed an event in a very long time.
  23. Kind of looking for a camp.
    Just disbanded my own camp and am kind of interested in joining a active, involved camp. I enjoy the fantasy and I started posting and participating more and I think I would like to get in with a...
  24. Super-Villain Team-Up
    SVTU is now recruiting. Is your current camp in disarray? Can't find people reliable enough to make picks on a consistent basis? Moral crusaders and goody two shoes got ya down? Then look no further!...
  25. Old Vet looking for a camp
    Hey guys. Looking to get back active here at MMA Playground after disappearing into adulthood for a while. Picking fights is fun and with a 250 - 133 record or something like that you can see I'm...
  26. looking to get back into this and into a camp
    who wants me?
  27. Reigning HW Camp Champion Says What?
    Always bet on the Dark Horse Another good 10 events all, looking forward to showing you how it's done again next season. And to answer the question on everyone's mind, "Yes, it is tough being this...
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  28. Veteran Looking For Camp
    Hey guys. Long time veteran of the game here, looking for a new camp. Things I'm looking for: 1. An active message board 2. Members who take picks seriously 3. Members and leaders willing to help...
  29. Recruiting for new seaon
    Looking for a couple of members guys if anyone is interested drop me a pm or leave a comment. Its just me and a friend in the lightweights at the moment we have finished 1st 5th and 3rd so far which...
  30. Looking for a new fight camp !
    I always make my picks and am looking for a camp that is fairly competitive and has some good discussion going on before each event.
  31. lone ranger looking for more....uh...lone rangers????
    Hello im currently trying to recruit a team of loyal guys who like to discuss fights. Im looking for people who thoroughly enjoy debating mma and fights in general.So thats about it if your down for...
  32. Currently looking for a new camp...preferably HW.
    I just left my camp(Playground Mafia) due to ineffective management and lack of participation in the communication department. So I'm currently seeking a camp that is MUCH more active in...
  33. Need a new camp!
    What's up? The evil empire turned to shit, lol. I always make 100% picks. Let me know.
  34. Hey
    Awesome site
  35. 10th place first event..wanna join a camp
    Looking for a Camp, I do know my MMA give me a chance please :)
  36. Season 25
    Heavyweight champs!!!
  37. MMAJunkie All-Stars
    Everyone step aside. The MMAJunkie All-Stars have arrived and will be owning this site soon. After the first event we have jumped into the mix as Light Heavyweights. We brought the heat with the...
  38. New members
    I´m looking for new members to my new camp the " mma gurus " send me an invite if you would like to join i´d be glad to have you.
  39. Looking for a camp
    I try to keep my picks at 100%. I am NOT on here daily. I do not participate in side games. I do not regularly participate in camp chat. I will not follow suit on the camp leader's picks . I will...
  40. 3 serious guys looking for a new camp
    Me , drakened and State Champ are looking to join a new camp together. We are all serious, State Champ is very active, and I like discussing picks too. We all get our picks and bets in (that is,...
  41. Looking for a camp.
    I have been a member here for years and have recently become interested in playing again.Been an MMA fan since UFC 1 and rarley miss a fight. Any active camps that are interested send an invite.
  42. Looking for new home.
    Most of you know me thru the forums. Just left my long term camp. Kind of like losing your first love as these group of individuals I spent many years with. *insert crying emoji* lol But like all...
  43. Kind of looking for a camp.
    I'm looking for a camp that communicates. A good active message board would be awesome. I'm not really sure of the benefits or disadvantages there are with the weight-class for the camp so if someone...
  44. Playground Bullies Season 28 HW, LHW, MW, WW, and LW Champions
    Just wanted to point our that Playground Bullies not only kept the lead in the HW camp division for all 10 events this season, but also maintained the lead over EVERY camp in EVERY division for the...
  45. Black Widows
    Looking for a couple players to start up a camp
  46. What the hell
    Someone pick me up. Semester is over and I have a lot more free time now. P.S A badge would be nice
  47. On the HUNT for a good CAMP
    LOL. I'm looking for a new camp, anyone interested in bringing me aboard? I'll be leaving my current camp at the end of the season, so two more events. I'll post in here when ready, thanks.
  48. Veteran looking for a new camp
    I'm here many years and only been in two camps, both dissolved, so I'm loyal and try to make most picks even in the secondary league. 100% complete for this weekends fights......
  49. Brand new camp recruiting people join up dont be shy??
    Just started a camp i've got more free time so i'd like to get some people together to discuss upcoming events from around the globe. I'd love to have anyone who is looking to get active...
  50. Season 31
    Congrats to all the teams who won their divisions this season, and thanks to Dark Horse for pushing the Playground Bullies to another victory. We may have won all 10 events (which gives us the lead...
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