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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. New camp looking for members
    Just started this camp it will be very active msg me if u want in
  2. need members
    me and my friend just started a camp need members it will be a super active camp I was on country ko before this
  3. New Camp Looking for Members!!
    It would be great if you could join our camp!!
  4. Camp Looking For Members!!!
    We are looking for new members to join the fight camp "Men of the Hour." Message joshmiller08 for more details!!
  5. CPT's 15th Championships !!
    Today's win give CPT his 15th championships in 17 seasons of existence. We got 1 real lost in season 8 winning the bankroll but we were unable to get some luck in pts and record. That season we lost...
  6. looking
    I'm looking to join me camp
  7. Big Bug in the HW Ranking
    Well, CPT is ranked last but we are above the team in third place in every categories !! I didn't make the full calculation but my guess is that we should be second or third. Can a mod look at it...
  8. Back on board, looking for a competitive camp
    As the title says! I do alrite and was part of a pretty successful camp back in the day so if anybodies looking for new memebers hit me up
  9. MMA Worldwide
    Ive set up a new fight camp. In my time on the PG i have run 2 of the most popular camps on the site - my camps have always been active/fun and competitive. If anyone would like to join this new camp...
  10. Looking For Active Camp
    Apparently my camp has de facto disbanded. Size doesn't matter as long as it's active. You can expect from me... -Good pick accuracy for major events (~80%) -Mediocre accuracy for small events (~65%)...
  11. Looking for a new camp!!!!
    My camp TKO has kicked me out for unspecified reasons and I am looking to join a new camp...I guarantee that my picks will be made 100% for every single event! Send me an invite if interested..
  12. Looking for a new camp.
    Last camp recently disbanded so I'm looking for a new camp. I'm an OG member, always make my picks, and just finished #5 on the last fight card.
  13. Active guy here looking for camp
    My last camp, the mod stopped everything about two-three months ago, and I was essentially running it without any mod privileges. I am very active here on the UG, I make 100% of my fight picks...
  14. New Season, looking for a new camp
    If anyone one would like me to join there camp then please let me know. Would like to join a new camp before the new season starts.
  15. Camp!
    Hey guys been off playground for a while but am back and looking to get into the mix again lol hit me up if you're interested cheers
  16. Looking for a camp to get back into the mix again!!
    Hey everyone! I was out of for awhile but am finally back on track and am crazy ready to be back in a camp! Let me know!
  17. Pride FC Forever looking for members
    If you make all of your picks, and have a good career win rate (preferably above 60%), ask me for an invite.
  18. Wager Warriors in need of contributing members
    I just started my own camp as there was no forum discussion in my previous camp, and most of the members didn't make wagers. If you can follow the short list of rules below I'd be happy to have you...
  19. Want to join a Camp!
    Hi, i've been on here for a while now without a camp, would anyone like me?
  20. Fka needs a camp
    Im an mma addict im well informed for almost every event on the planet so i can help with some of the more obscure cards. I am dedicated and am in search of a well suited camp. Hopefully some people...
  21. Need a camp!
    Hey everyone, I am loioking for a camp that will take a chance with me. I am new here, and have no credentials other than I have been following MMA since TUF 1. Hit me up if you think I can fit into...
  22. im not great but still looking
    kinda tired of camps where half the people dont play. i dont have the best record, bets or chips but i do okay i think. i havent missed an event in a very long time.
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