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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  2. To Those In The Sacramento Area....
    I have created a camp for those who train at Urijah Fabers new gym in the Sacramento Area (Ultimate Fitness). So if you train there or live in the Sacramento area and support the local fighters:...
  3. WeLoan.Us sponsors Heath Herring & Din Thomas
    CAmp Tapout wooohooooooooooooooooooooooooo 1 -1
  4. To James Thompson Fans
    Show your loyalty to him by joining his Warwagon, you'll find it parked in the Fight Camp Directory.
  5. Team Myspace
    This isn't really for a Team Myspace, but I figure a lot of people will view a topic of that name just to make fun of it. So join Team Horror or go form Team Myspace because we all know whichever...
    Join the Nordic Top Team. Our camp will consist of scandinavians only and we will look for quality before quantity. Right now I'm accepting all requests from swedes, norweigans, danes, fins and...
    Join the strongest team on Everyone know PRIDE>UFC anyway. Team PRIDE pwns!
  8. LOL.....WTF???
  9. Pennsylvania Posse
    Hey fight fans new fight club starting up the Pennsylvania Posse is for fighters and fight fans from PA and eastern ohio join today
  10. Icelandic Fighters
    Always looking for more good fighters not just for icelanders. Everybody is welcome
  11. anyone in the central ohio or surrounding area to join fight camp?
    if you are in ohio and would like to join a fight camp for the love the sport then this is the camp for you. public invite is on just send one and let me know where you are from and ill add you....
  12. Where are all you 'high' MMA fans at...
    Open recruiting for all 420 friendly MMA fight fans. Join my team! I'm always open for discussion on why my picks are right and yours are wrong!
  13. Ohio Top Team
    looking for people from ohio to join. or just people who like ohio. thanks
  14. Sick Den is looking for some good MMA Luchadors!
    With my strength and your stength.... we can earn a lot of pesos. Tag team. What do you say? The Sick Den.... it's the best!
  15. Lookin for members
    Billy's Badasses is in need of more members. If you are a huge fan of MMA and know your stuff and would like to join just pm me and Ill send you the invite because you will fit right in with us....
  16. Texas Top Team
    Let the Lone Star beatdowns begin!
  17. Team blac[KO]ut
    Whats going on everybody? I decided to start up my own camp and i'm looking for other people that like the same fighters as me and are just overall cool people. My fav. Fighters: Wanderlei Silva...
  18. The Poooolice
    The Poooolice are accepting a few new members. If you want in be prepared to answer a few mma questions. Were not looking to let just anyone in the camp; we want to be the best not the necessarily...
  19. Oklahoma Top Team
    If your from Oklahoma you belong here, send me a message if you want to be a part of Oklahoma Top Team!!!
  20. hillbilly hearthrobs
    taking requests
  21. NEW TEAM "DEALERS OF PAIN" looking for new members
    Just wanted to let everybody in Pa know there is a new team in Pa
  22. Need a team?
    Look no further TEAM PRIDE is a growing fight camp that wants you to join. If you are a fan of Pride Fighting Championship you are especially welcome
  23. Team Golden Glory
    i know theres so many camps out there, but if your a fan of golden glory and its fighters, sign here
  24. Our goal is to have the best win/lost %. Only the best apply!!
    You need to pass a MMA test to think about joining this camp. name = Passed the MMA Test
  25. Attn: Lightweight FightCamps
    All you fight camps with like 1-10 members in your group...before UFC 67 I really think you should merge with another fight camp, or join a bigger camp. We all will benifit from having more larger...
  26. ott
    Oregon top Team is in full force come join
  27. Calling all UK MMA fans.
    Join UK Top Team! For all the UK fighters & fans. Let all the UK Fighters and Fans unite and show these people what the UK is made of!! Message me or apply by going following the link below: UK Top...
  28. Check us out! -Strictlymma
    Hello everyone, I would just like to greet everyone on behalf of our camp Strictly MMA. Our camp is made up of Sherdoggers that reside in the Wasteland (YES the WASTELAND!). If you guys do not know,...
  29. Tap or Nap Camp...
    Just started the Tap or Nap Camp... Anyone is welcome to join us! Firebird
  30. Join the best, TheAxeMurdererz, the rest dont matta.
    The fastest growing Team on this site. I just wanna say hello and GOODBYE to the competition. You got nothing and will suffer at our hands. I dont mean to come out so strong before the first week but...
  31. Team Full Force Is Here
    My team is here to Submit all the others. Come Tryout your Skills. Have Fun.
  32. "Camp David" is looking for christian members! :)
    All family members of all sorts, feel free to join! :)
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  33. Looking for members to join the Brazilian Ju Jitsu Dream Team
    Looking for a crew? Come join BJJ Dream Team and let the Revolution begin!!! To the competition: The BJJ Dream team will be the ELITE camp on MMA Playground. Failure is not an option. Winning is a...
  34. Midwest Fight Academy accepting members
    Come Join......
  35. The Lion's Den
    All ken shamrock fans, and other lions dens fans are welcome, Together we can beat the other camps into a living death.
  36. camp is now open...
    If you are from you should represent and join this team. See who has the smartest guys :)
  37. join Penrith Pittbullz
    come join the pittbullz fight team if you live in or near the penrith area or even sydney ....we need members..
  38. nelson top team!! Looking for wagers!!
    anyone up in the nelson b.c canada area that wants to join a camp come on in its a open door. we are looking for wagers on the upcoming pride fights.
  39. FSC Fight Club
    Good luck to all players and thank you to the admin of this site for giving me something to do. THE fight club
  40. MMAFighting takes the lead!
    With a 75% W/L record overall, MMAFighting takes the lead in all teams with 10 members or over. Dominance will continue, bank on it! MMAFighting is a invitation only camp with members coming directly...
  41. i need a new camp
    im the 5th wealthiest player right now
  42. camp members
    looking for members to join my camp holla back!!!!
  43. Gracie Barra Camp
    Hey guys join my camp i dont have much of anything to offer yet but our time will come SO please join my camp A little about me : FIGHT TITLES: MMA Record: 10-3-1 SS8 Storm Samurai – Jul. 2005...
  44. Solihull Samurai ! UK midlands area camp !
    Anyone from the Midlands in the UK wants join up more than welcome !
    Well I told you all that TEAM PRIDE is the best! Out of all of the heavyweight teams our team has the best overall record So if you want to drop your crappy camp and come join the best on...
  46. new camp dedicated to the marines in iraq and their families
    If your a marine or have a marine in your family or just want to support the troops send me a pm
  47. The Sick Den looking for more members
    we are a great group with alot of money and experience in betting.... and experience in MMA..... join and lets make a alot of money
  48. searching for friends
    how do i locate a friend to invite if he says hes allready signed up? I want him on my team but can't find a way to look for him.
  49. Team Foundry
    for those who dont take life to seriously...
  50. Anyone from Oklahoma welcome!!!
    I want to get an Oklahoma team together,ALL Oklahomans are welcome, Pride and UFC fans alike, just PM me...
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