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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. New Camp.
    We are pretty active. We all train a lil atleast, we aren't gonna kick anyone for a bad win/loss record and we love MMA. Drop me a line.. jgtribbett.
  2. looking for a new camp
    i make all my picks,but i dont post alot in the forums. been a member since 2007
  3. Im New .. hardcore fan .i need a camp
    Hey new to the site ... im a pretty hardcore fan .. watch a lot of mma ... decent fight picker .. send me a msg people i need a camp PLEASE HAHA
  4. Looking for a camp
    Hey playgrounders, hows it? Been away from the forums (for the most part) and the camp game for a couple months now, but casually looking for a camp to join with for the summer. Im 23-1 so far this...
  5. I would like to join an active camp
    I see a few posters requesting to join camps and it does not look like they have a whole lot of responses in their threads. This attempt may be futile but I would like to make this site my home for...
  6. I'm looking for a camp and have a quick question
    Ok I'm looking for a camp to join but I have one question. What is the advantage on joining a camp? I kinda get how they work but I need someone to explain to me a bit more. Sorry if this is a stupid...
  7. Looking for an active, competitive camp
    Hey, what's up everyone! I am looking for a fight camp in here. As you may have noticed, just new here in MMAPlayground (started with UFC 130) but I have been playing Fantasy MMA since 2008. Looking...
  8. New camp Roufusport out of Milwaukee WI.
    just started this camp with permission from Scott outta Duke Roufus milwaukee wisconsin. lets fill this camp up new or old playgrounders welcome.
  9. somebody add me to there FIGHT CAMP!
    I came in #12 overall for Ufc on Versus tonight!
  10. Are you looking to join a camp?
    Hey if you make all your picks and are looking to join a camp let me know either in this thread or via PM. Our camp "Slaughterhouse" is constantly growing and unlike some camps we do not require any...
  11. Something may be wrong with East Coast Pitbulls' forums.
    I cannot enter a thread at all. I checked other browsing windows and they are cruising just fine while the East Coast Pitbulls camp forum is seemingly lagging or freezing.
  12. Serious Camp
    Hey Guys, Im looking for a camp. I want a camp that is serious. i will be on a lot so i will do picks often. i would be happy to join any new, old, team that will be serious. Thanks for the time
    Hey guys! North American Top MMA Team is looking for some good active MMA Playground members to join. If you are 1) Active (make all picks) and on playground once a week 2)Live and breathe MMA...
  14. New guy looking for a fight camp
    Hey everyone I am fairly new to the site but am an active user and a smart better! If anyone is looking to add a guy like me to their fight camp PM me or reply on here and ill be very interested,...
  15. Conquest Fight Club (RECRUITING)
    New MMA Playground Team Recruiting Reply If Your Intrested Requirements: 1) Active on MMA Playground (3 times a week, Makes Bets On All Events) 2) Friendly Competion (Not To Serious) 3) Discuss (...
  16. New guy looking for camp
    Hey everyone I am new to this site but am an active user and a smart better! Been watching ufc since UFC 100 and watch every ufc thing. Anyone is looking to add a guy like me to their fight camp PM...
  17. Canadian Power Team Looking for new Members!
    Canadian Power Team (HW) is searching for 3 to 4 ELITE MMA Fantasy players to join our squad for next season. Ideally we are looking for people who know a lot about MMA and are fairly active in the...
  18. 64% wins - is that worth me joining someones camp ?
    Hi , i've been around here for about 3 years now and even managed to come in 1st place at picks for UFC 117 . I dunno if a 64% win rate is good enough for me to be in someones camp , but , if it is ....
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  19. Looking for a camp.
    hey i'm just a new guy looking for a good camp. don't mind my 5-6 record. i messed up on my picks :( ill do better
  20. Bubbles is a free agent
    here are my demands for a new camp... the camp must: - eventually pop my camp accolade cherry - be open to getting high and drunk as f**k - love kitties and Rush (the band...the fighter is a bonus) -...
  21. NOTE: Super-heavyweight fight camp division being canned after this season
    After this current season ends the super heavyweight division is going to be eliminated. Any camp that is in this division at the end of the season will be placed into the Heavyweight division. There...
  22. want to join a fight camp
    Hey I just signed up and lookin for a fight camp to join. I want to join an active and successful camp cos I am a massive mma fan and will be active on this website. Any offers would be cool! Cheers.
  23. Lookin for a crew
    I'd love a camp to take a shot on me I know my stuff and want to join up
  24. Make me an offer
    Looking to join a top camp. Check my stats.
  25. Looking for a new Fight Camp
    I am searching for a new fight camp. My picks have been right around 55 to 58%. I make money on wagers every week. I am active in the forums. Let me know.
    I am looking to join a solid camp with active message boards and has a shot at winning there weight class.I have been a member since 2007 and my stats should speak for them self.I'm not the greatest...
  27. Looking for a new fight camp
    I'm in a fight camp but it seems none of these members come online anymore, if anyone can welcome me into theirs, then ideal :) cheers now.
  28. Need new camp.
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a new camp. I was in bloody elbow's, but it seems their gone.
  29. In Need Of A Camp
    Sup guys, I used to play this game pretty hardcore in the beginning, but have slacked off a bit the last 5 seasons or so. Starting with this season I am back to making 100% of my picks, and plan on...
  30. looking for a team
    new canadian member looking for a team. Been watching mma since the 2000 pride grand prix. Went to wwf backlash in 99 when i was 12 years old, saw ken shamrock vs the undertaker, some guys next in...
  31. Are You Looking to Join a Camp??
    "SlaughterHouse" is always looking fo rnew members, especially those that are interested in playing side games on top of what the site already offers. We are currently 32 members strong and are a...
  32. All Devil Dogs unite!
    Any and all Marines, Enlisted or Commissioned, must stay committed to OUR brotherhood and become Champions like we are known to do. Join The MMarines The only Fight camp dedicated to representing the...
  33. I'm back!
    Team leader for my first5 seasons with World Top Team where we won the MW title many years. I of course have reached out to my alma mater, but I will take some other offers as well, just in case they...
  34. I am looking for a few good men.
    I am not necessarily looking for top pickers. I am looking for good human beings. If you have been turned down by other camps, I will take you. If you have poor picks percentages, I will take you. If...
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  35. Fight camps which have only one or two members - I have a solution.
    If your camp has 3 or less members and you would like to unite your camp with mine, please let me know. I am looking to build our roster to over 15 members. If this is something you wish to do,...
  36. War Room Warriors - recruiting
    We are one of the original camps on here and have a proud history. We came on long boats from Sherdog's War Room to conquer this site. About the team: This team is meant to humiliate Sherdog OT and...
  37. Another guy needing a new camp
    Been here for a few years. Looking for a new camp with an active board and competitive group.
  38. looking for a camp
    Hey I'm looking for a camp to join I'm good at betting and not too bad at picks send me an offer if you have an opening.
  39. Country KO looking for new members
    If you're looking for a fight camp send a private mail to Billfold9 and he will send you the invite. We are looking for people that make all of their picks, wagers with parlays, and will give their...
  40. World Top Team (#1 Middleweight division) Recruitment
    World Top Team is currently #1 in the Middleweight division (11-20 person roster) here at MMA Playground, and we've been #1 in several previous seasons. We do a good bit of discussion of future...
  41. who wants me?
  42. Need a camp
    Long time player, and I'm having a solid season, hit me up.
  43. Just looking for another active member to be official
    Just need another active member to be an official ranked camp. The Michael Scott Paper Company, the paper company of tomorrow, today. If this doesn't work, I might just have to start another paper...
  44. Need a new camp
    As the topic states i am looking to join a new camp. The last one i was in had no activity within the camp page for a long time. Would love to join a camp that has its members pick fights for all the...
  45. need a camp
    Looking 4 a camp
  46. Original Gangsters looking for dedicated members
    Want to become an OG? Hit me up for an invite
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  47. A "Come get me" plea..
    Following MMA since '06. Been out of the game for a few years now with studies having taken over most of my time until recently. Don't see that being a problem now and looking forward to getting back...
  48. Need a camp
    hit me up.
  49. #1 on the site. Free agent next season, looking for the top camp.
    I'm having good season so far, it's about my 4th or 5th season playing and I'm starting to get my strategy down. Looking to join a new camp. Competitive, involved camp would be best, not sure how you...
  50. Looking for an active team with an active team forum
    Title says it all, would be great to be on a team with lots of input and discussion as I like to thoroughly break fights down before I pick em and bet em in real life... And if you're a good camp...
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