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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. Fistfull of Steel Fight Camp
    If anyone is interested in joining my fight camp let me know. I just started this new one up with a few friends and we're looking to get around 10-20 members in. If you want to join just reply to...
  2. Hey anyone
    that wants to join a good friendly camp come join my friends and my new camp fistfull of steel. you can either reply on here message me or bowen50
  3. Wanderlei Silva War Wagon
    I have just created the Wanderlei Silva War Wagon and I am currently looking for new members. if you want to be a member I am accepting anyone. hope to see you there.
    Looking for a camp, was gonna make my own but im too lazy Im pretty good at picking fights, but my success seems to be in secondary league PM me if u think im a good addition too ur camp Doesn't need...
  5. looking for a new camp
    hey everyone, i love my camp i am in there just seems lately there is next to no conversation going on in the fight camp. it's just basically people making there picks and that's it. as far as my...
  6. Looking for a camp....
    long story short i was in a camp and got kicked out because someone used my computer to check his stuff, so he got banned and i'm out of a camp. I'm good at picks and i've got some real world...
  7. Team Tap Out
    team tap out is looking for 1 member who is serious and will communicate with the team about picks. and make sure that ALL!! picks are made. plan to take over the LW division reply to this thread or...
    need a 3rd member for team TapOut needs to make all picks and tak about your picks with the team
  9. Problem with my fight camp
    earlier today everything was fine but now on my fight camp homepage it is saying that there is only 1 memeber. also on the stats and data page it is saying that we are unranked as of this season....
  10. What Fight Camp has the Strictest Criteria?
    I'm wondering what are the toughest camps to get into, and have the highest standards.
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  11. new camp
    looking for a new camp to join. just wondering if any of the top camps are looking for a new member.
  12. ACTIVE MEMBERS WANTED !!!!! And yes IM that good....
    Anyone who knows how to breath and sleep need apply, Oyea anyone who has a Unicorn for a Icon please dont bother.........
  13. Looking For A Camp
    I started a fight camp, but nobody ever posts in it. No one helps each other, and they just make their picks. There's no communication at all. It seems like nobody wants to help each other out, and...
  14. Q Club accepting new Members in the Cincinnati Area
    If you live in the Cincinnati/NKY area and would like to join the Q Club fight camp drop me a message. We meet up for almost every event at my house or another members house, we gets drunk and we...
  15. New camp looking for a second in command.
    This is a newly formed camp and the I am looking for a second in command someone who can help with posting fight card updates and running the team message boards. Also looking for recruits, the...
  16. New members needed for new fight camp
    Hey, i'm a new member and i just started a fight camp. i need more people to join. is anyone interested? Its called " Joe Rogan Fight Camp "
  17. World Top Team is accepting World Class Players
    I have 6 spots to fill and was wanting to fill thoses positions quick before the next event. If you are interested in joining a legacy, then contact me. Blakeon
  18. $$**TEAM THUG LIFE**$$ ( may need 1 spot filled )
    If you want a possible spot on the coolest most hyped but can't seem to live to their potential team on the playground...let me know. We may have 1 spot opening up soon.
  19. Fight Camps?
    I'm sorry, but I am of course new and know nothing about fightong camps, yet have received numerous invites. If someone could just elaborate on the functions and goals of these camps that would be a...
  20. Sabotage, Inc. - NOW RECRUITING!
    ------------------------------------------------------------- Sabotage, Inc. Rules 1.) Make ALL of your picks. If you mess up and miss out on a fight, I'm not going to remove you from the team....
  21. Looking to join a new fight camp
    I was in a camp, but the camp leader had to disband the camp. I am looking to join a new camp. Are there any camps looking for new members? I am a premium member, and I have been a member for awhile....
  22. Looking for a camp.
    I found my team.
  23. Two Camps Disband to Make a Super Camp
    I was just curious if it has ever been done. Like two top LHW camps disbanding to make the top Super HW camp, or something to that effect.
  24. Threshold MMA fight camp now recruiting
    We have a couple up and coming fighters who post results and in my opinion kick ass. We have 19 total members and are looking to grow, good discussions before UFC events, I'm working on these guys...
  25. New fight Camp Members Wanted
    Hey anyone down to start a new fight camp with me. Im sick of having members who play like crap. I need people who are goin to take this seriously and are as dedicated to MMA as I am. If anyone's...
  26. Looking For Camp Members
    If you are looking to join a camp join Team Quest. I will accept anybody.
  27. New Fight Camp
    Im starting a new fight camp and looking for people who will help bring it to the top. Im hoping to make it a WW camp and finish near the top. To get in just have your pound for pounds ranked and if...
  28. We are looking for a fight camp
    I have myself and two others who are looking for a HW or SHW fight camp to join. lll-lll and Coach P are the other two who are joining. We are a packaged deal. We would like to join the biggest and...
  29. I am looking for a new camp.
    I am a 30 yr old family and military guy (USMC) stationed out of Camp Pendleton Cali. I watch a lot of fights, make picks and wagers on both leagues. I am active on the site, however will be gone for...
  30. I'm Looking for a Fight Camp
    I need a new camp but I want it to be a real one, my last camp was dead and I want a real fight camp.
  31. We Are not Sell Outs.Lookin for more members
    IF anyone needs a home hit me up...we like to party and we beat up hookers .I guess if you need a home and think you could help out...send me a pm or reply... Would like to have 5 more spots filled...
  32. fight camp
    looking for a new camp was cut from my old camp
  33. Team SaTaN, here from the start, looking for recruits
    Team SaTaN has been here since the first event on mmaplayground. Now looking for more people to join, everyone is welcome even christians.
  34. New Fight camp
    I have set up a new fight camp and I am looking for as many new members as possible. I am looking for people who will regularly make there picks and will want to discuss current matters in MMA. I...
  35. new fight camp join now
    send me a pm lookin for members who can win and know mma
  36. help?
    I want to Join a fight camp but i dont know anything about it.
  37. Looking for a camp.
    I know MMA but i am new to the site. Looking for a good camp that watches and discusses all of the fights
  38. Bang & Bake is looking for new members
    We have a tight knit crew here. We actually rather have newcomers but just about anybody is welcomed. We have had problems with members not logging in for 3 months at a time and we've dealt with that...
  39. PlayGround Kings
    looking for new members just get ahold of me. all i ask is that you make your picks and wager on every event.
  40. Need a Camp
    I need a camp.lookin for a really good camp.
  41. The Official 360 Mafia Thread........ Updated with the badest camp art on the playground Props to BadaBing and check back often cuz there will be more!!
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  42. CwB = Free Agent
    Alright i am ready to join a fight camp again let me know all your offers, i will be shopping around though so if you send an invite it might be a couple weeks before i decide... WAR NEW CAMP
  43. Open Invitations for 518 BANGERS
    Fight Camp; 518 BANGERS are looking to recruit all kinds of fans of mma. 518 is a newly formed camp, with new profiles but veteran don't let our low numbers fool you. We just formed this...
  44. Ohio camp
    I am looking to start a camp for ohioans. I am from NW Ohio, but anywhere in Ohio or southern Michigan is cool. If you are interested please respond to this topic. note - i am fairly competitive in...
  45. join camps with PlayGround Kings
    any camps out there who would like to join up just let me know. my goal is to move up to the super heavyweight division. we're a new camp and could use some vets to help run the camp and make it fun...
  46. New Member,Question About The Camp?
    Hey,I'm new to MMA Playground.I have been a member for about a month,and I was asked to join a fight camp,Peasants In Peasantry(lame I know).Anyways,the guy who created the fight camp left and I was...
  47. New CAmp............wanted
    ok so today i logged on and was kicked out of my camop not sure why. so if any ones got some room holla
  48. Team Pound You Out looking for new members.
    I started the Team before the last event and have been sending out invites like crazy but it seems noone wants to join a new camp. We have only 6 members as od now but I would like to get to middle...
  49. Come and get me
    I usually earn plenty a season but have been unlucky of late. If anyone wants to PM me to join their team go ahead. Preferably I would like to join a team that is doing well in a category, I'll help...
  50. looking
    for a Camp to join thanks
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