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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. PLEASE invite me!
    If you are a decent camp please invite me. im tired of these 50% fight camps inviting me! I need a good camp. i dont have a horrible record but my bankroll has NEVER been good.
  2. Team Quest
    howdy guys...I am very much interested in buying a shirt/hoodie of Team Quest, the members , philosophy & fighting styles are A+ anyway, where would you direct me to buy these items on the net at the...
  3. Female looking for a worthy fight camp...
    My name is Kandice, Im 16, Im a big UFC and MMA buff, I love this website and I am looking for a camp that is worthy of my Especially if you like GSP, Forrest Griffin and/or Diego Sanchez....
  4. Wanting to move up a weight class
    If there is any smaller fight clubs out there that want to team up, so we can move up to a bigger weight class. We can have both of our names and dominate a bigger weight class. The division I'm in...
  5. Join the gravel pit
    We are a small camp mostly made up of guys in the military who love MMA. Any one who wants to join just hit me up. I am on here a few times a day. I will get you on the team quick.
  6. need members to join Fight Camp Fat Bros
    Any new people looking for a fight camp needs to join ours
  7. Team Leben
    Looking for any fans of Chris "The Crippler" Leben to come sprawl and brawl in Team Leben. Hopefully we will put the stamp on some of these other fight camps.
  8. Join the kings of Charisma.
    do as you are told maggot!
  9. looking to recruit for brand new fight camp
    im lookin to start a fight camp for hardcore mma fans i want members that activly post on forums and have alot of involvment in the camp anyone who is interested post your info
  10. looking for a midwest camp
    My camp seems to be dead at this point so i'm looking for a small midwest camp that is active on picks.
  11. Join Team Skoal
    it will change your life if you join a future top team
  12. BTT Texas looking for members
    If you're a BJJ fan, have a good record, and pick every fight for every event in the primary league, come join my team.
  13. Recruiting New Members
    Hello young warriors we are always looking to adopt a fellow warrior into our fightcamp...all are welcome send me a PM and join the ranks of the super gluttons. See you on the other side
  14. still looking for a fight camp...
    now since i am online more often i can make all my picks. i know i picked very few fights this season but now i am back on track and making all of my picks. HOORAY GEORGES ST. PIERRE!
  15. Join the Metal Mulisha Fight camp now!!!!!
    Join the new Metal Mulisha Fight camp. MMA and Rock & Roll & motocross is what we do son. Offering military style rankings to its member based on win percentage. +++if your from the central valley
  16. SerraLeben Looking For A Camp
    Hey everyone, I am looking for a camp to join. I have only been around long enough to make picks from UFC 83 last night. However, I feel that my future picks will good.. but I still need to...
  17. Look no Further
    Hello warriors we are always looking for new additions to our fight camp...We are from around the world with one common interest....the art of war, mano-to-mano...drop me a PM if you would like to...
  18. Looking to join a camp
    I have been on MMAplayground for about a year. Just disbanded my camp because no one was making picks. I am picking 67% this season, which is not great but I know what I am doing. Send me an invite.
  19. The Bonus Hole is shopping...
    hey guys, I had to start a new camp. My old one kind of sucked because no one bothered talking. I am looking for people to get in my camp and actually talk (shit, truth, whatever). shoot me a pm if...
  20. sign me up man....i needs a team!!!!
    Whats up MMA folk, My names Veritas, aka Desmond, and im looking to join a camp of cool, sarcastic, loyal homeboys to chat with, make some fake dolla bills, and hype the sh!t out of upcoming fights....
    New fight camp... ALL are welcome to join WE don't do quota or expect you to pick every fight correctly.. we just expect you to have fun.
  22. Looking for fight camp ?
    if you are from the southern us., join our fight camp ( southern us ass kickers )
  23. THE BOBBLEHEADS, New camp
    Started a new camp, looking for members. I am based in califonia. Would like to see some cali people. But all welcome. Just for fun, to compare fighters and fights. Wont cut you if you cant pick...
  24. What happens if a recruit declines my invite
    I just started a camp and have sent out invitations to try to get some people to join. I have had a couple join my camp so I know that I get an e-mail to let me know that someone has joined, but if...
  25. Chicago Top Team
    Chicago Top Team accecpting more members anyone living in IL or near or just likes the shy town that wants to represent join up now! Been around for few few season got some good members
  26. Canadian Top Team: Currently #1 SHW Fight Camp
    Canadian Top Team is looking to get more members, the only requirement is that you live in Canada, no win/loss requirements or anything like that, we aren't hardasses here. Just send me a Fight Camp...
  27. Join the one and only!!!!
    I dare you to check it out... Need i say more...
  28. MMATurf is now Taking New Members in Camp!!!
    Join MMATurf camp its the place to be... Its starts with you... Come play on our Turf!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Hotrodttt's looking for s Great Fight Camp to Enter
    Hey, I'm looking for a Camp who wants to Win and Is active on the Camp Forums I've been looking at The MMArmy as a Camp to settle in so contact me Thanks
  30. TKO
    Basically I have started a fight camp called TKO and I know that the season is almost over but we are trying to build up as many well knowlaged mma fans as possible. Our main concern at this point is...
  31. lookin for a fight camp
    Im new to this soo can someone help a brotha out and let me join a fight camp?
  32. I need camp members wanna join?
    I'm the only one in my area thats on here so I need team members.
  33. Central New York Fight Camp
    Looking for team members to join my camp...I prefer New Yorkers but certainly will allow anyone in other areas as long as you are mature and have a serious interest in the sport and you log into...
  34. Join my camp
    my camp is called ultimate. join it because we are the best.
  35. #1 here I come!
    Although I thought I did badly with this event with the exception of picking Hardonky by 2nd round TKO and having Werdum winning his fight but by wrong round and method, I have to say that I was...
  36. Calm before the... BANG!
    Silent attack! The place your momma's been warning you about... Who's side are you on??
  37. New camp looking for new members.
    Me and a buddy has started a camp and we're looking for some new members. We've been long time MMA fans and are serious about the sport. We're looking for some people that share the same interest and...
  38. Hey Guys Looking to join Fight Camp
    Please !!!!! Help!!! I feel left out!!!
  39. camp hunting
    looking to join a cool camp
  40. How did World Top Team become #1 in the MW division?
    was there another event? cuz last time i looked we were 4th.
  41. War Room Warriors have 6 people in the Top 20 Overall! Woot!
    The War Room Warriors have 6 people in the Top 20 overall, for the entire game, and we're pretty damn proud of this. That is a whopping 30% of the Top players this season. This entire season, we've...
  42. looking for a camp
    I know this season is almost over so i'm looking to join a camp for next season or even wrap this season
    If all you are going to do iS complain , whine, argue, attack, pick fights , or anything similar in this forum DON'T POST HERE. Stay in your own camp threads and follow these rules. I am considering...
  44. DELETE!
    please delete
  45. Team Wenrich needs new members!!!
    yo Team Wenrich jus lost all itz members. we need new 1s so ask 2 join.
    Next year World Top Team is moving up to another wieght class. Its either going to be LHW or HW. Either way we need more people to join World Top Team next season. Since everyone is doing a waiting...
  47. COUNTDOWN TO SEASON 3 FINAL EVENT! Team Predictions?
    48 Hours dudes... which team will win each weight division? In our division, we have CPT with a solid lead over the War Room Warriors and Valcom, both of which are neck-and-neck. What is your...
  48. Looking For A fight Camp To Join
    I'm looking to join a new fight camp. My record is pretty good, although this season has dragged it down a bit I hope to join a contender in it's respective league, with an active and knowledgable...
  49. Live in the Valley in CA?
    Join our new camp : Slamcorp Valley Bushido Camp Oderint Dum Metuant PRIDE knowledge required.
  50. Join the Team KY Jelly War Wagon squeaky wheels here! After two seasons of being in the top 5 of the Lightweight "crapshoot", we finally pulled through with "Top Camp" honors! We're playing around with the idea of moving up to...
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