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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. The Pit looking for new members
    I just had to cut a few people from the camp so now i'm looking for 3-5 new people to join up with The Pit. if anyone is intrested please let me know.
  2. Am I crazy....
    for wishing there was a specific camp competetion between locations (cities?) I think that would be kind of fun. just thinkin' outloud. pardon me.
    Ohio Top Team is only 3 members away from making the jump from a LightHeavyweight to Heavyweight Fight Camp. We are looking for any other members out there that are either from Ohio or live in Ohio...
  4. Further assistance in joining and recruiting for fight camps
    If you are currently not in a fight camp, but would like to be part of a team, check for a new option that can be found on the My Playground page and the My Fight Camp page which will say "Check this...
  5. BTT Texas looking for members
    I'm looking for players to join my team.
    NEW FIGHT CAMP! So if you need a team then feel free to join. TEAM TITAN
  7. I'm looking for a fight team.
    So if your looking for members send me an im or something. Started doing this last season. So I'm relatively new.
  8. Canadian Fightin Force
    Canadian Fightin Force is a brand new team that I created. If you are canadian and you want in just let me know. YOU WILL BE EXCEPTED!!!!!!!!
  9. GSP #1 P4P!
    Calling all GSP fans! Want to be part of a team who represents the best MMA fighter? Why wait? Join now and help create the best fight camp! Sorry, Hughes and Serra fans will not be accepted.
  10. TheTygars, looking for ACTIVE owners.
    Ok where are the active owners out their without a camp? Team Tygars, looking for ACTIVE posters, and people looking to make the fight camp a good experience. Let me know if you want in, and we would...
  11. Join Team Syntax (Hip Hop Heads, Spiritual Beings, MMA Freaks)
    Big Things Popping at this Camp!! Join us! We also meet every UFC Night- Very dope Mafia to join!
  12. Looking for a team to join!!
    Any team, just let me know. Played the latter half of last season and started season 3 horribly. Just looking to compete with you guys and fill myself up with more MMA. Greetz, Emperor
  13. Canadian Fight Camp Looking For Members
    If there are any Canadians out there looking to join a fight camp, check out Canadian Glory. I just started the camp and am looking to recruit new members. Plus, I'm too lazy to check out every...
  14. QUESTION: What would YOU like to see in a Fight Camp?
    I'm looking for ways to make my camp (Team Sure Shot, obviously) better. What would YOU suggest? We already have a team newsletter that goes out after each event. "Awards" are given out after each...
  15. Canadian Fight Club To the Top of Middleweights
    Alright guys since our Canuk brothers in Canadian Top Team are the top in Heavyweights and Canadian Power Team is the top in Light-Heavyweights, Canadian Fight club is looking for a goal to be the...
  16. Diaz Fan Club ranked #8 middleweight
    Now is a great time to join our fight camp, Nathan Diaz just won his fight against a great fighter in Alvin Robinson. Not only did he win, but he won convincingly by submitting Robinson in the first...
  17. Canadians Join
    If you need a fight camp and your canadian put something down. I will get back to you. ALL CANADIANS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! Canadian Fightin Force
  18. Come and get me
    I have a decent record and I am wiling to join a new fight camp. Anybody want me?
  19. STEELCITY MAFIA # 2 ranked
    Looking for a few top players if interested , Must have a 60% or higher winning percentage , Ok its here now its up to you to contact me ....
  20. Join my new team !!!!
    Hello friends come and join my new team .... one rule is we have to go to church every Sunday and do one good deed a day .... Love and Peace ....
  21. NVG Fight Camp
    Looking for people for my new camp, don't care what your record was before , but perform when you come onto the team.
  22. Team Affliction up to 3 members. Looking for more...
    if you are a serious fan, love mma, love competition, please join my camp. Only if you are serious about playing...we want people who will play every event. So please join us!
  23. Steel City Mafia trying to re-build our team.....
    If you want a spot or need a team let me know. Looking for guys with decent records and know there stuff. Trying to become at least a light heavyweight.
  24. Putting in picks for another member
    The last few months my buddy hasnt had the internet and proper working PC...So as a friend and camp leader ive put his picks in for him the last few events and it sucks cause i have to sit on the...
  25. FIGHT CAMP LOGOS - Does your team have one?
    Post 'em if you have 'em!
  26. Can you change the name of your Fight Camp?
    I was just messing around and thought Id make a camp....I have a few members now and was hoping to pick a better name. Is there a way to do this without abandoning the camp and reinviting everyone?...
  27. WTF
    why is it that team Mixfight has a 62% / 47-29 record $1686 and is in 21st and team Team Sure Shot has a 63% / 241-142 record $1732 and we are in 26th we are better in both section and they are...
  28. World Top Team lookin for 1 new member.
    look down at the last post
  29. team bankshot in effect
    lookin for some people to join my new camp dedicated to my friend kate who passed away last fall, we called her "bankshot" from how good she was a pool
  30. Project Mayhem is looking for some recruits
    Project Mayhem is my team, just started up today, and i havent been a mamber for all that long. But i believe i know my shit when it comes to UFC, but not so much about other organizations. Im...
  31. American Top Team: Season 3's soon to be SuperHeavyweight Champs
    We are looking for people with a solid Winning percentage(69% and higher), Solid Bankroll (1800+) and a decent amount of points(180+). Exceptions can be made on a person to person basis. We have an...
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  32. SteelCity Mafia looking for legit players to get into a higher weight class!!!
    Looking for guys with a decent record and some knowledge of the sport..
  33. FORCED MEDITATION join an active camp here!
    starting up a camp here.I am very active in wagers, picks, forums and rankings. If you want a camp that has alot of action and input, join up.
  34. New Fight Camp.
    DeJa Montoya Fight Team .... Hit me up if your interested.
  35. World Top Team
    Is the new Middle Wieght leaders. We are #1 in both the season record and in average bankroll. I might have to kick off dead wieght and was wondering if anyone was interested in joining. Let me know...
  36. Active Member? Good Record/Bankroll? Join THE MMA ARMY HW Waiting List For Season 5
    *UPDATED PRIOR TO START OF SEASON 4* We are The MMA ARMY and we are fighting a WAR against fight camps different to us! We are a new fight camp that was started shortly before UFC 81. In the short...
  37. one last try
    So i joined a fight camp an tried to idly chat a bit. zero respnse. Love MMA and trained Judo,Boxing for years. I think I can contribute. Any camp interested? P.S. I, am easy-going and into books,...
  38. FIghthouse MMA crew needs human punching bags
    I train MMA at the Fighthouse, ( and we need more ppl to come train with us, so if u think u can bring something new to the table, join us. we spar almost every session!
  39. The Prophet Pitbulls Fight Camp Will Be Dominate!
    Come join the Prophet Pitbulls fight camp... We know MMA!
  40. Invitation to join my fight camp.
    If anybody would like to join a laid back fight camp, regardless of your pick history, send me a pm. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, anybody's welcome to join. My fight camp is just to have...
    I need a camp, i was kicked out of my last camp because i was busy trying to graduate. My record as suffered a little due to me being away and busy and not having time to really research the fights...
    what's up everyone, i made a new fight camp here and i'm looking for about 25 people to joing up. I'm new to the playground but i know my stuff and i make hella good picks! so hit me up and lets get...
  43. new camp who wants 2 join
    this is the season2 wager winner ,any one can join its called southside mma jus message me if u want to join
  44. Looking for recruits Pride Hunters
    To join just send me a message and ill recruit u
  45. To All Small Fight Camps
    I've been trying to recruit members for my fight camp, with no luck. So I started to think that all these people that try to start fight camps all have a few members. We should all get together and...
  46. CAMP DAVID - A Christian Camp - Has open spots for membership
    We're a good group with good MMA knowledge and a good tone. So if you're a Christian and looking for a camp, feel free to ask for an invite! See you around...
  47. i wanna join a fight camp
    My name is sinister_16 i want to join a new fight camp
  48. Looking for a club?
    welcome, looking for polk county florida club members. post
  49. join Team DREAM
    started up a new camp for all the PRIDE fans old or new, hopefully DREAM can be different because we have to face it some fighters like to fight in Japan and or for contract reasons.
  50. Oldest Fight Camp
    I was just wondering. Who here has the oldest fight camp? And who has the largest fight camp?
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