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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. need members
    looking for members that are close to Jackson MI
  2. I'm new I'm 14-4 (78%or so) TUF 6 Finale ranked in top (300)
    I'm an up and comer looking for a decent fight camp. I won't be a bad add to the teams.
  3. Looking for a fight camp! in nYc?
    just joined recently lost only 2 wager in the last event looking to team up with a cool camp in NYC or the surrounding area hit me up
  4. Middleweight Camp invites
    So I decided Im going to make a new fight camp and so far, I have a good idea who Im going to bring in. I just thought maybe if anyone else is interested leave a post and I'll see if I want you to...
  5. Membership Declined!!
    We have reigned dominant, and have been stoned! We have been kings, and been dethroned! Sweet victory shining in our face, Darkened times have fell on our place. Fearless leaders have come and went,...
  6. The Gladiator Academy (needs members)
    I'm new to the site but not to MMA. I'm looking for more people like me who have a good knowledge of MMA but are new here. I will accept anybody who wants to join , but i'm expecting mostly people...
  7. Looking for a team
    Hey guys, I'm looking for an established team with a good win percentage to join, If anyone is intrested in having me onboard hit me up
  8. Join the Mafia
    Hey I started a new team called "Mafia" I'm looking for eager, active, members in the know. All I ask is that you participate in discussion and have a win percentage of at least 74%. If your a new...
  9. Wanted: Drunks, Burnouts, Stoners and Pencil Pushers
    Come join the 40oz Crew. I will also include: gamers, guidos, and will consider pencil-necked geeks. xoxoxo and merrry drunkmas to all, The Drunkel
  10. NEED MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. U.S. Southern Fight Camp
    Those who are from the south, join this fight camp. Southern U.S. Ass Kickers !!!
  12. i needa a team
  13. Need a team (California, Los Angeles County)
    If anyone is looking for more members. (I am assuming camp is a group of guys training together)
  14. Keyboard Warriors of LMAOville
    Join the Keyboard Warriors of LMAOville. What do you have to lose? Your internet reputation? Screw them. You have to consider the possibility that other posters here do not like you. They never...
  15. Join Team TAPOUT we sponsor 10 UFC fighters
    looking for members to join us in the heavyweight division.
    Just started out, but I know my MMA. Looking for people who know their shit as well so this fight camp can take over in 2008. Silent Assassins # 1 baby.
  17. looking for a camp
    Sup people I'm looking for a camp to be in since I got kicked out of my last one. I was going thru a tough time in my life n couldn't be on here as much as I like to be as soon as I come back I'm...
  18. Looking for Fight camp out of Washington State
    Prefer out of the 360 area code I reside in Yelm but am from Hoquiam.... Lived a long time in Olympia War Victory Athletics War ATT West!!!!!!!!!! If no responce in a month or so I wll be forced to...
  19. Looking for a fight camp
    Looking for a fight camp, newer member but did fairly well on first card predictions.
  20. Fight camps
    I was wondering if there are any fightcamps out there that would take a new members, my record is something like 17-13(damn fight nut screwed me)
  21. Congrats to Team Valcom! Season 2 HW Champs!
    Congrats to Team Valcom and their phenomenal win this season! You guys took hold of 1st place early, and never let go. You have a strong team, and we look forward to competing with you again as we go...
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  22. Anyone looking for a new fight camp member?
    Just looking for a fight camp.
  23. CPT is recruiting for the season 3 !!
    Hi, i am tuvok500 leader of Canadian Power Team. we won the season 2 LHW division and we are also the best P4P team among the 5 winning teams in each weightclass. we are now recruiting some hi level...
  24. sho nuff bbj academy looking for peeps for season 3
    sho nuffs black belt jones academy is looking for new members send me a pm and be part of the sho nuff experience.
  25. Curious
    Hey im pretty new here and i was just wondering what people mean when they are saying they are the season 2 HW champs im just not quite sure what the whole weight class thing is about, dont want to...
  26. Need a camp for season 3?
    If so, Diaz Fan Club is welcome to anyone who is interested. We have a good group of guys in our camp and even a pro fighter. If you like any of the Diaz bros. then just send a request to join the...
  27. Looking for a Fight Camp ... Canadian Quest
    I have been doing this for awile but i started fresh for 2008 so I could find some new people. If you know your mma and need a new Fight Camp then come check us out . Canadian Quest
  28. well since my old fight camp burned
    i need a new one anyone want me?
  29. BANG! BANG! fight camp
    NEw camp just started out feel free to join its in my little side box over there.
  30. Camp extreme fitness
    Camp extreme fitness has cleaned up some of its dead members and are looking for a few quality members to talk MMA and compete in the light weight division. Anyone interested pm me. Later !
  31. Looking for a fight camp (pref Sherdog OT)
    since the other OT team is gone, i wanted to know if there is another one out there somewhere.
  32. Looking for Fight Camp - 1st full Season
    I've been on the site for quite awhile, but I have not made picks consistently. I am looking for a fight camp to join for Season 3 for my first full season. I've been an MMA fan for a long time, so...
  33. Team Valcom needs to fill 3 spots
    I have 3 spots that need to be filled on Team Valcom You must have played this past season You must have a good attitude You must have a winning % of atleast 72% If you might be interested then...
  34. Looking for a fight team.
    I am just looking for a fight team, my record last season was 50-30 62% I know that's not the best, but I am better than my record appears so let me know if your up to giving me a shot.
  35. The Tygars looking for TOP guys for our fight camp!!!
    Hey just looking out there who is looking to join our fight camp. Were small, but we like to keep it that way. Nothing worse then having a camp with 20 plus guys. Looking to keep it small but...
  36. Season 3
    Season 3 is upon us, and I find myself without a fight camp. I'm looking for a new camp, preferably a friendly camp that isn't extremely cutthroat.
  37. Looking for some kansas city folks to join my fight camp
    Looking for some seriouse people to join my fight camp. We are in kansas city and would like some more people from the midwest. we have 4 warriors right now but are looking for a few more......let me...
  38. Need Season 3 Fight Camp
    What's up, guys? I'm looking for a new fight camp for season 3. I joined mmaplayground right after 2nd season started. I post fairly often in the forums so if anyone recognizes me and needs people...
  39. I'm top 100 in everything and looking for a new fight camp.
    I finished up Season 2 at #69 in points and #20 in wagers. In the Secondary League I am currently #57 in points and #51 in wagers. I started my own Fight Camp which half of the guys don't even make...
  40. Canadian Cage Fighter
    I'm starting a NEW team. Feel free to join
  41. Step to the 40 oz crew
    Who wants to step to the 40 oz Crew? Fear us!!! Thats right, Fear us!! We're gonna come over get drunk from your Dad's liquor cabinet. Drink all of the cooking sherry in the house. Fall down, cause a...
  42. Team Karma And Sin looking for a few members.
    right now it consists of Branigans and I. if you want to join, send a request.
  43. Join "Xtreme Couture" Fight Camp!
    Hey guys if you're new to, never have joined a fight camp, or just not happy with your current fight camp, give "Xtreme Couture" a try. We are a bunch of good hard working members...
  44. Great news if you live in Washington
    New fight team out of the 360 in Washington State It is true that Washinton is on the cutting edge of breeding new fighters .... and our fans are the best in the world.... So if you live or have ever...
  45. Looking for new members to join my team
    Looking for people that want to win who's ready to go for that number one spot to be the best camp around if you're interested send me a message
  46. Anyone thinking of a PA top team?
    I was looking at camps, and a lot of people have made teams based on country or state. Since alot of people are in PA here, I was surprised there is no PA top team. Would anyone be interested in...
  47. Looking for a fight camp
    Anyone want me?
  48. fight camp rules
    Is there any fight camp rules in place? If not will there any be put in place in the near future? like no adding or removing players from your camp once we are past set date in the season. and so on?...
  49. looking for a camp
    Im lookin go join a camp. I havent got good #s here because I havent made this site a priority until now, I like the camp idea. On another site I was 15th in overall points (out of around 1500)
  50. Northwest based team looking for members
    We are more or less a NW fight scene team. We can discuss the FCFF, Sportfight, Elite Warrior Championships or other local leagues and camps. As of now there are only two people on the team and we...
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