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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. Fight Camp, could use some members
    Right now its just me and my buddy. We are both based out of NYC but thats nots required, actually ill take anyone who wants to join hehe.
  2. Anyone Interested in Joining a New Team?
    Is there anyone in here that wants to join a new team for mmaplayground? My friend and I have just started one up and we are looking for some people to hepl us get to the top. We need some educated...
  3. im looking 4 a team!!!
    hi im from england and am looking for a team to join!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Need two invites for Chicago Top Team
    Myself and Cornsloth are two Chicagoans that need to join-up. Thanks!
  5. Looking to Start a Pittsburgh Area Team ....
    Anyone interested let me know and we will get it done .
  6. Why you should join the Keyboard Warriors of LMAOville
    Well, why shouldn't you join? Some of the benefits of joining include: - You'll be in the same fight camp as me. That just automatically makes you kinda cool. -I'll make you feel inferior for using...
  7. Marvel Top Team
    I've been going it alone on MMAPlayground. But as Al Green sings, "I'm so tired of being alone," I've decided to form my own camp. Marvel Top Team The only requirement is that camp members have an...
  8. Nor Cal fight team
    Im looking for members to join my team?
  9. Xtreme Couture
    The best real life fight camp now has a spot on MMAplayground. Xtreme Couture Mixed Martial Arts & Randy Couture have proven themselves to have a winning strategy over and over again. Lately it...
  10. I want to take on the big guns...
    Who here wants to join my brand new fight camp to actually try to reach a top position? I am serious about this, so I want people who are serious about sticking around to this site. (And I'm going to...
  11. Free Agent Here
    Hey, what's up everybody? I'm looking for a new fight camp that has a dedicated camp leader and team as well. My previous camp leader was a bum, he hardly picked any of the fights. I also would...
  12. Alabama Top Team
    Anybody want to be in my fight camp let me know .its just me right now .if you're from Alabama it'd be cool if you joined. but everydody can join.
  13. Steel City Martial Arts
    Hey guys just lettin anyone out there from the Pittsburgh area that I started a fight camp "Steel City Martial Arts" Join up and show your Pittsburgh pride!
  14. Hooligans Fight Club (Chicago/Rockford)
    The Hooligans are new fight camp out of the Northern Illinois area. All are welcome.
  15. Any MMA Schools in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas
    Is there any good mma schools in iowa, nebraska, or kansas
  16. Mayhem Monkey's
    join my cult
  17. New player interested in joining a fight camp
    Im new on the site and am very interested in trying out the fight camp part of it. I probaly wont be the best player but probaly not the worst either. Ive been watching mma for several years and...
  18. Fight Camp calculations
    I was just looking at the Fight Camp standings, and would like to know exactly how the leaderboard is determined. I understand that it is a combination of the winning percentage with the bankroll....
  19. im intersted in joining a legitimate fight camp
    im canadian i take judo and muay thai i wana join a fight camp of people who know what theyre doing please message me if u need someone
  20. Real $$ Fantasy MMA Camp
    Hey guys. I am writing to guage interest for adding real $$ to any interested people for the next season at mmaplayground. I am sure many of you play fantasy football/baseball etc. I want to apply it...
  21. Fighting Solves Everything Real $$ Fight Camp JOIN NOW!
    Hello everyone, Welcome to the Fighting Solves Everything fight camp! Where we play for real! $50 buy in covers the entire next season. All entry fees that go in, come right back out as prize money....
  22. Team Satan ranked 6 in heavyweights looking to take on new members
    Team Satan is now recruiting again, if u like satan and fighting come join
  23. free agency
    im looking for a top camp, my old camp just fell apart. i am ranked in the top 150 for the season and top 500 for bankroll. i think i would help any camps overall stats. hit me up. late.
  24. sorry
    my friend logged onto my page and posted an inappropriate topic. i dont know how to erase forum topics. this sucks.
  25. Vale Tudo UK looking for members
    im setting up a new camp for members from the UK Vale Tudo UK ive been in a camp for a while now but after some bitchin n shoutin between members and change of leadership it went quiet and no decent...
  26. Members Wanted
    Military and Law Enforcement JuJitsu Fight Camp
  27. Benefits of joing a fight camp?
    Can someone enlighten me? I guess i really haven't checked into it too much and have been invited by one camp but again, don't know much about it.
  28. looking for a team
    I know my UFC/PRIDE record isnt the best, but I tore up on the last event, and have been doing real well in the first season of the secondary league and pretty good so far this season... and I know I...
    Gladiator II "Call to Glory" January 12th, 2007 SportsPlex Indoor Sports & Event Center Winchester, VA Make sure you register if you want to fight in this event, or get your tickets if you want to...
  30. Hockey Fans?
    I would like to start a hockey camp if there is any interested future members. I am top 5 in points this season. Anyone interested?
  31. Due to lack of interest, please disregard...
    Team Hillgrass Bluebilly is no more. At least for now.
  32. Top 10 lightweight team
    My fight camp Jaxallout is the number 6 ranked team (only two of us ) yet we are looking for 3 - 5 more teamates to jump up a weight class . For the start of Season 3 Sudden Death. Here are some...
  33. Everyone welcome to join new camp
    Military and Law Enforcement JuJitsu Fight Camp Members Wanted
  34. freak on a leash
    who wants to get there ass kicked
  35. this is a camp for the young and rising MMA fighters
    who wants to join this fight camp is welcome.
  36. join
    need camp memebers, im setting this camp up so that members can give other members advice, plz more members the better off this camp will be.
  37. need camp members
  38. Diaz Fan Club #1 in wagers in mw div.
    We're still looking for some more members, so if you're a fan just send a request!
  39. ISO: Fight Camp
    I'm rather new to the site and since my attempt at starting my own Fight Camp went down the pisser, I'm looking to join up with one of the existing Fight Camps here @ MMAPlayground. I'm a newbie...
  40. Looking for jiu jitsu academy in Decatur, IL
    I will be moving to Decatur, IL soon. The only academy I can find is Reinhardt Mixed Martial Arts Academy, but it seems to have gone out of business. Does anyone know of another academy? Thanks!
  43. I need a fight camp
    like right now
  44. All Aboard The Wanderlei WAR Wagon... (WWW)
    After wading through several camps and not finding the right fit... I've decided to create my own. I'm looking for playgrounders who see beyond the UFC v. PRIDE nutthuggery and love watching the most...
  45. all aboard team pimpin
    everyone is accepted. Unless you a pussy in which case i will use my HOdar and bitch slap you outta my team.
  46. The Pitbulls are the top!
    The pitbulls fight camp is the best because it it is comprised of fighters (wrestlers, boxers, grapplers, bjj ect....)
  47. New Members Needed
    Hey The Canadiens need members, Im pretty knowledgeable about mma and im hoping to get some big points
  48. Looking for a Fight camp
    Hey im looking for a fight camp, new to the game
  49. Hey Looking for a new Fight Camp
    Hey Im looking for a new fight camp just joined today, well knowledgeable about MMA
  50. Any Sherdoggers out there? RE: join the War Room Warriors (best HW Team)
    Any Sherdoggers out there looking for a team? The War Room Warriors are the best Heavy Weight MMA picking team on this site, and we won last season, and we'll win this season. If you want more info,...
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