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The place to post if you're looking for a fight camp, are looking for more members to join your fight camp, or simply feel like enlightening the rest of us with why your crew is better than the rest.
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  1. Team name says it all
    Join The Team im new to this and dont expect it to take to long before my teams Tops...i dont want a team full of mainstream fans neither...if you really know the fight game and the fighters get at...
  2. Irish Fight Camps?
    Is there any Irish fighting camps around?If there is let me know what i got to do to get in! thank you
  3. ***Official Mazzagatti's Moustache Fight Camp!!!!***
    I just started this Camp looking for New members, if your interested send me a PM, and I'll get you on WAR Mazzagatti's Moustache!!!!!!!!
  4. Fight camp general question....
    Hey all, I set up a fight camp for some myself and some friends, is there any way to see what my friends picks are? Any help would be great, thanks
  5. PUSH IT TO THE LIMITS fight camp
    join now
  6. The Q Club
    Hello MMA fans! The Q Club fight camp is looking for new members! If you are new to and are looking for a new fight camp, look no further. Yes, there are only currently 2 of us,...
  7. 2 loves one camp
    If you love Randy Couture and if you love Orange Soda then CRUSHED by COUTURE is the camp for you. Send an invitation request today, all are welcome.
  8. Joining more than 1 fight camp?
    First of all, sorry, becasue I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it and it's not in the FAQ, but is there any reason people can't join more than one fight camp? I ask becasue I want...
  9. For Top Teams Who Need Another
    I am a very knowledgable fan who has been regularly predicting fights for awhile. Just found out about fantasy, looking for a good team. Send me a message if you want. I'm not sure if you can check...
  10. MMAStation Camp needs members
    message me for an invite, I dont really care what the record is =]
  11. Looking for a team
    I have been picking fights here but never joined a team. Somebody send me a team invite
  12. Team OJJ 4-life
    "Tigard's Finest" are ready to do the do. Get on board if you train with OJJ and OMA Club or know someone who does. We who train will reign, I just thought of that so i apologize. Lets get it done...
  13. Need a member for your team, pick me
    New to this site. Looking for a squad to join.
  14. 30 Days of Free Training in Houston
    During the month of September Definitive Martial Arts is offering a 30 Day Free Trial to all newcomers! Classes include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA, and...
  15. Pitbull fight camp
    Anyone looking for a camp to join who has a decent record or knows some stuff about UFC and MMA in general, join up! Where always looking for new members. You know you want to.
  16. 2nd worst lightweight fightcamp
    Just making a post about my camp that has been ranked 2nd to last. Im 10-3 but the other two players I have arnt doing so well. In-Tae has a 1-6 record with 5 points and no money, thats what he...
  17. Camp needs new members
    awsum team 2 join rite here
  18. taking offers from fight camps
    Just letting the fight camps know that I'm a free agent and taking offers. Prefer: Iowan/Midwestern fight camp or a camp with posters I know.
  19. ufn
    can some one post the fights cause i work nights and cannot see any of them. i do this with my son and he is only 5 so we watch the fights together on sundays. so if any one can post them it would be...
  20. Project Mayhem
    Looking to get a new fight camp started. Looking for guys (or girls) who are in the 70% or higher range in terms of win percentage. ALSO, must hold dear the principles of Tyler Durden and Project...
  21. It's a great time to join the Diaz Camp!
    Both brothers are coming off huge wins in EliteXC and the UFC. It's the perfect time to become a member of this great camp!
  22. OREGON TOP TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oregon Top Team Has been deleted som how. for all of u ott members that want to join I have ceated it again.
  23. Want to join a team ??
    Send me a email and i will let you know if your the one !!!!
  24. up for grabs
    Well i have just left Elite Free Agents after successfully becoming the LHW team winners of season 1. I officially have no team and need a good team to join....
  25. Team Needs New Members
    Hey, Most of my members are from the SouthEastern part of the US. (We only have 3 and we are looking to have between 5 and 10 members. Would be great if there was someone from Atlanta or Miami out...
  26. Camp Leaders - Question
    I was wondering if anyone else is running into this issue - I have 3 people in duXup who haven't logged in for over 100 days, I try to keep everyone active and posting at least before every fight,...
  27. Team UnleasheD
    I just started this team, i'm a newb so all newbs ar welcome. lets start a kickass team. open to suggestions. lets do this.
  28. The Q Club is lookin for more members!
    Hey guys! New to mymmaplayground? Just don't have a fight camp? Check out the Q Club!! We will allow most anyone to join. All you need is a decent pick history and time to keep your profile and your...
  29. The Grappling Academy
    Hey guys, My name's Krupp. I'm head of the Grappling Academy. We aren't hardcore like some of these fight camps, but we have a good time and enjoy MMA for what it truly is: One of the greatest sports...
  30. MixedMartialArts Academy
    MMA is all about being well rounded, and thats what this camp is all about. We will take advantage of all the events and fights in both Leagues as we fight our way up the latter...
  31. Elite Team needs members
    Team Elite is THE new and uprising team. We need members to fill the ranks. If you feel youre elite then join the elite.....
  33. Team Original Fight Club
    "breaking faces on a daily basis" accepting members who are big mma fans and like to be on a team that plans on winning. all we want is to keep a good record
  34. Maine Top Team
    Whats up, new to the website looking for local members to join my team. Maine natives help me declare war on all other states and fight camps!!
  35. hands of steel fight camp
    looking for new members
  36. anyone need a camp....WUP ur AZZ Unit is here to stay
    anyone need a camp....WUP ur AZZ Unit is here to stay
  37. Any body from northern california?
    Any one from northern california wanna join my camp?
  38. I NEED A TEAM!!!!
    i need in one please.
  39. Central Valley StrikeAct
    Looking to start this camp!!
  40. Join Team Unleashed!!
    New camp needs members. Join now!! Lets take control!
  41. Team Arse Kickers
    Team Arse Kickers is looking for 1 new team member. Of course we are considering adding enough members to move up another weight class. Currently we are a lightweight team, and have been for a while....
  42. Guess whos coming.....
    anyone shoot me a pm if you want to join my camp.
  43. Local Oregon fighters or fans, welcome to Ojj
    This team is for locals who want to discuss Oregon Fighters and gyms in the area. Tigards finest invite you to be a part of history as we reighn over the competition with flying gogos and bannana...
  44. Detroit Top Team looking for members..........
    Fight Camp out of Detroit looking for members. If anyone wants to join Detroit Top Team message TeJay02
  45. PIT
    Alright fellow PIT members, it's the new guy here...ready to help take this thing over, all others get out of the way or pay the consequences. O nWo, are u kidding me?? U actually brought that fake...
  46. New welterweight camp for season 3
    So my lightweight team didnt do great at all do to my other members. Right now Im thinking after season 2 to start a camp of 4-10 members and try to fair out in the welterweight fight camps. My...
  47. Looking for a camp closer to local
    Im looking to disband my own shitty camp that I started when this place first came online. I would like to join a camp that is closer to where I reside (as there are GREAT shows here in my area, and...
  48. The drunken brawlers
    New team I just started, very laid back and open to all. Message me if you want to be invited.
    Hello people, My name is Adam and Im from S.A. I just started a camp called "Australian Warriors" and would like to ask any fellow Aussie's to join. There is nothing wrong with any other camp's it's...
  50. lookin for new members
    my camp is in need of some new members...just semd me a message and ill consider....
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