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P K I Karate
8666 Huebner Road
San Antonio, TX

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1 / 10
besides what I already submitted, Going
to Master's school twice a week for four
monthe, I lost sixty three pounds. That's
all do to the martial arts he teaches.
Robert K. White - San Antonio, tx
Reviewed Jul 19, 2009 9:05AM
1 / 10
I was a student at PI( for a few months.
The Master took me in like a son.
sadly I did not return his kindness like I
wanteed to. lBut for all the people who
bad mouth him . He is the kindest,
warmest most compitent Master I have
ever met. He hardly knew me and he
went to bat for me like I was family.
He is a great man, a professional Master
and a wonderful human being. He is a
Robert K. White - San Antonio, tx
Reviewed Jul 19, 2009 8:47AM
8 / 10
Ok guys, I've been in and out of PKI for 20 yrs. I started with Ivan when he was teaching down stairs at Cross Roads mall in an old dance studio and threw three other moves for the school. Heres the story. Ivan is a sales man, he loves his school and will do everything in his power to get you signed up. In my experience the school as a whole is solid. Its a great group of people who like to train hard. I got turned off to it on the third move when they were trying to combine church and karate. Ivan is a shroud business man who knows how to make money as well as talk you into just about anything... But he's a good man who means well with everything he does, even if it doesn't seem that way to some. Trust me, as far as schools in SA go you could do allot worse. And just FYI PKI has been doing what is now called MMA as long as I've been going there, they just recently separated it from the regular curriculum and tagged it MMA. Ivan holds several black belts and has always combined the many different styles he learned into PKI, there was just no name for it 30yrs ago..... so he called it karate.
mark D - san antonio, tx
Reviewed Jun 11, 2009 7:39PM
1 / 10
Right on Dave just ask UFC champion Lyoto Machida Karate doesn't work in MMA!
Lyoto Machida - Belem, Brasil, BR
Reviewed May 26, 2009 11:03PM
8 / 10
Went there. I did three weeks for $49. Seems like a pretty good school for getting started in MMA. Classes were pretty challenging definantly teaching real skills. The place itself was setup more like a karate school,(no cage) but I think after some time we'll see some good MMA fighters from here. Not bad at all for a Karate school.
Jerry - San Antonio, TX
Reviewed Feb 9, 2009 3:06PM
1 / 10
What a joke. These guys are teaching mma, and I've been unable find a pro or amateur record for any of these clowns. Just another karate guy trying to grab on to what is hot right now. If you are looking for real MMA training in San Antonio keep looking. I did and it has paid off, there are places in town where BJJ world champs and UFC and IFL level talent train. Train with them, as they have actually applied what they will teach you. Gi BJJ and "Jukido" (which someone probably thought sounded more applicable to MMA than, Karate), aren't going to get you too far if you are serious. I respect all arts as each has something to offer to the sport. I do not respect those who would send others to face dangers that they have not faced themselves. There are a number of men in this town who have fought professionally for years and would never claim the position of instructor over another fighter. This place is an insult to them. I suspect some of the reviewers here are shills, and that one will be along shortly to set me straight(under a different name than previously of course). Yeah whatever dude, get a hold of the XFC, or Charley over at Katana and get one of these guys in the cage. If you want good muay thai see Phet at Sinlapa, and look up Rodrigo Pinheiro, for the best BJJ around. Forget about this place.
Dave - San Antonio , TX
Reviewed Jan 8, 2009 12:25PM
10 / 10
Michael Nolan I don't know who you are but you must be insane. You trained for three years under this guy Ivan, who obviously tried to do you some favors so you could train with him, and you have the balls to call him out online? I've heard of this guy before on an MMA fight team website that trains with him. He has the respect of the MMA community as a predecessor to the sport and your mad cause he moved away from the mall and your mommy's car died. Dude, schools move, cars die welcome to the real world Michael, grow up, get a life and don't post on mma playground.
Enrique - San Antonio, TX
Reviewed Jan 6, 2009 11:21PM
9 / 10
I have been a student of Mr. Ujueta's for close to 20 years. Sadly students come and go thinking that they can get something for nothing. There is no magic pill to becoming a good martial artist, only time dedication and consistency. PKI has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of families in the San Antonio area since the beginning, mine included. The thing that has kept me dedicated to my training is what Mr. Ujueta has always taught and exhibited; to be open to listen, learn and improve in every area of your life.
Paul - San Antonio, TX
Reviewed Dec 31, 2008 1:04PM
1 / 10
I was a student at PKI Karate. I was in it for three (3) years. Sadly, I can't get those years back. Ivan Ujeta is a crook and a con man. I don't know where he got his training, but he is the worst instructer. He complained that crossroads mall was going to raise his rent. Welcome to the real world Ivan. He rents a warehouse on Huebner and Babcock. He had sold his car to my mother so I could go there. He sold us a LEMON ! Beware of Ivan, the Horrible!!!!!
Michael Nolan - San Antonio, Tx
Reviewed Nov 21, 2008 3:46PM
1 / 10
My experience with this company was horrible. The owner Ivan has refused to return my deposit after I decided I could not afford the classes. I never received any classes past the initial trial period so I am owed my money back. Bad business and sadly this man stands behind a church as he takes money from a struggling single mom.
gloria - San Antonio, Tx
Reviewed Nov 3, 2008 4:52PM
9 / 10
Tottally unexpected, I walked in past the trophies, the belt display, and the room filled with all kinds of tradtional weapons, and thought this may be embarrasing. I have rolled with some of the best grapplers in the world, I have fought NHB competivley, and to my suprise I could barley hang with the class, great conditioning, simple and effective instruction. Great BJJ, even the beginner students were hard to handle. But most of all unique, I even have mixed feelings about letting the word out because I am sure what I learn here will give me the unorthodox edge.
Sam - San Antonio, tx
Reviewed Oct 1, 2008 4:34PM
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