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Pihl Sung School Of Martial Arts
Salem , OR
pihlsungmartialarts [at] hotmail [dot] com
We are a proud school who instills the devastating arts of Kali and Silat, Some of the best Philippine fighting fundamentals of open and closed hand combat and self defense in the world, But don't take my word for it, Call or come see it for yourself, We look forward to your transformation.

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9 / 10
When I first walked into the dojo, I was greeted by the instructor Sensi Story, He stopped in the middle of class just to say hello to me which was impressive, The sensi then asked me about my martial arts back ground and then asked what I was looking for, He then game me a example of what the class was all about and asked if I would like to participate for the remainder, wow not expecting that , He told me of his martial arts background which was impressive but really listened to what I had to say, Over all I would train there just for the social aspect and the respect I received from the Sensi and his students. Great experience.
Josh S - salem, or
Reviewed Mar 25, 2010 10:34PM
8 / 10
I took a look at pihl sung martial arts and was Impressed, It was much more raw than I was used to but that was also what was so great about it, no fancy banners or flags around or equipment sponsors, just a group of people getting down to what mattered, Definitely not you usual corporate kind of martial arts class, You will have to earn your belts here. I will tell all my friends about it.
Doug M - salem, or
Reviewed Mar 25, 2010 10:28PM
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