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Mr Dee's Karate Academy
515 Abbe Road North
Elyria, OH

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10 / 10
This has been such a great experience for my child. Since the age of 5 my child has been enrolled. He's now 7, it at has taught him at this young age that hard work pays off. It goes way beyond just getting a rank. He has been taught that that this applies to school as well. Mr. Dee is another positive influence in his life that pushes him to succeed not just in Karate but at school. Mr. Dee challenges kids to give there best at all aspects of life. You also get lectures about life. This has been very helpful to my son. He's another positive voice in his life.
Ron A - Elyria, oh
Reviewed Mar 31, 2011 1:19AM
10 / 10
Mr dees is an amazing place i go there and I've seen rotten kids turned into rolemodels and are very respectful now mr dees is a karate school o recomend to every one I sarted there just tryin to kick and punch now I wana stay and learn and I've takin an interest in the martial arts and he people who say he's mean or to tough they just have no discipline what so ever if ur interested in his karate school go to www.mrdeeskarateacademy.com I guarantee it will be worth ur money.
James Dongarra - Elyria, Oh
Reviewed Dec 29, 2010 3:28PM
10 / 10
mr dees is a great place to help boost your child's confidence and to help you to teach your child to respect adults. your child doesnt only learn karate and jujitsu there, but mr dee is also involved in your childs education. if your child is doing bad in school he will discipline them. he visits schools and homes of his students if they are not doing their school work or if they are being bad at school or home. his students earn every rank that they are given. he will not give ranks away there which i think is great because it makes your child try their hardest and see how it feels to earn something that they have worked so hard for. mr dee devotes his life to his students and he is someone that you cant help but respect.
kristie a. - elyria, oh
Reviewed Sep 13, 2010 2:07PM
10 / 10
Best Dojo in NE Ohio. Mr. Dee commands respect, and deserves every bit of it. As long as you go in with a desire to get something out of it, you will do nothing but achieve. Weather it be in life or just in the Dojo. I noticed my sports skills rise and my reflexes became 10x what they were. Now it's my sons turn. I can't wait to see the positive effect it has on his life.
Oh, and the post below that gave it 1 star. The only time you get corrected is if you don't try. Quitters arn't given any free passes here. So yeah, he probably put you in your place. But destroyed your self-esteem? Come, now. Sounds like the 1 star might reflect your tollerance for correction. Eh?
Jordan Sheets - Elyria, oh
Reviewed Jul 15, 2010 11:17PM
10 / 10
They say anything worth having is never easy. Mr. Dee's is case in point.

Martial arts as a study is meant to teach discipline, respect, and strength. I'm not sure how you expect to achieve these without being tested.

I spent 7+ years of my youth attending Mr. Dee's and achieved my black belt when I was 10. I can attribute so many positive qualities I have today to his teachings. Did I get yelled at? Sure. Did that ultimately teach me strength and confidence? Absolutely.

I have visited many types of martial arts schools in the years since I have left Mr. Dee's. All of them pale in comparison. Mr. Dee's is regimented, traditional, and yes, hard. If you are looking for a friendly, lax environment, take a class at your YMCA. Mr. Dee's is for students. And most of us who made it through are damn proud of what he helped create.
Kate M. - Columbus, OH
Reviewed Jan 4, 2010 12:00PM
10 / 10
I studied karate at Mr. Dee's dojo for just over 6 years back when I was a teenager. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, 15 years later I realize that. Yes, he is very tough and yes, he will yell at you to the point that the younger children will cry. He's not too hard on kids and it doesn't lower their self esteem.

I came from a pretty disfuctional family. My mother and I spent some time in shelters hiding from my father after they divorced when I was 7. I know, I know, everyone has a sob story and that a lot of folks out there had difficult childhoods. Just hear me out:

When I started taking classes at Mr. Dee's, I was "messed up". Mr. Dee didn't only teach me karate, he taught me to be a man. He was able to show me how to have respect for others as well as myself. He taught me that I'm not worthless and that I can do anything I set my mind to. He taught me not to give up on my goals and dreams just because "it's too hard". When my grades dropped in school, Mr. Dee was on my case to get them up. He even went to the school once or twice on my behalf. He wouldn't let me get away with anything.

I could go on and on about this all night, but just let me say this to everyone reading reviews about this dojo. I look back on my own childhood and who I am today, and the best thing that ever happened to me was my mother putting me in karate at Mr. Dee's.

If you are considering taking lessons, or signing your children up for lessons, go to Mr. Dee's karate and just watch for a few days and talk to some of the other parents there who have had their children attending his classes for a couple years. Ask THEM what Mr. Dee has doen for their kids. Also, be sure to tell Mr, Dee that you read a review by Robert Barker. I bet that after 15 years he will remember who I am.
Robert Barker - Baytown, TX
Reviewed Oct 18, 2009 1:52AM
10 / 10
The guys who posted this:

"Mr. dee's has actually lowered our self-esteem he is way to tough on us it's physical mental and emotional torture
Julian/James - elyria, oh"

are complete and utter babies.


That school teaches kids to be TOUGH, and have respect for authority. And you don't develop those traits by kissing the kids' asses.

Mr. Dee's is an amazing school, and the tough love he uses on his students has turned many wayward kids into model, respectful, productive kids. I have watched so many kids, including my own, transform from troubled, unfocused kids into model students and outstanding martial artists.

James and Julian...good luck in life. You've already started on the road to being quitters...I'm sure it will continue into your adult years, as the students who study at Mr. Dee's go on to become successful and productive citizens.
Gerald T. - Elyria, OH
Reviewed Aug 19, 2009 3:12PM
1 / 10
Mr. dee's has actually lowered our self-esteem he is way to tough on us it's physical mental and emotional torture
Julian/James - elyria, oh
Reviewed Aug 18, 2009 2:29AM
4 / 10
Iam 15 years old iam a varsity wrestler for lorain A.K. at 125 weight class i did a little boxing and iam a brawler and i would love to use that in a postive way..Iam a hard worker and i never give up and i would do anything to win..if you wanna get a hold of me call me at 440-245-9851 i would love to do this for a living
Anthonie M. - lorain, oh
Reviewed Jun 9, 2009 8:59PM
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