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Karate Unlimited
542 Berlin-Crosskeys Rd
Sicklerville, NJ

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9 / 10
My daughter was looking at boxing for fitness. My wife and I thought that karate might be better for personal discipline, focus on school grades and self defense. My wife suggested Karate Unlimited, we went over and we were pleasantly surprised our daughter liked it for boxing (a part of karate) and fitness, we liked the structure for focus on grades and of course what is better for self-defense than karate. We signed-up our daughter and she really likes going!
Jose - Blackwood, NJ
Reviewed Jul 24, 2011 9:51AM
9 / 10
I am a 48 year old woman with mild arthritis looking for an activity that keeps me active and helps with my joints. I have an 11 year old son who has been asking about karate. We signed-up at Karate Unlimited in Gloucester Township about 2 months ago. My son is doing great just receiving his Yellow Belt! I am doing well too my flexibility has improved greatly! The instructors are very good helping us both focus on what we need to work on! The place is clean and neat! We really enjoy going!
Janet - Sicklerville, NJ
Reviewed Jun 30, 2011 6:57PM
10 / 10
I am a 23 year old who was looking for a self defense class. I contacted Karate Unlimited in Gloucester Township New Jersey. I sign-up for the $99 special self defense program and was pleasantly surprised as to not only how informative the program was but it was truly a lot of fun! After I completed the self defense program I signed-up for the standard martial arts at Karate Unlimited and really loving it! It is really affordable too-Amanda
Amanda - Gloucester Township, NJ
Reviewed May 26, 2011 3:14PM
10 / 10
My wife and I wanted to get our 14 year old daughter some self-defense lessons. We figured a few weeks and that would be the end. She has been taking class about 5 months she is going strong she becoming quite good at karate (spoken like a father), her self-confidence & esteem have really improved, her grades in school have improved and best of all she really loves going.
Richard - Erial, NJ
Reviewed May 22, 2011 9:45AM
10 / 10
I signed my 4 year old son up at Karate Unlimited about a year ago. A he did, well but frankly after about 4 months he started to become distracted and inconsistent. The manager, Jim told this is not uncommon and my son would overcome this problem in time. I remember thinking at Jim did not know my son like I do but we both hung in there! About 3 months later my son started to improve in focus and concentration and now is very consistent. As Jim told me I know my son best but he knows kids at that age and how they with proper direction will overcome distraction. He has been progressing ever since. I am very pleased and highly recommend Karate Unlimited!
Mrs. Wiggins - Sicklerville, NJ
Reviewed May 21, 2011 10:23AM
8 / 10
I am a student at karate unlimited for the last 3 years. I am a brown belt close to becoming a brown senior. Yea it can be tough but it is all worth it. I use to be really shy but I am more friendly now my parents think karate did that for me. My grades in school are better and I am not afraid of some of the bigger kids that use to bully me before. The instructors and masters are great and they are working with me now to become an instructor’s aid so I can help them with class. I really like going to karate unlimited.
Joey - Sicklerville, NJ
Reviewed Feb 20, 2011 10:49AM
9 / 10
About a year ago my wife and I signed-up our son for karate. He was having some bulling issues and problems with focus. I knew karate could help with being bullied but was skeptical how it could help with focus. Now a year has passed our son is a green belt as I expected the bullying issue is all gone. What I did not expect is our son’s focus is better, his grades are up and his confidence and esteem have improved dramatically, all a plus. Our son’s doctor is also impressed and starting to reduce his ADHD medication. We hope soon to eliminate his need for ADHD meds. He also really loves going to Karate Unlimited. The instructors have done a great job!
Alec - Williamstown, NJ
Reviewed Feb 16, 2011 11:07AM
10 / 10
We signed-up our daughter as she took lessons we have seen her progress as a very positive experience. My wife and I have been thinking of a place to get in shape. It hit us we can do karate with our daughter, getting in shape at the same time. Initially I felt it may not be for adults but when we started Karate Unlimited tailored the lessons to our specific needs and each lesson was age appropriate. Good job Karate Unlimited!
Alfred B. - Williamstown, NJ
Reviewed Feb 2, 2011 11:54AM
10 / 10
I signed my son up w Karated Unlimited 6 1/2 years ago when he was 4. He said he wanted to and I signed the contract. After the very 1st class he said he didnt like it and did not want to go again. Fortunately, a 4 year does not rule our lives. At first I felt bad, but the commitment was made. Since then I have resigned him twice more and he is a brown senior belt and an instructor's aide. The instructors are the same since he started. Their commitment and care truly show. Mr. Jim, the manager, is also truly invested in the lives of these kids and the instructors. Every business needs to make a profit but there is so much more going on here. There is a family atmosphere. I also signed up my younger son when he was ready and he says he does not like it but I make him go and he always leaves w a smile. So dont blame someone else for your lack of insite in asking for trial period before signing. Suck it up and send you kid and maybe he will learn personal responsibility since you have not taken it for yourself in signing the contract.
Kate T. - Erial, NJ
Reviewed Jan 20, 2011 10:12AM
10 / 10
My son started karate at Karate Unlimited when he was 4. After about a year we moved because my husband had to relocate for his job. We signed up at another karate school where we lived, it was "OK"! That was 5 years ago; recently we moved back to Gloucester Township and we were please to find Karate Unlimited was still there and in a new facility too! The new place was really clean and well organized and like before Karate Unlimited has a lot of great instructors with the skills to really help my son, focus, avoid bullies, keep fit and just have fun. He is almost 9 now and loves karate more than ever. I want to thank Karate Unlimited!
Katie - Sicklerville, NJ
Reviewed Aug 31, 2010 9:20AM
8 / 10
I always want to learn karate, my wife signed-up for dance (something she likes) so it seemed the time for me and our 14 year old son to start karate. I looked at several karate schools in the area and by far Karate Unlimited had the best mix and services verses expense...I am a buyer for the US military and know about this. I need to get into better condition physically and wanted my son to know how to defend himself and to gain more discipline (good for any 14 year old) and self-esteem. The instructors are organized, professional and proficient the school is clean, neat and well maintained. My son and I are having a great time!
Barry - Blackwood, NJ
Reviewed Mar 21, 2010 4:25PM
9 / 10
I am Asian, I learned Tae Kwon Do in Korea many years ago. My wife and I were looking for a Martial Arts school for our son & daughter. There is a lot of mis-information taught by Martial Arts schools out there. I was very impressed with the teaching of Tae Kwon Do at Karate Unlimited. The instructors had a great command of the knowledge, techniques, information, history of Tae Kwon Do and other Martial Arts. The instructors skills at educating the students is very good!
R. Park - Blackwood, NJ
Reviewed Feb 9, 2010 9:06AM
9 / 10
I went ot Karate Unlimited the place was clean and neat, so many karate places have a "gym smell", the manager, Jim was friendly and helpful. The price was not cheap but they were less than other karate places and well worth what my son is getting from going and well within my budget. I met the Masters and some of the instructors before I enrolled my son and they have been just as helpful after I signed-up my son-something you dodn't always see! My son has and is learning much, I highly recommend Karate Unlimited
Brianna J. - Blackwood, NJ
Reviewed Jan 30, 2010 7:38PM
8 / 10
We were looking for a karate school for our 2 sons and daughter. The prices were really high and every private lesson was extra. We went to Karate Unlimited in Sicklerville, not only were the private lessons included but so were the uniforms and just about anything else my kids needed. The Masters and Instructors have tremendous knowledge of the Martial Arts and are great with kids (even more important)! Even though our children are different ages they all go at the same time because they have more that one instructor on at a time-this is great for Mom!!! :)
Gina - Sicklerville, NJ
Reviewed Jan 23, 2010 10:19PM
10 / 10
As an adult who wants to learn the Martial Arts, I was looking for a place that wasn't only all about kids. When I went to Karate Unlimited, yes their were kids, but the manager, Jim told me he would set-up personal lessons at no additional cost. In this way I would progress past the beginner children students, taking class at the Greenbelt level with other adult students. It works great and I love going!
Jennifer a happy adult! - Gloucester Township, NJ
Reviewed Jan 15, 2010 11:06AM
8 / 10
Clean, professional, friendly instructors, works well with 3 & 5 year olds, our sons just loves karate! Located in Lakeside Business Park. Our little ones have so much fun I'm thinking od signing-up
AJ - Blackwood, NJ
Reviewed Jan 14, 2010 2:25PM
9 / 10
Our two boys have been asking about karate for about a year. We feared the boys would start to hit other children at school. We also were concerned about the cost. We were surprised about the price it was alot less then we thought it would be. The boys have been in class about 6 months working toward Greenbelt. The boys haven't been hitting others and are even building more respect for other. We are verry happy!
Sue W. - Erial, NJ
Reviewed Jan 13, 2010 7:47PM
8 / 10
My daughter 9 & I signed-up, her mother and I are seperated and I wanted something she could do to help her focus, use for protection in the future and something we could do together! We are having a blast and I feel so far she and I are getting alot out of signing-up at Karate Unlimited!
Tony D - Williamstown, NJ
Reviewed Jan 12, 2010 4:26PM
8 / 10
My wife and I signed-up recently and we really enjoy going to Karate Unlimited! I'm losing weight and getting into shape and my wife is learning how to defend herself if needed! We both think the instructors are very informative and the classes are fun!
Ralph D - Williamstown, NJ
Reviewed Jan 11, 2010 12:09PM
1 / 10
DON'T sign your children up for this terrible place. Listen to the other reviews, this place is not where you want to put your money or have your children attend. READ your contract...what contracts for small children make you sign up for 3 years and no matter what you still have to pay, even when your children don't like going anymore.
Screwed - Williamstown, NJ
Reviewed Jan 1, 2010 2:58PM
9 / 10
The instructors are great I have a boy 4 and girl 8 each with different needs and Karate Unlimited's instructors were very helpful! If you have kids, I highly reccomend them!
Patty G. - Sicklerville, NJ
Reviewed Dec 31, 2009 7:10AM
1 / 10
DO NOT ENROLL AT THIS KARATE SCHOOL!!!! All the bad things you read about the owner and the business practices are TRUE!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. The womens fitness is also not worth your time, You deal with the same LOSER.... Save your money
Burned - Erial, Nj
Reviewed Oct 31, 2009 11:59PM
1 / 10
This so called company takes advantage of any situation they can. When you leave messages at the main headquarters, they never get back to you. Maybe it is a fake headquarters??? The papers you sign for your child to join is not suppose to be a contract, but once they start to deduct each month from your credit card, even though you tell them your child will not be returning, they continue to deduct, and deduct, and deduct...and will not stop until you send a letter to the "fake" headquarters, a PO Box of which is not listed on the web site. They owe us over $1000. We are doing the better business bureau next!
Christine M - Blackwood, NJ
Reviewed Oct 3, 2009 2:25PM
1 / 10
I have found nothing good about the Karate Unlimited in Sicklerville, NJ. The man who runs it is very disrespectful. You get locked into a pricey contract and If you don't make payments he threatens you through the people whom he leaves a message. I really think that something shady is going on with this business and I bet I am not the only person who is having problems with them.

They are no longer on Cross Keys Road. They relocated to the street behind the ACME supermarket.
I just want to warn people to be aware of signing a contract with this company especially if youare enrolling your small children. Mr. Jim , the owner or manager is ruthless and I have not seen any happy children there since I started. The kids are scared of him and I don't think that's any way to run a business. I've been to other schools and the kids get discipline but they have fun learning the techniques.
shelly T. - sicklerville, nj
Reviewed Mar 6, 2009 11:50PM
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