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Nato's Martial Arts
14447 Miramar Parkway
Miramar, FL

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10 / 10
My children both attend natos, and they are very happy, and so do I also do the self defense class and find it very helpful.my children are going there from the school first open.The owner is very kind to all the students.I would strongly recommend this school .Both my children and myself always look forword to attend class.
sharna - miramar, fl
Reviewed Jul 1, 2011 1:19PM
10 / 10
I was referred by a friend who loved the place i started sending my 7 yrs old daughter this summer from 8-6 to natos.Kyoshi is the best coach and a very caring human being and he keeps the place very interactive and the kids are always busy in various activities. We just love the professionalism and home type environment. He makes sure to give his personal attention to each and every kid. MY DAUGHTER is very happy and she learns a lot i will highly recommend Natos.
Rahat S - miramar, fl
Reviewed Jul 29, 2010 10:36PM
10 / 10
this school is an incredible school incredibly traditional i enjoy going there. kioshi has a love for his art unlike any other!
Emily Diaz - Miramar, fl
Reviewed Jun 8, 2010 7:46AM
9 / 10
This place is super traditional. I love the passion for the art and the way the instructors work with the kids. They find a way to deal with ALL SORTS OF KIDS. Shy ones, loud ones, disrespectful ones, and even your TOO KIND ones. This place has a great vibe. And I honestly dont think any kids go out on the street by themselves hahaha. I go to pick up my two kids every day and always see the kids having a good time safely inside the school. Kyoshi can get a bit tired at times, HE'S GETTING OLD! But he's a very wise man, and when he's not doing something with the kids, Sensei Benji or Sammie is taking control perfectly. Both of these instructors take such great control of the school, you'd think they were the owners. Seriously. But besides the kids programs, i stay to the the juniors and adults programs. Let me tell you, I have never seen such tradition and determination in both students and instructors. Sensei Luis is such a wise person. It's as if your learning the art in the most traditional school in Japan. I strongly advise the young adults of the community to join. This isnt your average taekwondo class. Trust me, i know from experience. If you want to learn a karate lesson, go somewhere else. If your want to learn LIFE LESSONS, go to Nato. This is a top-notch school.
Adolfo F - Miramar, FL
Reviewed Feb 24, 2010 1:01AM
1 / 10
Both my children attended the summer camp for 2wks horrable place for the kids. They are not well supervised at all. Kyoshi didn't provide karate lesson when I pick them up noticed kyoshi is just sleeping I ask my kids about it they said " oh he said he is tired" onother incident on my daughter one day she forgot to lock the bathroom then teenage boy opned the door he then made fun of her " she is naked!! " not only that teenager ( girls) told one of the boy to kiss my daughter.
Nay - Miami, Fl
Reviewed Aug 20, 2009 2:01PM
9 / 10
My son is excited when he goes to summer camp at Natos Martial Arts. The cost for summer camp is reasonably. The daily activities my son participate in is encouraging. I just found out that during the school year, there is an after-school program. I am looking forward to enrolling my son into this program.
Simmon, B - Pembroke, Pines, Fl
Reviewed Aug 4, 2009 6:50PM
10 / 10
My son has been going to Nato's Martial Arts for the last 2 years and I could not be happier with our experience. When my son first started in summer camp 2 years ago he was very shy, through the karate training that he has received at Nato's he has become more outgoing and his self-esteem has incresed tremendously. My son loves to go camp everyday and I would highly recommend Nato's not just for karate but also for their attention and dedication to the children. Nato treats every child like his own and makes them all feel like they are a special part of the Dojo.
Rosie C. - Miramar, Fl
Reviewed Aug 4, 2009 5:37PM
9 / 10
I decided to enroll my daughter and son into Natos Martial Arts Summer Camp this year and this was the best decision I could have made. My kids enjoyed going on field trips each day and learning defense moves which increased their self-esteem. They also read a book each day for an hour, which was great. Because Natos Martial Arts School is small, the children there had received close supervision from the staff. At times I would pick my kids up late and was never required to pay any additional fees. I appreciated this dearly due to the fact that I am a single mother and times are hard. Would I recommend this summer camp to my friends and family? Most definitely.
valerie, J - Miami, Fl
Reviewed Aug 4, 2009 9:35AM
1 / 10
Horrible! Never again. What a sorry excuse for a place. First week, Karate was not even taught every day as agreed. Children were wandering around aimlessly even going out into the street unsupervised. When they were being supervised the children were bored out of their minds. Money back not an option. Beware of sending your children to this "summer camp".
Maria - Pembroke Pines, FL
Reviewed Jun 15, 2009 1:59PM
1 / 10
If I could have left a 0 rating I would have. Compete waste of money. First off, it is a dojo that I doubt has any license to run a day camp during the summer. There is absolutely no security on doors. Children are not being supervised inside or even during field trips. They are running around aimlessly. When they are being attended to, they aren't even learning karate as promised, they are being forced to play games they do not want to play. Not a safe nor productive place for your kids.
Maria - Pembroke Pines, FL
Reviewed Jun 15, 2009 1:11PM
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