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Chalfant's Komakai Academy Of Karate
2001 South Memorial Drive
New Castle, IN

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10 / 10
I am now taking lessons from Mr. Chalfant and have also found him to be a very caring person and a good teacher. I have not been hit with any hidden fees or strange ways to get money. I have been told everything up front on cost....if someone does not agree with the cost then why sign up? You did not sign up and then get told how much it would cost you. It is a business just as any other and needs funds to operate. I have only been going a very short time but feel as if I have got every penny from my instructor...Mr. Chalfant.
Terry - New Castle, IN
Reviewed Nov 22, 2009 9:32PM
10 / 10
Mr. Chalfant has taught a great deal about Karate. I am always thirsting for more information and he always provides it. He knows more about Karate than politicians do about being crooked. I am a businessman like Mr. Chalfant, and understand that you need to charge people to make a living. This Dojo is not a scam and is first class. If it is a scam then those that think that can join me on the mat to see what I haven't learned. :)
Keith - Anderson, IN
Reviewed Sep 19, 2009 1:57PM
10 / 10
i studied under Mr. Chalfant for 12 years. I am a black belt under him. I found him to be very professional and very demanding. For those who say he is not interested in teaching martial arts or not serious about his classes, they are sadly mistaken. I have never met anyone more knowledgable- about karate and life. obviously there are those who can't hack it, for you-study "show bit ru! " you're not going to find a better teacher or mentor than Mr. Chalfant.
randy c - middletown, in
Reviewed May 26, 2009 2:26PM
1 / 10
I was interested in attending this karate dojo, and quickly learned that Chalfant's real motive in operating the dojo was merely for money. I truly wanted to learn the martial arts, and he led me to believe I would gain confident and self-respect from his program. Unfortunately neither of these has happened, and he often leaves classes to "spar" while he tries to sell new clients to the program. I think it's strange there are so many positive reviews when I've actually been to the place and had a wildly different experience.
Briana - Anderson, IN
Reviewed Mar 11, 2009 7:25PM
10 / 10
Our grandson has come a long way from being shy and quiet. Since enrolling him in Chalfant's Komakai Academy of karate he has gained self-confidence and a since of pride. He is making good grades. In the leadership he is learning the art of self-defense as well as how to be thoughtful and courteous to others.
Larry - Anderson, IN
Reviewed Mar 3, 2009 11:02AM
10 / 10
Karate has helped our son tremendously. He is a happy, healthy five-year-old boy, which is due in part to karate. Our son has always had a mind of his own, and a little over a year ago we decided we needed to do something to help him control himself and head off any problems that might arise otherwise. We enrolled him in Chalfant’s Komakai Academy of Karate. He is now respectful and patient, and has learned a great deal of self-discipline. He loves karate, and never minds going to practices. He even practices at home. He really enjoys the things he is learning and has made new friends in class. He is now very athletic and strong. We have also noticed a change in his confidence level. He attempts new things and seems to have a sense of accomplishment when he does well. He sets goals for himself and keeps trying until he reaches them. He also does many things we thought a five-year-old incapable of. He has learned several moves and even remembers their Japanese names!

Mr. Chalfant is such a great influence on our son. In a world where it is difficult to trust people, he is someone we would trust with our son’s life. He is a great role model for our son. Our son is very impressed by the kind of man Mr. Chalfant is. He models himself after Mr. Chalfant. At Christmas, our son asked what we were getting for Mr. and Mrs. Chalfant. He sees them as a part of our extended family. Our son has not always been comfortable around people he doesn’t know well, but he took to Mr. and Mrs. Chalfant immediately. The Chalfant’s and karate have been a blessing to our family.
Tim - New Castle, IN
Reviewed Mar 3, 2009 11:01AM
10 / 10
I have known Mr. Chalfant since he first moved to Anderson in 1984 from Springfield IL. to study karate. Mr. Chalfant is one of the most knowledgeable people in the country about karate. He has studied it full time since 1983. He teaches the traditional karate that he learned from his instructors. He has proven himself to me to be a sincere and caring person who strives to behave in a professional manner. Having known Mr. Chalfant for 25 years now it is my experience that those people who have something negative to say about him are people who enrolled in his karate academy and then did not pay him. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about learning karate.
Mark - Anderson, IN
Reviewed Mar 2, 2009 3:25PM
1 / 10
Mr. Chalfant, a very caring person and a good teacher, I have my whole family in his program 6 children. Some people don't understand businesses have to charge money they have large bills to pay to keep the doors open. Usually a person that is upset with Mr. Chalfant is a person who has refused to pay their way. His Knowledge of karate is vast and is highly respected by his peers. he
is a National and International Karate Champion.
Dr. Anderson - McCordsville, IN
Reviewed Mar 1, 2009 5:49PM
1 / 10
If you are interested in truly learning karate - avoid this dojo! Chalfant's Komakai Academy of Karate is unfortunately a scam dojo, some people call them "McDojos". Mr. Kevin Chalfant is ONLY interested in money and how to make more of it, and cares very little about his students or actually teaching the martial arts. Belts are "sold" for $50 every two months, without students ever being tested or showing any real skills.
Jessica - Anderson, IN
Reviewed Jan 9, 2009 7:21PM
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