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Ground'N'Pound Fight Camp

Let's get it on!
Formed Jan 16, 2007
5 members
1966-1348 collective record (59%)
Camp rank and member count is current as of TUF Nations Finale: Canada vs Australia
Team Roster
middiemunchers Avatar
Learning to Sprawl
Career Record: 213 - 134 (61%)
Season Rank: -
Bankroll: $1000 (#0)
  titorican Avatar
MMA Regular
Career Record: 494 - 322 (61%)
Season Rank: -
Bankroll: $1000 (#0)
bulldogg Avatar
Learning to Sprawl
Career Record: 204 - 140 (59%)
Season Rank: -
Bankroll: $1000 (#0)
  No Avatar
nhb88 [Camp Leader]
Learning to Sprawl
Career Record: 702 - 494 (59%)
Season Rank: -
Bankroll: $1000 (#0)
zephead Avatar
The Dancer
Career Record: 353 - 258 (58%)
Season Rank: -
Bankroll: $1000 (#0)
Please note: Member count and overall are ranking are updated on a per-event basis.
Fight camp ranks are determined by a combination of a camp's overall current season win%, average per-event earnings, and average event point score modified by the number of events a camp has participated in during the season.
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