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UFC 134 History Revisited

Posted by KungFuMaster Thursday, August 25, 2011 12:00 AM



As we get ready for UFC 134 on August 27, 2011, pandemonium is sure to ensue the streets of Brazil and all MMA communities as UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, of Brazil, takes on Yushin Okami, of Japan, in what could be one of the most significant fights in MMA history. Not only is there history between Silva and Okami but there is also history between their respective countries, which stems from the legendary bout between two great warriors of two different nations who once did battle in Brazil in 1951.

In 2006, Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami fought for the first time at Rumble on the Rock 8 in what turned out to be an uneventful match as the bout was stopped early due to an illegal up-kick from the current champion, Anderson Silva. Okami may have won the bout due to disqualification but many felt Anderson was winning the fight up until the illegal kick.

Since then, both fighters have taken very different paths to be where they are today. Shortly after fighting Okami, Anderson Silva debuted in the UFC in mid-2006 to make his mark in the mma world and has been on a tear since then by capturing the UFC Middleweight Title from Rich Franklin in his very next UFC fight.

Okami would have to wait for his opportunity to fight in the big leagues and was not picked up by the UFC until mid-2008 where he faced off against and defeated rising star, Alan Belcher. With an outstanding UFC record since his debut, many would agree Okami is the true number one contender but his title shot has been taken away a few times due to circumstances which he could not control. After a three fight win streak over marquee names such as Mark Munoz and Nate Marquardt, the UFC is forced to grant Okami his long awaited title shot against the champion, and hopefully put and end to people wondering how their aforementioned 2006 fight would have ended barring the DQ.

One can say it is destiny that these two gladiators meet again to, once and for all, erase any doubt MMA fans may have had about their first outing.

After capturing the UFC middleweight crown, Anderson Silva has solidified himself as the best middleweight fighter in the world and is arguably the best fighter in the world according to MMA communities. While Silva enjoys the fruits of being a champion, Okami has had to revamp himself as he struggles to reach the top of the MMA ladder. With losses to Rich Franklin, who was considered by many as a world class striker, and to Chael Sonnen, who is an exceptional wrestler, Okami has focused his MMA training to further improve his striking and wrestling and showed vast improvements in those departments in his recent fights.

These two fighters will face off again in Brazil on August, 27. What is intriguing about the setting of this event is the fact legendary fighter and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu founder, Helio Gracie, of Brazil and legendary Judo fighter, Masahiko Kimura, of Japan fought in Brazil once before.

In 1951, Gracie extended an open challenge to Kimura. Kimura graciously answered the challenge but was welcomed with rotten eggs and tomatoes as he arrived in Brazil. The Brazilian crowd booed Kimura and while he made his way to the fighting arena, he even noticed a coffin with his name on it. Despite the hostility, Kimura held his cool and dominated the Brazilian fighter. However, no matter how many times Kimura slammed Gracie with Judo throws, he could not knock out the Brazilian. It was later revealed Gracie had patted the mat with extra cushions to prevent himself from being knocked out. In any event, Kimura managed to defeat and humble an entire nation by applying the legendary move we now call a Kimura, which broke the arm of his opponent, Helio Gracie.

Ever since the Gracie and Kimura fight, Brazil and Japan have been bitter rivals. On August 27, 2011, the memories of the legendary fight between two warriors of the past will resurface in the form of Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami. Silva and Okami will not only be fighting to preserve their respective places in MMA but also to bring honor to their respective countries as well. As the two fighters get set to go to war on a stage once graced by two legendary fighters, MMA communities will be waiting in anticipation to find out if Yushin Okami will make history repeat itself or if Anderson Silva can finally bring an end to what has plagued Brazil for the past 6 decades. The UFC could not have better organized this event for what is seemingly - history in the making

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