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UFC 202 Preview

Posted by apollomma Tuesday, August 16, 2016 12:00 AM



Next weekend, the UFC returns to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the bad-blood grudge match that UFC fans all around the world have been waiting for, Nate Diaz Vs Connor McGregor 2. The story of this rematch begins at UFC194 where the newly crowned featherweight Champion, McGregor, took on Diaz in welter-weight bout. Originally scheduled to fight lightweight champion, Raphael dos Anjos, McGregor had announced his intention to attempt title shots at other weight classes, particularly light-weight and welter-weight. RDA was injured just two weeks out from the fight and the UFC’s Dana white was in need of a competitor to pit against his Irish golden boy. On 11 days’ notice and fresh off the boat from Mexico where he was pounding tequila with his crew, the Stockton bad-boy, Nate Diaz was called upon to take the fight against McGregor. Being that the fight was on short notice, it was agreed by each team’s management that the fight would be held at 170lbs.

The fight night rolled around and both fighters stood across from each other as the opening bell rang. McGregor instantly took the aggressor position, with Diaz moving to counter Connors onslaught of striking skills. Connor put together some great combinations that began to wear away at the scar tissue under Nates right eye, opening it up and bloodying up Nates face, three minutes into the first round. Nate was responding like the veteran of the octagon that he is, with clean counter strikes and often landing a combination or two, he fought back while Connor threw everything but the kitchen sink at him. With thirty seconds to go, Nate saw the chance for a leg sweep and took them to ground. Connor did an impressive job of controlling Nate against the fence, trying to land ground and pound that would finish the fight. Nate Diaz held true to his black-belt jiu-jitsu roots and managed to scramble and hold guard until referee Herb/ Dean stepped into to pull them apart as the bell rang for the end of the first. Even though Connors relentless attack was executed with precision, he seemed to lack the power needed to impose any sort of real damage on Diaz in the first round.

As the bell for second sounded, both men engaged right where they left off, with Connor looking to land a sweeping uppercut and Nate defending well, looking for the gap and countering whenever the opportunities presented themselves. Connor landed some heavy strikes that further opened up. It was into the second minute when things started to turn, McGregor, not used to fighting at 170, began to show visible signs of fatigue, dropping his hands between exchanges and relying more on his head movement. Diaz seemed to smell the blood in the air, mainly because most of it was gushing from his right eye and he moved in to become the aggressor and put the pressure on McGregor. Landing an onslaught of strikes, Diaz clipped Connor with a strong right hand and the champ was visibly rocked from the strike. Diaz moved in for the kill and Connor, feeling the pressure attempted a takedown. Diaz instantly began to dominate and to side control, moving to mount where he tried to finish. Connor escaped the rain of strikes from above but allowed Nate to take his back, where Diaz slipped in the rear-naked choke, forcing Connor to tap with seconds remaining in the round.

The result set the MMA world on fire, with fans all across the wold taking to YouTube and the forums to discuss and analyse how the seemingly untouchable McGregor, had come to his end at the hands of Diaz. Connor was gracious in defeat and in the days to come, the media was alight in a frenzy with talk of a possible rematch. Connor seemed agitated by the loss and keen to redeem his status as the UFCs greatest draw card and potential Hall-of-Famer. He launched a media war against Diaz who seemed much unaffected by the champ’s attempts to rile him up. Then it was announced that the two would face each other in a rematch at the UFC’s second centenary event, UFC200.

With both fighters deep in their camps, McGregor suddenly refused to return to the States to do any sort of media promotion for the upcoming fight, furious, the UFC’s Dana white announced that the fight was pulled from the UFC200 card to be replaced by Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones for the light-heavyweight championship. In the days to follow, Connor announced his retirement over twitter and the MMA world was once again thrown on its head and stunned in bewilderment at the champs erratic behaviour. IT was later discovered by the media that a close friend of McGregor had died in an Irish MMA bout and this had an impact on McGregor, tuning him out from the world at a time when UFC200 was in need of promotion.

With the crinkles now ironed out between the UFC and McGregor, the grudge match of a lifetime was announced to headline UFC202, Diaz vs McGregor 2 was official for August 20th in Las Vegas! Taking a look at the way things stand at the moment, it would appear as if Connor has a lot more to lose in this fight. Another loss to Diaz would result in him having to defend his title at 145, possibly in another rematch, this time against Jose Aldo Jr. Connor took the title from Aldo at UFC193 with a stunning knockout over Aldo that made for the fastest KO in UFC history at thirteen seconds into the first round. One thing is for certain, Aldo is not the same fighter as the first time they met. With his recent win over Frankie ‘The answer’ Edgar at UFC200, he has eliminated the ‘bad taste‘ from his mouth and is looking for revenge against McGregor and reclamation of the feather-weight title.

A loss to Aldo would be a huge dent in the Champions career and would be his third loss in a row, what that would mean for the future of the Irishman’s career is unclear but it sure wouldn’t be any good for it. Speculation aside, both fighters are looking in fine form after completing complete fight camps, training on martial arts mats with the best in the game and preparing themselves for the bout to come. A lot is to be said about Nate having taken the last fight on such short notice last time and this time having the benefit of an entire camp behind him, will it make McGregor light work this time? Similarly, McGregor insists that fighting a 170 was a new experience for him and he gassed too early, this time he says that’ There will be more gas in the tank’ We wait with baited breath to find out the answer.

UFC fans can look forward to the most exciting grudge match in MMA history, the only thing that might be better, is the smack talking in the coming week as the fighters try to un-nerve one another, be sure to see some sparks fly between these two, Connor with his confident, somewhat arrogant stance and Nate with his no-nonsense attitude will be quick to retaliate, let’s hope these two can save it for the cage!

For more info on UFC 202 please visit the official UFC site.

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