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Rampage: Right or Wrong?

Posted by mmaplayground Monday, October 5, 2009 12:00 AM



Submitted by The Karate Choppin Ninja

I always thought of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson as a fighters fighter. Similar to Couture, Chuck, Wandy, Sakuraba,Hendo, Bas, and Nog. All men who just "are fighters" , instead of being guys " who fight for a living" . I believe that even If they didn't get paid , or they had to fight in abandoned warehouse without a crowd, all those guys would still be looking for a place to throw-down, and consequently will have (or had) a hard time stopping. Other guys like Tito Ortiz and Cung Lee may like fighting, but I think if they could make similar (or more) money doing movies they would prefer to do so. That is not a bad thing and to each their own. But........... it is a different mentality and I take that into account when I am rooting for a fighter, or talking about people I consider to be legends. Now I came from a tough hood like Rampage & Tito, and god knows I have been in way too many fights. All things being equal ,if I could wish I never was put in a situation where I feel I have to fight again, I think I would be happier, so I understand if that's the case . Now that doesn't mean these guys won't fight for what they believe in , or to protect themselves or someone else they think needs it. It could just mean they are sick of the strife and would like to limit it in their lives. I understand as I am the same way, but I didn't try to become a professional fighter either. Now both ( Tito & Rampage ) seem to love the spotlight, so it could be they are happier if they can get it without being punched in the face, and both would probably return to fighting if the money and fame they seek wasn't available to them in that venue anymore. Still, it just knocks them down a smidge in my estimation as fighters, but it's not a big deal. The reason I am going on about this is Quinton's decision to blow off his fight with Rashad Evans to star in the upcoming A-team movie. I understand the arguments for why he would do so. More money for himself and his family, and more fame for his ego , which also may lead to even more money. I understand why the UFC brass is pissed about his decision as well. They made this season of TUF to promote that fight. Rampage asked for it instead of fighting Machida for the belt, and they gave him what he wanted. Now part of that decision was motivated by money as well, and Rampage is always talking about money. I guess I mistakenly thought he was just pissed off about feeling underpaid for his fights in Pride, and that's why it was so important to him. At least thats what he said to me the time I asked him in person. I have even defended him for talking about money so much in the past. I now think I WAS WRONG about Rampage . Money and fame seem far more important to Rampage than fighting, his fans, and his word to me now . I have read many peoples opinions on it ,and they all basically come down to this " Rampage should do whats best for him, screw everyone else" . Paint the picture in prettier words and dress it up however you want, but that's what those people are saying. If his family was so important to him he wouldn't have cheated on his wife, and constantly be talking about what a "pimp he is. Rampage said he was dedicated to Christianity, but "Gods soldier" wouldn't be into adultery and proud of being a pimp. Now he doesn't have to be a religious guy , and it's his business if he is or not, but I respect people who are what the say they are.

The UFC stood by Rampage when he went on a insomnia , energy drink laden , reckless driving spree. The UFC gave him the the rematch with Wandy he so desperately wanted, even when it would have been in their best interest to give Wandy someone he could easily beat to build him back up before making that fight . He turned down a TITLE SHOT so he could make more money with the TUF(guaranteed ratings draw Kimbo Slice included- ie-more attention for the ego) promoted fight with Rashad, and they still stuck by him. Now The UFC has a history of letting fighters go who don't produce, and I don't have a problem with it if they are losing, or at least giving us unexciting fights. Maybe they could have treated some fighters better as well, but they have treated Rampage like a favorite son since he arrived. Does the UFC still have something to gain from Rampage ? You betcha, fighters and promoters are in a symbiotic relationship, and they should both benefit from it . I am not saying the UFC is entirely altruistic in any way, but BOTH sides need to benefit. The UFC had a signed contract. Paper to pen, and a deal is a deal. There is no Thunderdome aspect for Rampage apparently . Where's the " 2 man enter 1 man leave " spirit. Not for Rampage. His idea is more like " We have deal...unless I can get more $ and fame somewhere" else . If this was Thunderdome we would have" you break a deal, you face the wheel ". Not for Rampage so far , but I think he should face the wheel, or at least some serious repercussions for his betrayal. Yeah that's right, I said it, BETRAYAL! He betrayed the UFC, he betrayed Rashad, and he betrayed his fans. I am no longer a fan of Rampages ( and I can't believe I am saying this) but I will be rooting for Rashad when ( or if, you never know now) they fight. Loyalty is a 2 way street, and he has violated it, so I no longer have any allegiance to him. He had a deal. He broke the deal, and now I am done with him. Only a myopian would defend this in my opinion. I don't hug any nutts and I am not going to start now. So Quinton, go ahead and do what you think is best for you, instead of what's right . Seek your fame and money first. I am just sad because I thought better of you.

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