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When will we ever see a male vs female MMA fight

Posted by apollomma Tuesday, February 27, 2018 1:05 AM



The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has come up with some novel ideas to spice up the sport and market it to the world. Though the sport is now widely known globally thanks in part to the Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight, more work still needs to be done if the sport is to be embraced by more institutions and people including the International Olympic Committee (IOC). One of the novel ideas propounded by some that will put MMA on the global map is to venture into male vs female fights. There are many in support and an equal number against the idea but if you area sports betting fan, the idea of Ronda Rousey vs Connor McGregor fight is one to savour.

Image from Pixabay

Gender Wars MMA

It seems there are some people working in the background trying to bring the idea of male vs female MMA fights to life. One such person is former MMA fighter cum businessman Brad Kohler who founded the Gender Wars MMA, an organisation promoting male vs female fights. Gender Wars MMA has been successful in organising a fight and its first match will pit martial arts and kickboxing student Tess Barall against Trent. The winner of the bout will receive $1 million. As a way of levelling things up, well according to biology, Trent is going into the fight without having to train for a month.

Kohler in a recent interview stated that the fight between Trent and Tess Barall is the first of many. He said he is not disturbed by the fact that the UFC body is yet to embrace male vs female fights. To him, males and females if provided the right resources can compete with each other at the very top. He said by making Trent go into this fight off the back of a month without training, it was a gesture of levelling the fight as Tess herself over the past year hasn’t been active that much. In future, Kohler promised to have both males and females go through the same training routine before a fight.

Banned fight

In the US, a fight that was about to start pitting Kristopher ‘Internet Troll’ Zylinski against women’s MMA pioneer, Tara LaRosa. Unlike the fight organised by Gender Wars MMA, this fight was more organic with both fighters given the space to train and practice to the best of their abilities. With everything looking to be on track, the fight was shut down moments before the start by the local athletic commission. Though the fight failed, it did provoke the idea of a male vs female fight and in that right, we can say it was a success. There are no indications from the authorities that we can see sucha match in the near future but with the work being done underground by organiations such as Gender Wars MMA, there is a possibility the idea will be muted in one of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federations’s meetings.

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