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UFC 83 goodies and a couple other items of note
Posted by DoTheMMAth 4/18/08
To celebrate the UFC's debut in Canada we'll be giving away some T-shirts in addition to the usual per-event cash prizes. The top 5 earners and top 5 point totals will receive a free T-shirt to mix things up a bit. (This applies to US and Canada addressees only!)

We'd also like to take a moment to put the spotlight on our MMA Training forum. In recent months the conversation seems to have really picked up, and we have a solid group of knowledgeable, experienced trainers and fighters that have doled out quite a good bit of information and advice. Some of the aforementioned can be noted by their special "Top Trainer" badge. If you've ever been interested in learning one or more of the martial arts, or just have a desire to get in better physical shape, stop by and chime in.

As a final note, if you've enjoyed the wagers game here on The Playground and would like to show your support, then consider signing up to bet some real money! Every signup helps keep the Playground open, and having a vested interest in a fight adds to the excitement and anticipation we all get when the big show is coming up! Sign up today!
PLEASE NOTE: Bankrolls for the Secondary League are now reset
Posted by DoTheMMAth 2/21/08
Any wagers you may have placed in between the time the last season of play in the Secondary League ended and today have been cleared out during the bankroll reset and the corresponding activation of the new parlay features.
Secondary League Season 2 rolls to a finish
Posted by DoTheMMAth 2/20/08
A big congrats to SilentOutlaw and LR for their first place finishes in the points and earnings games respectively! Nicely done guys!

Our next season of play in the Secondary League kicks off with the STACKED March 5th World Victory Road card. If you'd like to get in on a new season from the ground floor, here's your chance! Speaking of which, we need your help in picking a name for Season 3. Please visit the poll on our forums and cast your vote! Those of you who have enjoyed parlay wagering in our primary league will be happy to know that we will have parlay wagering available for the Secondary League before the first event of this new season locks out.
January 30th site news and updates
Posted by DoTheMMAth 1/30/08
Just a few bits and pieces for our Players:

We've postponed our planned maintenance downtime until tomorrow. So, please be aware, if you are unable to access the Playground for a couple hours tomorrow, have no fear! We're simply performing an upgrade in database software and will be down for migration time.

You may have noticed that members who are on a top-ranked fight camp from season 1 or season 2 will now see a corresponding badge beneath their forum avatars so as to receive some deserved camp recongition.

In other news, Saturday is UFC 81! UFC 81 includes a heavyweight title fight and the UFC debut of Brock Lesnar. If you haven't made your picks and wagers, you only have a few days left!

Future upgrades that are in the works include a new design for our forums and some new gamer tags among others. Thanks to all for the continued feedback.
Season 4 is coming up fast!
Posted by DoTheMMAth 1/25/08
We're only 10 days away from the conclusion of another MMA Playground Season! Season 3 concludes on the 5th with the highly anticipated Griffin vs Jackson light heavyweight title fight card.

There was some recent, ahem... "confusion" regarding parlay wagers that included the cancelled Tim Credeur vs Cale Yarbrough fight. Please note that a very small handful of you may need to update your wagers for the next event as they have been adjusted based on corrected parlay winnings from the last event. Make sure to check your UFC 86 wagers to confirm that your wagers (if you had placed any immediately after the TUF 7 Finale) are still intact, or if they need to be re-entered.

Also of note, to keep the competition a little stiffer in the wagering game we will be dropping the maximum wagers in a parlay bet to 3, down from 4, for our next seasons in both the Primary/UFC and Secondary leagues.

Speaking of the new season... if you have a good suggestion to name the upcoming Season 4 of the Primary/UFC League, please use the contact form to send it to us! A panel of tried and true MMA expert keyboard warriors will then decide which one is the best, then we'll use it.

UFC Fight Night: Silva vs Irving (aka "Please don't watch the Affliction PPV") is now up for picks as well. This will be the season opening event for the Primary/UFC League.
An update on the new parlay wagering system
Posted by DoTheMMAth 1/4/08
After going through a few days of feedback we've made a few adjustments on the new parlay wagering. Getting these changes in before our first event of the new season takes place is important, so bear with us!

At any rate, here's what you can now expect, quoted from the wager page itself:

"Parlay restrictions: All players are permitted one parlay per event, with a maximum of 4 fighters to be chosen. You may only wager half of your total available bankroll in your allotted parlay."

If you have placed a parlay wager already, please double check to make sure that your wager meets the aforementioned requirements. Any players with existing parlay wagers over $500 were automatically reduced to $500. Any players that had placed a parlay wager on more than 4 fighters had those bets reset and refunded.

A big thank you to all who submitted feedback on our latest feature! Thank you for your patience and recommendations!
Season 2 wrap-up
Posted by DoTheMMAth 1/2/08
Our second season of play in the main league here on MMAPlayground has come to a finish. Congratulations to our top performers!

1 reesandrew
2 B_Goetz
3 Sticksta13
3 DefyTheEye
5 buck
6 pickledpunk
6 owen1
8 deformative
10 toliver11

1 zacatack
2 garcia2227
3 MSprong
4 NS2B
5 ToR_2k7
6 erikblock
7 TNunley
8 haribon
9 josemonkey
10 arogers3

Top Camps
Heavyweight - Team Valcom
Light Heavyweight - Canadian Power Team
Middleweight - MMAFighting
Welterweight - Billy's Badasses
Lightweight - Dream Team
By the end of today the following changes will be in effect for MMAPlayground Season 3: Sudden Death
Fight camps will now display both earnings and points leaderboards for Secondary League action.

The wagering odds algorithm has been adjusted slightly (this is mostly a behind-the-scenes change).

To spice up the fantasy betting aspect of the site, players will now be allowed 1 parlay wager per event and the wagering interface has been changed accordingly.

The MMA News section will be organized more properly, with category and timeline functions

Prize amounts for Season 3 will be as follows:
1st place in points and earnings - $500
2nd place in points and earnings - $250
3rd-10th - MMAPlayground T-shirt

Per-event prize: $50

NOTE: All monetary prize amounts are doubled for premium members.

We have added a new MMA Events calendar to provide a quick view of what's coming up in both Primary and Secondary Leagues.

You will now be able to search by individual user in the MMA Videos section

As always, a big thank you to our dedicated staff of hard-working moderators and all the great members who populate our forums. Keep the suggestions coming! All feedback (both good and bad) is appreciated.
Best of luck to all in Season 3!
MMA Playground Administration
Season 2 to Season 3 transition
Posted by DoTheMMAth 12/28/07
Just as an FYI, we have some new features and general site upgrades in the works right now that will be in play before the first event of Season 3. General site architecture enhancements, adding a parlay wager option, and a re-vamped news section are among some of the things nearing completion as we speak. We hope you'll like them! Because of this, and to give us a couple days to confirm the season winners, everyone's bankroll will be reset for season 3 in the middle of next week. Any wagers you place after UFC 79 but before the site updates are rolled out next week won't be saved! You will still have at least 2 weeks to get in your bets for UFC 80 though, so don't fret! We will post a summary of all the changes as they're sent live. Best wishes to you all on Saturday!
12/17/07 Playground Updates
Posted by DoTheMMAth 12/17/07
We had some hubbub recently over the addition of a bout to an event in our secondary league approximately 12 hours or so out from the lockout time. In the future we will most likely extend this limit to 48 hours for the benefit of those that don't have daily access to the website either from work, home, or wherever they are. Some times this cannot be avoided though, for example: the recent Strikeforce 4-man tourney didn't have it's matches set until the day before. We will do our utmost to provide ample warning of situations like these when they do arise.

In other site news, we are only 2 weeks away from the completion of our second season of play in our primary league! There are 3 people within 10 points of our current points leader Sticksta13. In the wagers game, MSprong has a nice $14,000 lead at the moment, but there are plenty of people in striking range!

Congrats to some of our recent event winners:

TUF 6 Finale - allmotormark and zacatack

WEC 31 - bijay_anand_1177 and Polynikes

HDNet "Recklness Abandon" - rcg916 and LR

We'd also like to give a shout-out to our newest moderator who I'm sure you know if you've spent any time on our forums: madmarck !
New season of play begins in the MMAPlayground Secondary League
Posted by DoTheMMAth 11/6/07
Our first season of action in the MMAPlayground Secondary League has come to a close. Initially built as something to help pass the time between long UFC layovers, the Secondary League has far exceeded our expectations and become a vital part of the Playground. With so many talented fighters outside of the UFC now and an ever-growing MMA fan base, lots of these smaller organizations are really starting to put on some good shows. By making another league of play here on the site, fans are helped to get better acquainted with the fighters and promotions that may some day rival the UFC, or at the very least build up some quality talent that will eventually graduate to the UFC. The Secondary League is also good for those with short attention spans, as the 10 event season goes pretty quickly. Our first season saw some really good shows put on by the WEC, CageRage, EliteXC, StrikeForce, IFL, HDNet, and K-1 Hero's.

A big congrats to our top finishers: B_Goetz for winning the picks game, and Stickan for winning the wagers game. B_Goetz, at the time of this writing, is also in first place for picks in our Primary League as well, quite remarkable! Stickan already had a massive lead going into the last Secondary League event of the season, but still had the guts to risk it all again, resulting in widening his lead even more tremendously!

If you didn't participate in the Secondary League's first season, now is a good time to start! Your picks and wagers from the Secondary League do not affect your earnings, rank, or record from the primary UFC game here on The Playground. You have nothing to lose, it's fun, you have a chance to win real prizes, and following more organizations helps to widen your knowledge of MMA.

Changes for Season 2

We've made a few small changes for Season 2 in the Secondary League. First off, we've increased the bonus amount that is earned when you correctly predict a fight. By doing this, we've made it so that players that wager it all and have an early season "oopsie" will be able to get back onto their feet and into the wager race a little quicker than before. We've also tweaked our odds algorithm a little bit, so that underdog payouts have been slightly reduced.

That's all for now, best of luck to everyone in MMAPlayground Secondary League Season 2!
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