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Fantasy Pick'em Leagues

See how you stack up against the competition when making your picks on MMA's biggest fights in three different pick'em leagues using our 10-event "season" format!

The Big Show
Full UFC cards including all prelims

Casual League
Simplified KO/Sub/Decision format of UFC events covering main cards only

Best of the Rest
The top fights from all other MMA promotions in stacked composite cards

Pit your "chips" and your picks from any upcoming fight card found in our 3 pick'em leagues against fellow Playground-ers in a variety of fantasy pool formats!

  • Enjoy player vs player action on a per-event basis
  • Create or join One-on-One, Winner Take All and Tourney style pools
  • Pool creator has choice of scoring picks with a simplified point system or standard MMAPG league scoring
  • Pile it on! Chips never reset
Fantasy Betting Leagues

Play the odds and wager your personal fantasy bankroll against the house using straight bets and parlay bets in two different season-based leagues!

Make your vote count in our community powered MMA fighter rankings when arranging your top 10 fighters by weight class, pound for pound and favorites!

  • Smart rankings! Votes are weighted by player performance
  • Includes women's, pound for pound, "my favorites" and more
  • Fantasy league integration let's you know when a top 10 has fought
  • Fighter rankings that are decided by educated fans
Fight Camp
Enjoy a personal league with friends! Includes private message board, scoreboards and more
MMA Forums
If you love talking about MMA then pull up a chair and join the discussion with fellow fans
MMA News
Stay current on the latest MMA headlines from around the web all in one place
9,460,923 fights picked
$406,499,349 in fantasy bets
377,936 chips won in fantasy pools
Latest Headlines
4 Fighters Fail Post-Fight Drug Screenings Following Bellator 127 in California (sherdog.com)
4 Fighters Fail Post-Fight Drug Screenings Following Bellator 127 in California.
0 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 10/31/14 11:52AM
Bellator 131 card complete for San Diego with seven prelims (mmajunkie.com)
The lineup for next month’s blockbuster Bellator 131 event is complete with the addition of seven preliminary-card bouts.
0 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 10/31/14 11:46AM
Mike Ricci misses weight, Titan FC 31 headliner vs. Yoshida a non-title bout (mmajunkie.com)
UFC veteran Mike Ricci was set to fight for Titan FC’s lightweight title on Friday night.
0 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 10/31/14 11:42AM
Alejandro Perez vs. Jose Quinonez set for 'TUF: Latin America' 135 final at UFC 180 (mmajunkie.com)
The bantamweight final for the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America” has been set.
0 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 10/31/14 11:40AM
Georges St-Pierre is now 200 pounds of rock-hard muscle, but would still make UFC return as a welterweight (mmamania.com)
While most of us would gain pounds of fat after surgery, "GSP's" gains are all muscle.
5 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 10/30/14 7:36PM
Mark Hunt officially relocates camp to Mexico City in preparation of high altitude fight against Fabricio Werdum (mmamania.com)
The "Super Samoan" doesn't have a ton of time to prepare for the altitude in Mexico City before Nov. 15. He revealed on UFC Tonight that he will spend the remaining days of his camp south of the ...
3 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 10/30/14 7:34PM
Duane Ludwig: I didn't hear the bell either, so blame the UFC 179 'Aldo vs. Mendes' referee (mmamania.com)
Duane Ludwig, striking coach for UFC featherweight contender Chad Mendes, reveals he didn't hear the bell at the end of the first round and blames referee Marc Goddard for not being more forcible in ...
2 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 10/30/14 7:31PM
Buffalo David Bitton Announces Ronda Rousey as First Female Face of Brand (sherdog.com)
Buffalo David Bitton Announces Ronda Rousey as First Female Face of Brand.
3 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 10/30/14 7:27PM
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UFC 179: Aldo vs Mendes II
#1Agar104 pts#2Chrusher_Chribba98 pts
#3Whitman91 pts#4survivorman85 pts
#5Deathscythe84 pts#5triplep201084 pts
#7skatedailyjohn83 pts#8ButterBean4481 pts
#9Lord_Lenny80 pts#9mitch199080 pts
#9dashamas80 pts#9Manch1ld80 pts
#1Dollarhite$67,377  #2jerry$54,058
#3Jshep714$53,342  #4DrSlacker$28,488
#5COOLKALE91$19,860  #6snakeplissken$18,993
#7LooseCannon$17,466  #8Chrusher_Chribba$16,309
#9bakersfield6969$15,751  #10trevail$15,606
#11DetroitDrew$13,904  #12Shawn91111$13,853
#1FastKnockout865.0  #2jerry772.3
#3trevail697.4  #4DrivenDavies15612.5
#5hate4thestate604.0  #6Valcek399.1
#7prozacnation1978327.7  #8Skip2MyLou257.8
#9sbulldavid232.4  #10Poor_Franklin227.7
#11JLS1980139.0  #12grappler0000124.6

Bellator 130 / Deep 69 Impact / Fall ...

#1shaneTpain103 pts  #1INTERNET_DEBO103 pts
#3jay98107101 pts  #4mrblonde5599 pts
#4One_Hit_Quit99 pts  #6bonedigger98 pts
#7prophecy03396 pts  #8Edwards95 pts
#8DrOctagon95 pts  #10JuggaloWarrior87894 pts
#10Turner18794 pts  #10Trafalgar94 pts
#1JoeWarren33$14,950  #2JLS1980$11,240
#3darkmanx2174$11,050  #4FlashyG$6,816
#5mrblonde55$1,912  #6Jonnyboy6969$1,530
#7Skip2MyLou$1,518  #8machodog76$1,260
#9djcloud$1,205  #10INTERNET_DEBO$590
#11jay98107$585  #12shaneTpain$570
#1tattflash195.0  #2JoeWarren33177.0
#3One_Hit_Quit155.5  #4machodog76135.0
#5dewby127.0  #6bonedigger51.5
#7prophecy03343.2  #8JLS198028.6
#9JuggaloWarrior87815.0  #9jushin15.0
#9Jsscho15.0  #9jay9810715.0