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Fantasy Pick'em Leagues

See how you stack up against the competition when making your picks on MMA's biggest fights in three different pick'em leagues using our 10-event "season" format!

The Big Show
Full UFC cards including all prelims

Casual League
Simplified KO/Sub/Decision format of UFC events covering main cards only

Best of the Rest
The top fights from all other MMA promotions in stacked composite cards

Pit your "chips" and your picks from any upcoming fight card found in our 3 pick'em leagues against fellow Playground-ers in a variety of fantasy pool formats!

  • Enjoy player vs player action on a per-event basis
  • Create or join One-on-One, Winner Take All and Tourney style pools
  • Pool creator has choice of scoring picks with a simplified point system or standard MMAPG league scoring
  • Pile it on! Chips never reset
Fantasy Betting Leagues

Play the odds and wager your personal fantasy bankroll against the house using straight bets and parlay bets in two different season-based leagues!

Make your vote count in our community powered MMA fighter rankings when arranging your top 10 fighters by weight class, pound for pound and favorites!

  • Smart rankings! Votes are weighted by player performance
  • Includes women's, pound for pound, "my favorites" and more
  • Fantasy league integration let's you know when a top 10 has fought
  • Fighter rankings that are decided by educated fans
Fight Camp
Enjoy a personal league with friends! Includes private message board, scoreboards and more
MMA Forums
If you love talking about MMA then pull up a chair and join the discussion with fellow fans
MMA News
Stay current on the latest MMA headlines from around the web all in one place
9,618,291 fights picked
$413,115,984 in fantasy bets
604,706 chips won in fantasy pools
Latest Headlines
Paige VanZant responds to criticism over 'hot girls' comments: 'We were born this way' (bloodyelbow.com)
Paige VanZant has quickly asserted herself as one of the brightest personalities and most promising young fighters of the strawweight division. While she didn't compete as a cast member of TUF 20, ...
5 comments - Posted by tildengolfer - 2/1/15 6:19PM
Woodley is a champion at life - won't take 30% fine from Gastelum (mixedmartialarts.com)
What Americans call soccer, Brazilians call it o jogo bonito - the beautiful game. When after the fight Anderson Silva fell to the mat, overcome, in tears. A concerned Nick Diaz came over and helped ...
6 comments - Posted by tildengolfer - 2/1/15 6:17PM
Even in defeat, Nick Diaz loses nothing of original value (mmafighting.com)
The good thing about novelty fights is that they’re more about captivating imagination than they are any relevance to the title structure. Sometimes slugging ten shots of hard stuff and saying to ...
1 comment - Posted by tildengolfer - 2/1/15 6:16PM
Ronda Rousey on Cyborg Justino's fight in LA: 'I'll worry about her later' (mmafighting.com)
Cris "Cyborg" Justino is doing her best to get Ronda Rousey's attention. The former Strikeforce and current Invicta featherweight champion will defend her title against Charmaine Tweet at the ...
1 comment - Posted by tildengolfer - 2/1/15 6:15PM
Vitor Belfort explains why he turned down an interim title fight with Lyoto Machida (mmafighting.com)
The UFC was willing to create an interim middleweight title after Chris Weidman pulled out from a UFC 184 bout with Vitor Belfort due to an injury, but the Brazilian declined to face Lyoto Machida on ...
2 comments - Posted by tildengolfer - 2/1/15 6:15PM
Anderson Silva explains why he scaled Octagon to greet Jon Jones after UFC 183 main event (mmafighting.com)
For many years, Anderson Silva was considered the best MMA fighter in the world, a mythical position that most feel belongs now to Jon Jones. Right after Silva's fight with Nick Diaz ended on ...
0 comments - Posted by tildengolfer - 2/1/15 6:14PM
Left arm injury forced Nick Diaz to stop punching two weeks before Anderson Silva fight (mmafighting.com)
LAS VEGAS -- The most important part of Nick Diaz's game is boxing, so it didn't exactly help him that a left arm injury forced him to stop punching two weeks ago. Diaz said the arm injury was not ...
2 comments - Posted by tildengolfer - 2/1/15 5:36PM
Tate beat McMann after breaking orbital bone early (mmafighting.com)
Miesha Tate kept her title hopes alive with a dramatic come-from-behind win over Sara McMann at UFC 183, rallying back from a listless first round to outgrapple the Olympic wrestler and nearly send ...
23 comments - Posted by FastKnockout - 2/1/15 11:57AM
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UFC 183: Silva vs Diaz
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CES 27 / Pancrase 264 / Road FC 21 Co...

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